Pledge of Allegiance led by Mike Helechu; 4-Way-Test and invocation—President Kevin Mayo
Guests - Eric Moody-guest of Chris Casey and Mike McManus-guest of Nick Deni
Visiting Rotarian from Somers, Paul Salva.
Visiting Rotarians from District 7890: Lt. Gov. Marcel Schmidt; DGE Kyong Wilson; Treasurer Scott Andrusis; and Asst. Dist. Gov. Pam Lupoli.
Happy/Sad Dollars
Cyndi Mangini- substitute Sergent-at-Arms. There were no birthdays or anniversaries to report.
- Cyndi is happy because she found she has Irish blood in her ancestry. She also got accepted into Law School!
- Steve Damon: late dollar and another because he is happy, he just returned from a trip to Spain.
- Milt Rosenberg happy to see District guests in attendance.
- ADG Pam Lupoli –happy to be back visiting.
- Kevin Mayo-Happy to see guests and Happy Basketball has started.
- Ed Palomba - Happy he is going to Florida in four weeks and to the Masters.  His nephew (Nick Deni’s son) played in Championships at Suffield Academy.
- Mike Helechu—Happy to see District guests and Paul Salva. He was also sad his stepdaughter had 3 leaks in the ceiling of her new house and now she has 5!
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery
On March 4, 1929, the first Native American was sworn in as the 31st Vice president of the United States.
  1. Who was he?  Charles Curtis
  2. Who was the President? Herbert Hoover
  3. Where was he from and what tribe did he belong too? Topeka, Kansas. The Kaw Tribe—language was Kansa, connected to Osage Nation
Queen of Hearts
Our pot is up to $335
Card- Derek Meade-7 of Spades
$10-Guest Scott Sutter donated it back to the Club
$5- Joe Fallon- donated it back to the Club
All three winners at the same table!
- Ed Palomba read notes on “What Rotary Foundation does for the Ambassador Scholarship Program” and “How Rotary Touches Others Lives”. Please mark your calendars: our Foundation Dinner will be Friday, June 12.
- On April 1 please bring anyone that may want to know more about joining Rotary to Lunch. Invitations are going out to businesses in town. Some Rotarians may also get one of these invitations. If so, it came from this list.
- Paul Salva Announced on May 12th, the 192nd Anniversary of the Enfield Society for the Detection of Thieves and Robbers dinner will take place. Tickets are $20.
Guest Speaker
Scott Sutter was our guest speaker and reminded us there are less than 2 months to go for our Cinco K Mayo Race. He spoke about the Southern New England Athletic Association (SNEAA) he and a group started to promote and host racing events. (Scott is a former runner who used to enter races when he needed some money to pay the rent or buy groceries. He’s gainfully employed and has a family now, but he still enjoys being involved in the “business side” of running.)
He has set up a website when you click on that SNEAA website opens.  When you scroll down you will find information about our race with the link to register. You can access this on your cellphone. The link is also on our Enfield Rotary Club website. 
Scott also spoke about changes that are being made this year and in the future to our Cinco K Mayo Road Race. One of the ideas discussed is doing away with prize money and instead giving out more medals and gifts for early registration. He encourages everyone to spread the word about our race and use social media and other means to recruit participation.
Note: Scott reported that one of the best target audiences for marketing our road race is women who go to hair and nail salons. No kidding! So please help get our Cinco K Mayo business cards into every salon in north central CT. See Mike Helechu at our meeting or contact him if you need a small stack of cards.
Guest Editor: Sandy Zukowski