SPUR 9/28/2016
Pledge: Nick Deni
Four Way Test: Martha MacLeod
Blessing: Chris Leariy
Guests: Keith Madore, July Dotnoir, Jason Neely
Happy/Sads:  Bill Squire sang the National Anthem at the Alzheimers Walk.
Joann Walk travelled 8 times in 6 months.
Nick Deni has four ladies at his table!
Ed Palumba won golf tournament (finally)
Jim Kuhn just got back from vacation.
History Mystery:  The “Father of Supercomputing” was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  He died in 1996…
  1. Who is he?
    Seymour Roger Cray
  2. Name any one of the many companies with whom he was associated?
    Control Data Corp.- Cray Research- Cray Computers- SRC Corporation
  3. He received his degrees in Engineerying and Applied Mathematics from what school?
    University of Minnesota
Raffle:  $10: Scott Kaupin.  $5: Ed Palumba.  Draw: Scott Madore 2 spades- LOSER!
Club is already for the wine and beer tasting extravaganza!
Guest speaker- Mary Holland from Enfield
Warming Center – a center held at Holy Trinity Church to keep people warm during cold weather.  Guests must be from Enfield.  Many guests last year were placed in housing by 3/25 which is the end of the season.  The budget is $24,000 and some transportation is provided for guests. 
There is a fundraiser October 21st at Silvia’s Restaurant for wine tasting and dinner.  There is also a charity auction held by the Golden Gravel Auction Co. on Nov 17 from 6-7.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Kuhn, Scribe