The Spur
September 27, 2017
The Pledge: Nick Deni
Four Way Test: Carol Bohner
Grace: Jack Welch
Guests: Don Burack, Amy Reltier, Bob Williamson
Happy/Sads: Sandy Zukowski has a birthday!
Joann Welk went home to see her family
Bryan Chad Kedesla- Billswon- Ohio U won
Milt Rosenberg- Joann doing good job
Carol Bohnet’s nephew got married
$10- Nick Deni
$5- Adrian Garcia
Cards- Chris Casey
Bloomfield Wine Festival: October 5th
Lunch with Rotary President: October 20th
District Governor to be at our meeting: November 15th
Foundation Dinner- Chez Joseph: November 2nd
History Mystery:
Who said in 1066 to conquor to Saxtons? William the Conqueror
Where did he set sail from? Normandy
Who did he take the thrown from? Hariet Godwinson
Speaker: Amy Peltier
United Way- Northeast Central Connecticut.  Covers 40 Towns, Invests in Education, transition into kindergarted, middle school and high school. Working with towns to provide food to communities for the needy.  Also involved with domestic violence in each community.
Twenty five percent of household are led by someone 65 years old or older.  The average income for CT residents for a family of four is $66,000-$74,000 to qualify for United Way assistance.
We divided into teams of two and three and did a case study that was very enlightening.  There are many CT residents that have a hard time making ends meet because of the high cost of living in the state.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Kuhn