Enfield Rotary Club Meeting SPUR notes – 05-27-2015

Door greeters: Mike Helechu & Larry Tracey

Pledge: Sean Stevens; 4-Way Test:  Kevin Mayo; Invocation:  Ed Sharpless

Guests: Rick & Elin Lawrence – Manchester Rotary Club; Sean Millane, Westfield Bank – Kevin Mayo and Mike Helechu; Carolyn Tkacz – Rich Tkacz

Serving as Sgt.-at-Arms: Nick Deni

Bday/Anniversary: Jim Kuhn 35 years in Rotary on 5/28/15       


- Chris Casey happy for St. Bernard’s Carnival upcoming with the Savage Brothers band playing.

- Sean Stevens – won (4) Red Sox tickets at the St. Bernards auction.

- Kate Garvey – happy to be back from Vegas; Graduated on 5/17 from Graduate school; Happy Memorial Day.

- Rich Tkacz – Happy to upgrade Carolyn’s car after 15 years.  Selling her 2001 convertible that has 50,000 miles if anyone is interested.

- Mike Helechu – Sad he’s losing his memory after a couple goofs to start the meeting; happy his dad is doing well after a trip to the emergency room; Happy for the Town of Enfield proper observations of Memorial Day and the Parade; Happy 14 people from Allied will be going to the Rock Cats game courtesy of the Enfield Rotary Club; sad he hurt his foot when a ladder fell on it; happy to be an official LEGO Maniac along with his grandson

- Milt – leave early dollar and an Epitome of a Rotarian dollar for Rick Lawrence

- Sandy Z – happy dollar for being in Aruba

- Jack Welch – a pre-announcement dollar for Jerry Bell who will have “big news” to announce at a future meeting.

- Larry – happy that Friday is his last day of rehab on his knee, which was recently replaced.

- Nick – happy his son graduated from Suffield Academy; happy to survive the graduation party at the house; happy memorial day; Fine dollar if Derek couldn’t guess the MLB team with the best record in baseball.  Derek got the answer correct:  The St. Louis Cardinals, so Nick paid the fine.

- Kevin – sad dollar that his wife’s brother passed away last week

History/Mystery – Joe Fallon

May 27, 1909 – 106 Years Ago

This noted female singer and philanthropist was born in New York City. She died in 2011 at the age of 102 years. Her late husband’s first name is Leslie.

1. Who is she? 

A: Delores DeFina Hope

2. What year did she marry Bob Hope?

A: 1934. They were married for 69 years – the longest Hollywood marriage.

3. During the 1990 Hope Overseas Troop Tour, she was the only female performer allowed to perform in what country?

A: Saudi Arabia


Milt drew the 5 of Hearts  -- Pot still alive with 8 cards left!

Joyce won the $10

Sean Stevens won the $5 and donated it back to the club


- Foundation Dinner RSVPs are due 6/3/15

- Monthly Breakfast this Friday 5/29/15 at Molina’s Café; Nick Deni will pay for breakfast for any female Rotarians who attend!!

Speaker -- Rick Lawrence – District 7890 Water Project Chairperson from the Manchester Rotary Club

Rick spoke to our club today about the Guatemala water sanitation projects that he and his wife have been involved in for the past eight years.  In those eight years they've raised over $314,000 to be able to complete projects in 10 villages in Guatemala. Our own Enfield Rotary club has committed to donating to these projects in the last three years and have also committed to the 2015 project that Rick is raising funds for currently.  The 2015 project will be supporting water sanitation into 2 new villages in Guatemala.  When Rick started this project in 2006, 12 Rotary clubs contributed $24,000 to be able to complete a project in one village.  Last year’s project supported 2 villages and 32 Rotary clubs contributed over $100,000 to the project.  Rick partners with a non-governmental organization called Behrhorst Partners for Development (BPD) who has changed their name to Aldea recently.  This NGO is able to converse in the local languages and deal with the local conditions, culture, and politics of the people of Guatemala.  There are four components to these projects: water supply, sinks, latrines, and safe stoves.    Guatemala has the third highest rate malnutrition in the world.   The women and children have to walk 20 minutes each way to go gather freshwater and carry it back to the village between 4-6 times per day.  Having sanitized water in the village saves them these trips.  Rick has done a phenomenal job organizing and starting this program and our club is proud to be supporting him and his efforts for the past three years.  The dollars that our club has donated get matched 50 cents on the dollar by the Rotary Foundation.  Our District 7890 has pledged $15,000, which the Rotary foundation matches dollar-for-dollar.  The Rotary District in Guatemala also pledged $1,000 and that is matched 100% dollar-for-dollar from the Rotary foundation as well.  So between the club contributions in the district contributions Rick has raised $46,400 and another $30,700 is matched by the foundation for a total of $77,100 going towards this project for two villages in Guatemala for 2015.   At the last district conference Rick received the Service Above Self Award, which is the highest individual award you can receive in Rotary.  After listening to him speak about these projects and seeing the hands-on work that he and his wife and have done and continue to do in Guatemala, it’s easy to see why he was recognized with this award.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Guest Editor: Derek Meade