Spur    May 24  2017
Pledge of Allegiance- Steve
4 Way testPres Kevin
Invocation- Chris Leary
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) : Ed Palomba
  • Ed Palomba:  35th college anniversary
  • Bill Squires:   b’day, but he did not come to meeting today
  • Joe Fallonm:  1 year wedding anniversary
  • Lindsey:         Jack is 8 years old
  • Steve D:          daughter getting married
  • Chris Leary:  offer pending on Brimfield house
  • Kevin Mayo:  son getting married
Joes History Mystery MinuteRobert Zimmerman born in Duluth, Minnesota went on to write & perform “Blowin in the Wind” after legally changing name.
Who is he?                 Bob Dylan
What song has Rolling Stone Magazine labeled as #1 of his hits?                        Like a Rolling Stone
Reported that Dylan song lyrics have been quoted by American judges more than any other songwriter. Who is #1?                     The Beatles
Raffle Winners
Card- Kevin Mayo   4 Spades
$10- Chris Casey
$5- Eric
Speaker- High School recognition. Elizabeth Collins and Tashana Holness.
Club Announcements-Foundation Dinner is June 9, 2017
Also, thank you received from Somers Club for support of their water project