Enfield Rotary Meeting

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


President Greg Stokes called the meeting to order with the ringing of the bell

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Allison Rodricks

4-Way Test was led by Bobbi Mizurek

Kevin Mayo said the Blessing


Our Meal consisted of Vegetable Lasagna and Swordfish, Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, and Salad


No Visiting Rotarians nor Guests


HAPPY/SAD Dollars (there were many):

Carol Bohnet: Happy 60th Birthday – a Milestone and Hosted Husband’s Family Reunion

Kevin Mayo: Vacation next week

Chris Leary: Fabulous Enfield 4th of July Celebration

Martha McLeod: Michigan Family Visits; Brother’s successful eye surgery, both grandsons playing on the same Arena Football League team

Sandy Zukowski: Son visiting from North Carolina

Larry Tracey: 4th of July Celebration and LATE Cellphone Ring during the meeting

Jim Kuhn: Asnuntuck CC Foundation Golf Tournament and Bill Squires rendition of “God Bless America” from Fenway Park on Father’s Day – June 19th – right off of Jim’s cellphone

Ed Palomba: Vacation next week and Asnuntuck CC Foundation Golf Tournament and Rotarian support

Mike Helechu: ACC Golf, Network Golf, District Golf (does he work?) and recent new members

Steve Damon: Rotary Breakfast – Friday 07/15/2016 – Country Diner

Gerry Bell: Missed 2 weeks, Helping Mother, and North Carolina visit – Doggy Camp (find a hotter spot?)

Lou Bolduc: Anniversary next week and Vacation next week

Scott Kaupin: 4th of July Celebration, Status of the future of the event, and Vacation next week

Bobbi Mizurek: 4th of July Parade and the Honoring of Vietnam Veterans – 50 years!!!

Kate Garvey: Missing her son and visiting him on Cape Cod this weekend

Allison Rodricks: 4th of July Celebration and Recovering from the LONG weekend of Volunteering

Cheryl Leary: ACC Golf and she and Chris and team didn’t finish last!

Chris Casey: ACC Golf and 4th of July Celebration

Nick Deni: 4th of July Celebration, Fireworks (best in the area), ACC Golf, Upcoming Rotary District Golf Tournament, Grandson coming soon (possibly), and Vacation next week

Greg Stokes: 4th of July Celebration, Birthday next week, and Vacation next week


Common trends here: 4th of July Celebration (Great Weekend) and  ACC Golf (Great Day)


Joe Fallon’s History/Mystery Moment:

July 13, 1787 – The Northwest Ordinance, also known as the Freedom Ordinance, which established the Northwest Territory, became a Law in the United States

1)      What was the name of the legislative body that passed the act establishing the North West Territory? The Congress of the Confederation of the United States

2)      What did Ordinance prohibit? Slavery

3)      What critically important precedent did the Ordinance establish that would make the United States what it is today? It established that westward expansion would be made by the creation of new States, not the expansion of existing states

Business Meeting – Greg Stokes and others

1)      Honored Nick Deni with a President’s Plaque – Appreciated his year as President

2)      A lot to Learn and a lot to understand

a.       Goals for 2016-17

                                                               i.      Membership – Increase by 20%

                                                             ii.      Foundation - $ 4,000.00 in Member contributions to Foundation

                                                            iii.      Visability in the Community

                                                           iv.      Community Outreach

                                                             v.      Younger Generation of Membership – New Members

b.      Welcome any input and advice

c.       Will be working with Committees – Get involved join a committee

3)      July 17 – Asnuntuck CC – “Be Like Brit” Group presentation

4)      August 10 – Scholarship Foundation Luncheon

5)      August 17 – District Governor’s visit – Frank Wargo

6)      2016 Backpack & Supplies Drive – need items by 08/17/2016 Meeting (Distribution 08/23/2016)

7)      Mike Helechu – Enfield Family Day – Sunday, September 18th – Town Green

a.       Amber Alert – looking for volunteers – 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM

8)      Bill McGurk is heading to Nigeria with the Polio vaccination team – Good Luck Bill

9)      Thursday, July 14 – Rotary After Hours – Chicago Sam’s – 5:00 PM – Kevin Mayo

10)   Friday, July 15th – Rotary Breakfast – Country Diner – 8:00 AM – Steve Damon

11)   Walking Path Issue was discussed – FaceBook post

a.       Proximity of the Path to the homes along the East side of the Library

b.      Possibly resolutions were discussed

c.       Greg is going to meeting with the homeowner

d.      Overly active dog

e.      More to follow


President Stokes Closed the Meeting


Respectfully Submitted – July 13, 2016

Ed Palomba – Scribe for the day



Ed Palomba – Enfield