Rotary Meeting Minutes—February 25, 2015

A Sunny Day! President Kevin Mayo opened meeting with JoAnn Walk starting the Pledge, Kevin reciting the Four Way Test and Greg giving the Blessing. 

Guests: We welcomed Dan Burzack a visiting East Longmeadow Rotarian, Bill McGurk, Senior Active Rotarian, guest Mike McManus of Powder Hollow Brewery (a prospective Rotarian), and another guest, Jeff Tingley, of Sparkle Co.

Joann Smith served as our Sergeant-at-Arms today, filling in for Gail. Two wedding anniversaries: Pres. Kevin Mayo 35 years and Jim Kuhn 43 yrs of wedded bliss!! 

Happy and Sad Dollars

- Pres. Kevin gave $35 for his 35 wedded years! 

- Bill McGurk happy Karen Andrews visiting.

- Lindsey W. sad about postponed Equinox vacation due to family illness, but happy everything’s OK and trip is on again. 

- Milt Rosenberg is happy Karen Andrews visiting.

- Mike Helechu is happy about Karen Andrews and Bill McGurk and grateful Amber Alert registration at Home Show will go on with help of volunteering Rotarians on Saturday, March 14! 

- Karen Andrews happy to be with us. 

- Ed Palomba shocked about "campers" outside new Chick Filet in freezing cold to be "first 100 customers" to get free sandwiches!! WOW Must be a great sandwich!! 

- Katie all excited about fabulous skiing she experienced with family at Park City, Utah. PLUS son 11 years old skied TRIPLE BLACK DIAMONDS—skiing circles around his mom who took an easier route! 

- Jerry B late dollar and for missing two weeks of meeting. He lost MUCHO sleep on trip to Germany and Vegas on business, BUT managed to get to play his mandatory round of golf in Vegas, and pick up new car when he got home. 

History Mystery by Joe Fallon

The youngest of five brothers, Herbert Manfred Marx was born 114 years ago on Feb. 25, 1901. 

1. Herbert was the straight man, and leading man, in many movies, What was his stage name? Zeppo 

2. What were the stage names of his four brothers? Groucho, Gummo, Chico & Harpo 

3. What were names of Zeppo's parents? Frenchy and Minnie 

Queen of Hearts Drawing

Jim Kuhn NO CIGAR!! 10 hearts; Kevin $10-mysteriously found his missing tickets; Nick D $5  


- President Kevin reported that he received a letter from 15-year member Henry Dutcher, Enfield Public Library Director, tendering his resignation from Rotary. He will be missed. Henry is very happy to be working on retiring to Rhode Island with his wife. He was a tremendous asset to the Club and exemplified a true Rotarian.

- Ed Palomba: Rotary Foundation Month Brochures on Table Thank you Milt R Kevin M-District Food Share Participation-3/25/15-Contact him for details. Milt stated that the Rotary Foundation is one of the top-rated non-pProfits in world! 

- Katie Garvey - Rotary Shadowing meeting after today's meeting 

- Mike Helechu hopes we’re supporting this year’s Invention Convention. Last year we donated money and provided a judge. Kevin said there hasn’t been an official solicitation received. Mike and Ed Palomba will make some contacts.

- Rotary after 5 -Tonight at Backyard Grille.

Guest Speaker

Karen Andrews Asst. District Gov. and Annual Giving Chair for Rotary Foundation. Karen gave accolades to our Enfield Club for doing a great job in supporting the Foundation. Stated Enfield is one of her favorite Clubs. Top Givers! Thanks, Karen! 

Karen spoke about Rotary Foundation origination, purpose and goals throughout the years. Founded in 1917 and established for purpose of doing good in the world; we were at war and times were difficult, but at the world meeting, 257 clubs were represented, and 2,654 Rotarians were present at the convention. The President donated the first $26.50 to the Foundation. By 1930, there was $5,000 in the Rotary Foundation coffers. 

Ideals were Peace, Goodwill and Friendship for all. The Rotary Foundation grew and grew and accomplished great deeds, including almost completely eliminating the disease of Polio in children, resulting from the dedication of the Rotary Foundation to provide the means for volunteering Rotarians to vaccinate those children in need throughout the world. We are honored to be a part of the Rotary Foundation.

Guest Editor: Joyce Keating