Vice President Nick Deni opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Derek Meade led the Pledge of Allegiance; Stu Barowsky led the Four-Way-Test; and Chris Leary gave the invocation.

Guests: Eric Moody was the guest of Chris Casey; Jeff Tingley and Michael McManus were guests of Nick Deni.

Membership Applications:

Second Notice: Michael McManus from Powder Hollow Brewery and Jeff Tingley from Sparkle Services have applied for membership in the Enfield Rotary Club. If you have any comments about either of their applications, please forward them in an email or letter to any one of the club’s officers.

There were no birthdays or anniversaries

Volunteer Sgt.-At-Arms Joe Fallon levied a fine for anyone who did not have a solid color shirt on.

Happy & Sad Dollars

- Ed Palomba had a Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, his wife went to Vermont, which was colder than here, he stayed home; his brother’s birthday and his son’s kitchen renovations are almost complete.

- Gena Fitzgerald leave early dollar.

- Kiran Majmudar spent three weeks in India visiting family and the hospital the Enfield Rotary Club supports. 

- Mike Helechu happy for Kiran and the India project, actually likes the snow and the great companies in Enfield praised for brand loyalty, like Hallmark and LEGO.

- Henry Dutcher sad dollar for being absent for a while but deliriously happy to announce he will be retiring in October. Henry also announced that work commitments, until he retires, will prevent him from attending Rotary and has decided to resign effective today. 

- Rotarians Steve Damon, Jim Kuhn, Milt Rosenberg, Scott Kaupin and Nick Deni were among the Rotarians who gave sad dollars that Henry is leaving. Scott Kaupin commented on Henry’s commitment to public service and Nick about the value of Henry’s friendship over the years. 

- Joyce Keating, in support of Kate Garvey, will pledge $100 for every Enfield Rotarian, over the age of 62, who completes the Cinco K Mayo Race by either walking or running. 

- Cindy Mangini is happy a beagle won the Dog Show and sad Henry is leaving.

- Kate Garvey is happy about going skiing, sad Henry is leaving. 

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery

February 18, 1856 – 159 years ago, the American Party convened its presidential convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

1. What is the more popular name of the American Party?
A. The Know Nothings
2. Who did they nominate for President?
A. Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of the U.S.
3. Who is the only other US President who was nominated for a second but non-consecutive term?
A. Grover Cleveland


Nick Deni drew the Five of Spades; Mike Helechu took $10; and Jim Kuhn clamed $5

Business Meeting 

- Nick Deni announced that Scott Cato, due to business reasons, asked for and was granted a six month leave of absence from the club.

- Ed Palomba distributed Foundation information and provided updates about the Foundation and The Gates Foundation extending their challenge. 

- Mike Helechu informed the club that in order to go forward with Amber Alert initiatives, specifically the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Home Show on March 14 and 15, that volunteers are needed. Mike also noted that information is available on the Club’s website regarding e-club links. 

- Steve Damon announced the Friday’s Rotary Breakfast will be at 8:00 a.m. at Angelina’s Restaurant. 

- Nick Deni announced the Rotary after Five is at the Backyard Bar & Grill on Wednesday, February 25

- Nick provided upcoming Rotary event dates:

April 1 – Visitors’ Day for potential new Rotarians 

April 24 & 25 – District Conference in Hartford

May 2 – Cinco K Mayo Road Race

May 13 – District Training at the Holiday Inn

June 12 – Foundation Dinner at the Holiday Inn

June 16 – President’s Installation Dinner in Simsbury.

Guest Editor: Chris Casey