President Kevin Mayo called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

Larry Tracey led the Pledge of Allegiance; Kevin Mayo led the four way test; Dick Stevens read our invocation.


Pam Lupoli - our Rotary district ADG; Michael McManus and Linda King from the Powder Hollow Brewery; Eric Moody from the Holiday Inn

Membership Applications

Second Notice: Eric Mooney from the Holiday Inn.

First Notice: Jeff Tingley from Sparkle Services; and Michael McManus from Powder Hollow Brewery.

These individuals have applied for membership in the Enfield Rotary Club. If you have any comments about the membership intentions of any of these individuals, please forward them in an email or letter to any one of the club's officers.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Gail Albetski - late dollar; sad dollar for the US woman who was a victim of ISIS

Chris Leary - wedding anniversary

Lou Bolduc - 23rd Rotary anniversary

Gena Fitzgerald - late dollar; thank you dollar to Joe Fallon for lending her money last week

Chris Leary - sad dollar from his wallet for an anniversary so close to Valentine's Day

Carol Bohnet - was late because she was in a meeting (Rotary pre-PETS) on the other side of the hotel

Ed Palomba - a dollar to share a story about ice chipping and lament about the cold weather

Pam Lupoli - happy dollar for spending time at Rotary pre-PETS with Nick Deni and seeing that our club will be in good hands with President Nick next year.  A thank you dollar to Milt Rosenberg for discounting a refrigerator and TV for her club’s donation to Mary’s Place, a charity that helps grieving teenagers. To learn more about Mary’s Place, visit their website:

Nick Deni - happy 25th Rotary anniversary; successful pre-PETS meeting; $1,000 donation to EHS from our basketball tournament; happy about the Patriots win; happy about his Myrtle Beach golf tournament (scored 42 out of 220)

Jo Ann Walk - happy dollar for her State Farm anniversary

Scott Kaupin - happy dollar for his visit to the Cape last weekend and the local attitude about winter…they simply leave the snow on the sidewalks and work around it.  He thinks Enfield should take note. 

Sandy Zukowski - a very happy dollar for her husband’s clean CAT scan!

Kate Garvey - happy to stay on her feet this week (no falls!)

Kevin Mayo - happy dollar for a Newport getaway

Sad dollars for the deaths of  our club members Herb Foy and Fran Padrevita, Bill Squires’ mother-in-law, and our friend Mary Arcouette’s brother: Bill Squires, Joe Fallon, Milt Rosenberg, Dick Stevens, Chris Casey, Mike Helechu, Larry Tracey, Jo Ann Walk, Scott Kaupin, Sandy Zukowski, Kate Garvey

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Questions

February 14, 1953 - 62 years ago

An appeal for clemency for these two people convicted of treason and sentenced to death was denied 56 years ago today.

  1.  Who were the two people?   Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  2. Who denied the appeal?  President Dwight David Eisenhower
  3. Who was the Judge who sentenced them to death?  Judge Irving Kaufman


Joyce Keating - hoping for a chance to win $305, but pulled the 5 of clubs; Guest Mike McManus - $10; Lou Bolduc - $5


Ed Palomba reminded us that February is Foundation Month, and he spoke in depth about the work of the Foundation.  More information and the Foundation’s annual report can be found at  Ed told us that the Foundation supports Rotary programs, grants, Polio eradication efforts, and peace studies.  ‘Every Rotarian, Every Year’ is an initiative that encourages every Rotarian to participate in a foundation project every year and/or contribute to the annual fund. After 3 years, our donations to the annual fund come back to our local district in the form of grants. 

Our district conference will be held on April 24th-25th at the Hartford Marriott.  A local venue for us this year!  Please see President Kevin Mayo if you are interested in attending. 

Kate Garvey spoke about our annual job shadowing program for high school students.  Please see Kate if you can help place students with local professional people. 

Kate also spoke about the upcoming Cinco K Mayo race.  She and Derek Meade are looking for committee members. Runners and non-runners alike are encouraged to help with this annual fundraiser! 

Mike Helechu is looking for a “missing” Rotarian.  Awhile back, we heard a presentation about an Enfield educational program aimed at preventing the misuse of prescription drugs. Someone in our club offered to donate to this program, but the speaker does not remember the person’s name. It may have been one of our bankers. If you are interested in helping with this initiative, please contact Mike Helechu. 

There was no guest speaker today, but at the end of our meeting, Dick Stevens, Bill Squires and Mike Helechu shared heartfelt stories about the lives of Herb Foy and Fran Padrevita. These men will be missed by Rotarians and the people in our communities, but their spirit and dedication to helping others lives on in our memories. While they were modest, they inspired good work in other people.

Respectfully submitted by Lindsey Weber