President Kevin opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Jerry Bell led the Pledge of Allegiance; Kevin led the Four-Way-Test; and Greg Stokes gave the invocation.

Guests: Eric Mooney was the guest of Chris Casey; Jeff Tingley was the guest of Larry Tracey.

First Notice: Eric Mooney from the Holiday Inn has applied for membership in the Enfield Rotary Club. If you have any comments about Eric's application, please forward them in an email or letter to any one of the club's officers.

Sgt.-At-Arms Gail levied the usual Rotary pin fines. 

Birthdays & Anniversaries: 

- Bill Marr celebrating a birthday on Feb. 10.

- Mike Helechu has been a member of the Enfield Rotary Club for 31 years today.

- Nick Deni will celebrate his 25th year as a Rotarian on Feb. 7

Happy & Sad Dollars

- Jerry is on his way to Germany for an international dog health workshop. He knows he won't be able to play golf there, but will soon be on his way to Las Vegas.

- Fermi HS Principal Paul Newton is happy for the Student Recognition program and is always happy to visit the Rotary meeting.

- Kevin Mayo happy for his son's birthday and the Patriots.

- Mike donated $95 to the Rotary Foundation for his birthday (Feb 2 = 64) and club anniversary (64 + 31 = 95, the same age as his dad).

- Kate had happy and sad dollars and OMG, they were very happy and very sad. First of all, she just started to assist with coaching some Special Olympics basketball players (Allied's Enfield Stars) and couldn't say enough about how much she enjoyed it and how much she's looking forward to continuing her involvement. Her son is interested in helping the Special O snow shoe team too. She's happy about High School Recognition. And then the tale of woe: when she was walking out of the package store with several bottles of wine in a bag, she rolled her ankle and went down. She fell on her wrist and messed it up, but even worse, all the bottles of wine broke!!!! And believe it or not, it gets even WORSE: there were people walking by and standing nearby, but NO ONE offered to help her get up. Someone came over and asked "Are you alright?," but kept walking even after Kate said "No." I think the majority of Kate's "friends" in the audience were aghast at loosing all that good wine. Just sayin. . .

- Rich had to wait in the car for his wife to get out of a meeting and decided to clean the loose change out the ashtray. In addition to money, he found some Big Y coins and his wedding band. There was a rather lengthy period of silence while the audience attempted to determine why his wedding band would have been in the ashtray and not on his finger. "Ricky, you've got some 'splainin' to do. . ."

- Joe had some advice for Kate that would insure assistance if she takes another tumble: "Remove the "Lawyer" signs from your jacket and car."

Joe Fallon's History Mystery

Feb. 4, 1801—214 years ago

The longest serving Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and the fourth longest serving Justice, took his position after being appointed by President John Adams and thereafter transformed the Court into the third co-equal branch of government along with the legislative and executive branches.

1. Who was this longest-serving Chief Justice?

A: John Marshall

2. What Justice of the Supreme Court holds the record as the longest serving Justice of the Court?

A. William O. Douglas

3. What Justice, of all of those currently serving on the Court in 2015, has served the longest?

A: Antonin Scalia


Scott Kaupin drew the King of Clubs; Rich Tkacz took $10; and Lou Bolduc claimed $5.


Mike Helechu passed out Four-Way Test Scholarship applications to the Guidance Counselors from both schools. The application is available on our website and has been publicized on our Facebook page. It will be announced soon in the local papers and info websites.

A Cinco K Mayo committee is being formed. If you can help, please contact Derek Meade.

Kate needs help with the Career Shadowing program scheduled for April 15. Please contact her if you can be of assistance finding mentors for high school juniors.

Program: High School Recognition

Vocational Service Director Kate Garvey introduced the students from Enfield and Enrico Fermi High Schools who earned our High School Recognition honors in February.

Olivia Quinn from Enrico Fermi High School was recognized for her diligence, work ethic and willingness to work with other students. She is interested in art and music and has been playing both the piano and violin for several years. She is very interested in medical technology and science. She has been volunteering at Johnson Memorial Hospital to learn more about careers in the medical field. Olivia was joined by her mom, Lisa, nominating Science teacher Jamie Drzyzga, Guidance Counselor Frank Genovese and Fermi Principal Paul Newton.

Christine Luksic from Enfield High School was also recognized because her creative performances demonstrate a high level of proficiency and skill. Her favorite courses are English and Art. She is active and socially minded in her community, volunteering at many community events. She serves as a student representative from EHS on the Board of Education. Christine is interested in customer service and professional decorator careers. Christine was joined by her parents, Michael and Sheila, nominating Art teacher and Visual Arts Dept. Chair Richard Fahey, Guidance Counselor Ellen Frost and EHS Principal Andrew Longey.

Guest Editor: Mike Helechu