Rotary Spur Notes for 8/2/2017
Meeting open 12:15
Pledge:  Cheryl Leary
4 Way test: Joyce Keating
Blessing: Ryan Lawless
Guest:  Laura Curtis guest of Catherine Williamson (Comfort Keepers)
Club Anniversary: Joyce Keating 30 years!  She said John Adams brought her in! She graciously donated $30.
It was Kevin Mayo’s and Joe Fallon’s Birthday
Steve Alminas paid a Happy Dollar that his daughter was born.
Kevin Mayo paid a happy dollar
Ryan Lawless paid a happy dollar for his Enfield HS Alumni game that will be played on Saturday.  There are 88 former students that plan on playing, it is a much bigger turnout than planned!
Bryan Chodkowski paid a happy dollar he is settling in and his wife had been on interviews.
Eric Moody paid a Birthday Dollar for Joe and Kevin.
Several fines were paid for no pins.
It was brought up by the Membership Committee, that in the future, there would be a fine for missed meetings for July and going forward ( I believe, or for 1 meeting each month) and a $2 fine if it is not made up.  It was encouraged for all Rotarians to make up meetings.  This
Joyce Keating- Said she always made up her meetings even when she was on the Queen Mary.  She said she found she had good experiences making up at different clubs.
Catherine Williamson mentioned how friendly Rotarians are everywhere. She went to Cancun to Rotary when no woman were allowed, but[i] was still welcomed.
History Mystery Minute:
President Warren G. Harding died of a cerebral hemorrhage in San Francisco and was succeeded in office by President Calvin Coolidge
1-What is the name of the major scandal that has caused Harding to be ranked as one of the worst Presidents of all time?
2 Who were the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President in 1920 who ran against Harding and Coolidge?
3. What is Harding’s Middle name?
  1. Teapot Dome Scandal
  2. James M. Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. Gamaliel
Raffle $185  Card- Carol 2 of hearts, $10 Cheryl, $5 Ed
Zone Institute, Hartford Conv. Ctr. Friday 10/20 11:30am Carol has the Agenda and Flyers.
Backpack items are needed by next week’s meeting.  Back packs are all set, need items to fill.
Chris Casey-- Wine Tasting Announcement
The sub-committee is looking at a plan to make recommendations.
Ed Palomba- Paul Harris Fellows need addresses of all recipients that are non-members to add to the list.  Rotarians were reminded that all Rotarians should be attending the Paul Harris Dinner honoring the recipients.
The Rotary International Conference will be held in Toronto next year.
President Carol had two tasks for today for Strategic Planning.
Tables worked together to Identify the top four accomplishments you would like to see our club achieve this coming year. She will talk about the results at a later date, however, Increase Meeting Attendance, Increase Membership, finish ongoing projects, Increase funding, were some of the items that were mentioned.
The second Part of the task was to identify focus areas and allocate a percentage of available funds we should use annually for each area for up to 6 areas.