Rotary Meeting minutes April 22, 2015

  Pledge – Kiran Majmudar

  4 Way Test – President Kevin

  Prayer – Carol Bohnet

Guests: Kathy Barron, guest of Chris Casey; Michelle Tracey, guest of husband Larry

Birthdays & Anniversaries: Sandy Zukowski—46th wedding anniversary on April 26.

Happy / Sad dollars

- Chris Casey: Earth Day & Enfield Celebration at Freshwater Pond

- Dick Stevens: 44th wedding anniversary

- Larry Tracey: Successful knee surgery

- Nick Deni: Cardinals are in 1st place, but lost last night. Crestview open, but shot over 100. Visited daughter in South Carolina, but rained.

- Carol Bohnet: Vacation in Cozumel

- Milt Rosenberg: Leaving early dollar

- Kevin Mayo: Went to Red Sox game on Patriot’s day (annual tradition). Happy to see them win.

Mike Helechu: Allied’s Attic will be at Enfield Earth Day celebration. Happy for baseball season.

- Kate Garvey: Got golf clubs – will get back into the swing of things. Son Kyle is 11 year’s old. Inspired by story about man with cerebral palsy competing in the Boston Marathon.

- Sandy Zukowski: Seeing Camelot at the Bushnell.

- Steve Damon: Rotary breakfast on Friday at the Pizza Palace.

Joe Fallon's History Mystery:

On April 22, 1994 (21 years ago) Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the US died.

1) What political journalist hosted the famous show entitled “ The Political Obituary of Richard Nixon” in 1962 – six years before he was elected President? 

   A: Howard K. Smith of ABC News.

2) Who did Nixon run against in 1968? 

   A: Hubert Horatio Humphrey and George Corley Wallace

3) What commission did Nixon establish that forever changed the military forces of the US? 

   A: The Gates Commission – it ended the draft and established a volunteer military.

Queen of Hearts

Lou Bolduc – 10 of Spades

Ed Sharpless - $10

Chris Leary - $5


- Derek Meade & Jo Ann Walk: Cinco K Mayo Road Race is Saturday, May 2nd. Over 130 runner/walkers have signed up. WE NEED CLUB VOLUNTEERS for Saturday morning. Plaza Azteca – after committing to being a major sponsor, pulled out yesterday stating that they didn’t need the advertising. Rotarians should let them know of our disappointment.

- Kate Garvey: May 7th will be a post-shadowing party at a location to be announced.

- Jerry Bell: Annual Scholarship Board meeting will be Friday May 8th 8:00-8:45 at Country Diner. All interested Rotarians can attend (& it’s a make-up).


Mike Helechu introduced our speaker, Shannon Grant, from EFFE – Enfield Foundation for Excellence. Shannon is a 2014 Enfield Rotary Paul Harris recipient, honored for her efforts by a club donor.

EFFE was created in 2009 to collect and maintain funds for grants to support innovative projects and programs to enhance education for the children of Enfield.

In 2014, EFFE presented the Invention Convention, which was sponsored by a $1,000 grant from the Enfield Rotary Club. In 2014, 240 students enrolled in the program for 1st through 6th graders, and 93 presented at the convention at EHS. There were 18 judges, and 10 students received Merit Awards and went onto the State Invention Convention at UConn. There, 7 of the 10 received Distinctions (on average, only 30% of the participants receive distinctions). 

In 2015, again sponsored by the Rotary Club, 475 students are enrolled in the program, 129 presented, 18 received Merit Awards, and 33 are registered for the State Invention Convention at UConn on May 2nd.

To date, EFFE has awarded $23,733.90 in grants and sponsorships, and $2,000 in scholarships. The committee is working on improving their grant application, awarding student grants, creating an Education Enrichment Grant program, and hosting grant writing workshops.

EFFE has created exploratory committees including; Girls in STEAM, Special Education, and a mentoring program for students preparing to apply to college.

EFFE is looking for Board and committee members, as well as corporate partners and donors.

Funding needs for the 2015-2016 school year are estimated at $20,000. EFFE has established a MILES OF DOLLARS for Enfield Scholars fundraising program to raise one mile of dollars by June 30, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 by President Kevin.

Guest Editor: Jerry Bell