Enfield Rotary Spur: January 6, 2016

Editor: Carol Bohnet on behalf of Cindy Mangini


President Nick opened the meeting at approximately 12:10.

Bill Squires led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Milt Rosenberg led the Four Way Test.

Greg Stokes the blessing.

Nick announced that today was UCONN Day and several guests were introduced by Alyson: Westfield Bank associate, Larry Tracey: wife Michelle, brother and son-in-law, and Bill Squires father-in-law Syd.


Sergeant at Arms stand-in Ed Palomba  announced Fine for anyone not wearing something UCONN HUSKIES or blue. Several members paid the fine.



·        Mike Helechu was Happy for Bill Squires' singing of the National Anthem bringing "tears to his eyes" and the New Year. Mike was Sad because although his Dad consented to hearing aids, he returned them after one week.

·        Mike McManis ran an ornament contest at Powder Hollow Brewery and all proceeds were donated to the Rotary Club Walking Path project.  Wild applause ensued.

·        Several Rotarians expressed Happiness for the New Year holiday.

·        Jack Welch's Happy dollar for Mike Helechu's help and instruction on the 28 steps required to produce the proper format for the Rotary Spur.

·        Joyce Keating Happy dollars for her visit to see her daughter in Tampa and all three grandchildren's' attainment of High Honors with all A's.

·        Scott Kupec gave a fine dollar, obviously refusing to wear UCONN colors because of his Syracuse connection and Notre Dame allegiance.

·        Milt Rosenberg donated a Happy dollar for newspaper coverage of MIke Helechu's statements in an article about the Fire District.

·        Joe Fallon showed off his UCONN cufflinks, avoiding a fine.

·        Bill Squires had Happy dollars related to his family.

·        Sandy Zukowski had Happy dollars for her daughter's graduation from college and her granddaughter's perfect GPA of 3.96.

·        Steve Damon told a story about having a Risk Assessment for having attained the age of 65 with a question about whether he had fallen two or more times. When Steve relayed that he had fallen 4 times the doctor asked "How did that happen?" and Steve replied, "Skiing".

·        Jim Bell's Happy dollars for his holiday in Spokane with family and his gifts of a hover board and drone to the children.

President Nick reviewed the progress of the Walking Path, the past Rotary Breakfast and trivia about a Suffield Academy connection to a national championship college football game.


HISTORY - Joe Fallon: January 6, 1912, 104 years ago, New Mexico became the 47th State of the United States of America.

1.       The capital and largest city in New Mexico is Santa Fe? False - Santa Fe is the capital but Albuquerque is the largest city.

2.      What are the names of the two major Indian tribes located in New Mexico? Navajo and Pueblo

3.      Located just north of Taos, New Mexico, what is the name of the highest mountain in the state known as Taos Peak prior to 1950?  Wheeler Peak

RAFFLE: President Nick announced the donation of three additional raffle items donated by today's speaker - UCONN tickets.

·        CARDS for $315 - Joann Smith drew the 6 of Clubs

·        Women's' Tulane Game Tickets - Michelle Tracy, Larry wife.

·        Men's Hockey Tickets - Joe Fallon

·        Men's Basketball Tickets - Lou Bolduc

·        $10 - Nick Deni

·        $5 - Evan, today's speaker


·        President Nick read mail from the Enfield Family Resource Center thanking the Club for the Coat Drive donations.

·        Chris Casey announced that the ACC Murder Mystery rehearsals have started and two Rotarians are involved. Kate Garvey has an acting part and Mike Helechu is directing again this year. The ACC Scholarship fundraiser will be held on March 18th at the Holiday Inn.

·        Bill Squires relayed various stories about the Lake Buena Vista Rotary Club in Florida, a new Flag from the Club, historical tidbits about their pin with Mickey Mouse ears approved by a Disney executive many years ago, and the Club's historical video which includes a shot of our very own Enfield flag.  Bill also provided a Florida weather report and predicted warm weather for Kate's Dopey Run this weekend.

·        President Nick explained the Rotary Super Bowl Pool starting up to raise money for the Club. It will be $10 a square and each participant will receive two numbers which will need to match the points at each quarter paying out $100, $150 or $300. Accurate specifics to follow in email from Nick.

·        The Walking Path has been excavated and completed with a little clean up left to finish.  The banner will be done today or tomorrow. Distance markers are being considered and the amphitheater will be completed later.  Ed Palomba spoke about the history of the Rotary's playground project under Lindsey Weber's presidency, the addition of the new walking path and soon the amphitheater and the extension of the path to Eli Whitney School; all together a wonderful accomplishment for our Club.  Ed is also exploring power washing the playground as a planned activity in the spring.

GUEST SPEAKER - EVAN FEINGLASS was introduced by Larry Tracey.  Evan is the Associate Director of Athletics/Facilities Management and Planning and has been at UCONN since 2007. He is responsible for the operation, maintenance and planning for the athletic and recreational facilities on campus.

Evan told us that there are 700 student athletes at UCONN and 50% have a 3.0 or higher GPA.  UCONN has had 21 National Championships including three in one year.  They have built a new sports building next door to Gampel which costs $35 million and was paid through donations. Evan offered tours to anyone interested. The sports program has a $65 million dollar budget and $10 million is donated to scholarships for student athletes.  Three new sports buildings are being planned using 100% donations including for baseball and soccer.  Gampel roof work is being planned as well which will be a very complicated project due to the domed construction. Evan also described some non-sports related changes going on at UCONN including the downtown Hartford campus and the new STEM building in Storrs. UCONN receives 32,000 applications for 3,600 freshman slots.  Questions proposed to Evan centered on conference changes and challenges.

Bill Squires sang the National Anthem wonderfully and President Nick, in his typical closing fashion, relayed a description of three kinds of people with all of us in the Club grouped into the best kind of course. The meeting ended at 1:21 PM.


Respectfully submitted by: Carol Bohnet