Rotary Minutes:    Date:10.11.17    
Pledge:Jason Neely         
4 way test:Carol Bohnet        
Invocation:Chris Leary         
Guests and visitors:none         
Rotarian Anniversaries:Julie, Keith, Jerry, Joanne       
Birthdays:Chris Casey, Joanne Walk       
Wedding Anniversaries:Julie Cotnoir        
Happy / Sads:          
 Joanne for birthday and club anniversary      
 Kathy - leave early        
 Brian- late dollar, missed board meeting, happy his son's tooth extraction   
  went well         
 Carol- Happy leaving for maryland to see new grandchild    
 Jerry late dollar and happy for anniversary     
 Bill - Happy father in law 90th birthday coming up and the kids will be   
 home.  Sad dollar for red sox, sang anthem at event fundraiser    
 Jason- Happy son in 3rd grade and NH trip for trains and cog railway   
 Kevin- Missed last week for wife's eye appointment happy all went well   
 sad lost a long time member of the beavers club, happy going to patriots   
 gane versus Jets        
 Kate- happy her son is doing well on golf team, misses everyone!    
 Scott- Happy for red sox season, going to oyster fest in welfleet    
 Milt- Went to Bushnell to see Les Mis and ran into Joe Fallon happy to be   
 happy to be going to the Berkshires      
 Joyce- Supporting the CT entry for MRS Senior usa      
 Joe- enjoyed Les Mis was dismayed at people using cell phones during   
History Mystery:1884 Oct 11         
 The longest serving first lady of the USA was born in New York City to socialite  
 parents Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Hall.  She later married 5th cousin    
 Franklin Delano Roosevelt.       
 Q-Who gave away Eleanor at her wedding because her parents died when she was quite young
 A- President Teddy Roosevelt her uncle      
 Q-What President appointed Eleanor as the chair person of the presidential commission on the 
 status of women?        
 A- John F. Kennedy        
 Q-What was Eleanor's first name as Eleanor was her middle name?   
 A- Anna after her mother       
Pot for card at 285Lou - drew card did not win       
 Larry - 10         
Other Business:Donations from our club for hurricane relief efforts is almost 1,200   
 please remember to sign in on the attendance list each week    
 Reminder 10/25 luch is at Asnuntuck      
 Nov 2nd foundation dinner       
 Nov 11th Leadership institute       
 Nov 15th Distric gov. coming to meeting      
 Basketball tourney set for 12/28 12/29      
 Monday pm road race committee meeting @ 99     
 Video shown on Ian Riseley on Rotary flexibility and recruitment    
 Discussion of membership retention and recruitment from the committee   
SPUR Oct 11 2017 Eric Moody 2017-10-11 04:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Weekly Meeting
President  Carol opened meeting 12:15 .  Derek Meade said Grace.  We all said Four-Way-Test and Saluted the Flag.
No visitors.  One guest, Cathy Belinkie  who is the wife the day’s speaker, Dr. Stephen Belinkie.
Happy/Sad Dollars were:  Brian- son on the Lego Robotics Team , Rich had two trips to the Caribean cancelled due to hurricanes but happy a third substitute trip is still on,  Joyce had a good time in Quebec City (she has a good time everywhere),  Nick happy for upcoming trip with family including Ed to Myrytle  Beach,  Ed happy to be starting on softball team with those half his age (he’s the pitcher),  Mike has a new pacemaker (we are ecstatic for him),  Carol is seeing Les Miserables with her daughter,  Kirhan was visited by Ed and Lois  Sharpless  who were on a camping trip,  Jerry lectured in Copenhagen and of coarse was on the course (golfing).  
History/Mystery Minute:  The first US Open was played at what country  club  in Rhode Island?  The US Open field (number of golfers playing) is composed of how many golfers?  What was the name of the first winner of the US Open?   Answers    1. Newport Country Club  .     2. 156                3. Horace Rawlins- an Englishman.
Derek got zip  with the Queen of Hearts.  A ten and fiver were won by others.
Carol asks for stragglers to sign up for committees.
Carol asks for a volunteer to mentor the RotarAct  Club with Mike.
Our October 25 Weds meeting will be at Asnuntuck for a tour and lunch.
November 2 is a Foundation Dinner where the Enfield Club will receive a prestigious award.
Dr. Stephen Belinkie, a retired plastic surgeon, spoke on American President Frankin Delino Roosevelt.  Much of the talk involved polio  and the effect it had on FDR’s life.  A tremendous amout of effort was required to maintain the image of a strong  healthy individual. Due to the large amount of material the lecture will be delivered in two parts.  Dr. Belinkie will be back to continue this lecture.  Particularly significant to us as Rotarians is the effects polio had on mankind and how Rotary has made the world a better place thru PolioPlus eradication efforts.
All in all another great meeting, 
Steve Damon, Scribe
SPUR OCT 4 2017 Steven Damon 2017-10-04 04:00:00Z 0
The Spur
September 27, 2017
The Pledge: Nick Deni
Four Way Test: Carol Bohner
Grace: Jack Welch
Guests: Don Burack, Amy Reltier, Bob Williamson
Happy/Sads: Sandy Zukowski has a birthday!
Joann Welk went home to see her family
Bryan Chad Kedesla- Billswon- Ohio U won
Milt Rosenberg- Joann doing good job
Carol Bohnet’s nephew got married
$10- Nick Deni
$5- Adrian Garcia
Cards- Chris Casey
Bloomfield Wine Festival: October 5th
Lunch with Rotary President: October 20th
District Governor to be at our meeting: November 15th
Foundation Dinner- Chez Joseph: November 2nd
History Mystery:
Who said in 1066 to conquor to Saxtons? William the Conqueror
Where did he set sail from? Normandy
Who did he take the thrown from? Hariet Godwinson
Speaker: Amy Peltier
United Way- Northeast Central Connecticut.  Covers 40 Towns, Invests in Education, transition into kindergarted, middle school and high school. Working with towns to provide food to communities for the needy.  Also involved with domestic violence in each community.
Twenty five percent of household are led by someone 65 years old or older.  The average income for CT residents for a family of four is $66,000-$74,000 to qualify for United Way assistance.
We divided into teams of two and three and did a case study that was very enlightening.  There are many CT residents that have a hard time making ends meet because of the high cost of living in the state.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Kuhn
SPUR Sept 27 2017 Jim Kuhn 2017-09-27 04:00:00Z 0
Flag Salute: Keith Madore
Four Way Test: Carol Bohnet
Invocation: Cheryl Leary

Joe Fallon stood in for Jo Ann Walk as Sergeant at Arms.  Joe also quizzed the membership to see if anyone could remember where Jerry Bell was traveling this week.  (The answer was Copenhagen.)
Sandy Zukowski was caught up in the car chase on I-91 while driving to Manchester.  She quickly realized what was happening when she saw 7 police cars and a helicopter. 
Kathy Barron was stuck in Florida because of Hurricane Irma.  She was happy to be back at home.
Joyce Keating enjoyed a trip to Quebec City.
Ed Palomba was happy that we had meatloaf for lunch.  He was also happy for his son's 29th birthday.  (Should we read into the order in which he presented these thoughts?)
Keith Madore was happy for the well-attended ribbon cutting at Asnuntuck Community College last Wednesday. 
Carol Bohnet was happy for her daughter's 30th birthday, and also for a dinner with her mother and sisters.
Milton Rosenberg wished a happy new year to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah.  (L'Shana Tova, Milton!)
Lindsey Weber is returning to regular club meetings after a wonderful summer vacation with her children.  The highlight of their summer was a trip to Wyoming to view the solar eclipse in totality. 
Rich Tkacz had planned a vacation to St. Maarten.  Because of hurricane destruction, they changed their plans to a cruise leaving from Puerto Rico.  This might not be the year for a Caribbean vacation.
Kiran is preparing for the October 14th marathon to support the St. Francis Cancer Center.  See Kiran if you are interested in learning more about their cause!
Chris Leary shared a happy new year sentiment.  L'Shana Tova!
Kevin Mayo also wished a happy new year to those celebrating, had a dollar for a missed meeting, and a dollar for his club anniversary.

The Drawing
$10 to Chris Leary (well, actually to Cheryl Leary after Chris won the money)
$5 to Sandy Zukowski
Card to Kathy Barron, but not the queen of hearts

Joe Fallon's "History Mystery" Question
September 20, 1878
Upton Bell Sinclair, Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland, did not go to any formal school until the age of ten and became known during his ninety years of life as a writer, journalist, novelist, political activist and politician.
1. Sinclair is probably best known for writing a muck-raking novel about the Chicago meatpacking industry that led to the adoption of the Federal Pure Food and Drug Act.  What was the name of that novel?

    The Jungle

2. What political philosophy did Sinclair espouse over his many years of political involvement?


3. Sinclair won a Pulitzer Prize in 1943 for the novel "Dragon's Teeth" which was the third novel in a series of eleven novels that he published between 1940 and 1953 that featured a central character for which the series is named.  What is the name of that character?

    Lanny Budd

Business Meeting

President Carol read thank-you cards from the Enfield Food Shelf and scholarship recipient Kevin Broems. 

Julie Cotnoir presented an Amber Alert update on behalf of Mike Helechu.  Last week, our club registered 129 children.  (50 more children than our previous 'best'.)  Club members were assisted by 4 outstanding students from Baypath University.  However, our ID card printer is not functioning well.  The group was able to enter information into the system, but  was not able to print all of the ID cards for parents.  This equipment is not longer supported by the manufacturer.  The Amber Alert program is still maintaining its database, but the equipment we use at events is becoming obsolete.  We have spent about $7,000 on equipment so far.  We hold about 4 Amber Alert registrations per year.  We register approximately 200 children annually.  It was agreed that our club will explore equipment replacement costs.

President Carol has updated our club website with all of our committee information.  Your committee responsibilities are now listed with your name on the site.  She is happy to report that our club has 17 committees working on projects throughout the year.  The website calendar is also up-to-date with club events.  Carol will be working with club members to record our volunteer hours for a worldwide tally, which is an initiative of the current Rotary International president. 
            our club website:

Ed Palomba announced that the district Foundation Dinner will be Thursday, November 2nd at Chez Josef.  The district is looking for nominations for the Humanitarian of the Year award.  Entries are due by September 30th.  Please see Ed for more details.

Kevin Mayo announced that he and Mary Arcouette will be holding a road race committee meeting on October 16th at The 99 restaurant.  Please contact Kevin or Mary for more information.

Field trip!!  Our club meeting on October 25th will be at Asnuntuck Community College and will include a tour of their new facility.

Guest editor,
Lindsey Weber
SPUR Sept 20 2017 Lindsey Weber 2017-09-20 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Minutes: Date: 9/6/2017

Pledge: Martha
4 way test: Carol
Invocation: Kevin

Guests and visitors: Kathleen Souvigney Enfield Food Shelf

Rotarian Anniversaries:
Dick Stevens 45 years
Cheryl Leary 16 years

Birthdays: Eric Moody
Milt Rosenberg

Wedding Anniversaries: None

Rotarian Anniversaries:
Dick Stevens 45 years
Cheryl Leary 16 years

Birthdays: Eric Moody
Milt Rosenberg
Wedding Anniversaries: None

Happy / Sads:
Milt sad for Hurricane impact issued a challenge to match his age in donations
Ed Happy 2 weddings and great round of golf
Kevin Milt's bday challenge
Jack Milt's bday challenge
Scott Happy for trip to watch Notre Dam and Chicago bears and for milts challenge
Julie happy bdays and challenge and for Red Sox
Martha 20.00 to hurricane challenge
Eric Milt's bday challenge
Sandi Milt's bday challenge
Carol Milt's bday challenge
Joanne Milt's bday challenge
oe Milt's bday challenge
Kiran Milt's bday challenge
Rich Milt's bday challenge and Happy Kate took Sox tickets for that 19 inning game
Several others pledged to the challenge and for missed meetings
Total raised 201.00

History Mystery:
9/6/1781 236 years ago
The revolutionary war battle of Groton Heights had a small force of Connecticut
Militia attacked by a much larger British force. Sometimes referred to as the battle
of Fort Griswold or the massacre at Fort Griswold.
1. The British troops were led by Brigadier General who earlier in the war had led
colonial troops. Who was he? Benedict Arnold
2. A southeastern CT town bears the name of the Colonel who led the American
troops, who was he? William Ledyard
3. Colonel Ledyard died at Fort Griswold at the hands of a British officer.
How did he die?
He offered his sword in surrender & the British officer buried the sword in his chest.

Other Business:
Carol - we raised 135 last week for hurricane relief the board voted to match and
rounded up to 350.00 for Texas relief support.
upcoming events:
Leadership institute at Holiday Inn Nov 11 7:30 to 3:30 80.00 fee
Many speaker openings next few months please see Kathy
East Longmeadow Rotary scholarship clam bake Wed. 9/20 4pm
Zone Institute Hartford Conv ctr. Oct 16-22 "Heart of Rotary"
World Polio day 10/24/17
Asnuntuck Lunch and Tour for Rotary meeting 10/25
Adrian : Please check you info in club runner to make sure it is correct
SPUR Sept 6 2017 Eric Moody 2017-09-06 04:00:00Z 0
Spur                            August 30, 2017                                
Pledge of Allegiance-  Carol
4 Way test
Invocation-   Joe Fallon
Presidents remarks- spoke about Rotary help for hurricane victims.
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Lots of $ re Hurricane Harvey
Joes History Mystery Minute- Theodore Samuel Williams born in San Diego. Well known as last major league baseball player to bat over .400 for season.
  1. What nickname given to him by equipment manager?  The Kid
  2. What Red Sox GM said “It wasn’t hard to find Williams. He stood out like a brown cow in a field of white cows”  Eddie Collins
  3. In last major league at back Williams hit a home run vs what pitcher?  Jack Fisher
Raffle Winners
Card- Kiran
$10- Larry
$5- Steve Damon
Speaker- ??
Club Announcements-Amber Alert in September; contact Mike Helechu
Toys For Joy in Dec- Sandy Zukowski
Wine Tasting in March
Pancake B’fast in Nov or Dec
Road Race is May 5
Chris Casey looking to form new Membership Committee
East Longmeadow Rotary clam bake Sept 20-contact Carol for details is link for Marathon being run by Kiran. Contributions welcome thru link.
Meeting Adjourned @ :
SPUR Aug 30 2017 Joyce M. Keating 2017-08-30 04:00:00Z 0

SPUR ---August 23, 2017


President Carol rang the bell precisely at 12:15. Your erstwhile scribe was well aware of this - as Joe Fallon was sitting across from me and waving his cell phone, with the time displayed, and beginning to lobby for a fine if she delayed one more minute. She did not.

Dave O’Connor led the pledge to our flag, President Carol the Four Way Test and me, Dave Drinan, the opening prayer.

There were no guests, and no visitors, but plenty of happy and sad dollars. Milt Rosenberg revealed 32 years of perfect attendance and Scott Kaupin some dental implants which have left him looking like a defenseman for the Boston Bruins after catching a stick in the teeth.

We received “thank you” notes from Ryan Obedzynski from EFRC for the opportunity to speak to us on the 9th and for our donation of school supplies and backpacks. Also sending thanks was Libby Vandal for our help with her trip to the HOBY World Leadership Congress.

Joe Fallon stumped us with questions about the execution of two miscreants exactly 90 years ago on August 23, 1927 as Sacco and Vanzetti went to the “chair” at the Charlestown MA State Prison. Fifty years later they were proclaimed as unfairly convicted by who (?) Michael Dukakis. This Harvard law professor and subsequent Supreme Court Justice argued for a retrial of the two (?) Felix Frankfurter. The first names of these two were (?) Nicola and Bartolommeo. (Couple of Irish lads? - Just kidding – I’m Irish.)


Our program was presented by Bill Squires who attended the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta this past spring. Bill focused on three main topics from the convention – as outlined in the three words: “Rotary”, “International” and “Convention” He presented comments on each of the words and their significance for him as he shared Rotary fellowship with an intimate little gathering of 40,000 Rotarians and guests from around the world.  He even got to break bread with former Enfield Rotarian Ed Sharpless who sent his regards to all his friends in Enfield.

President Carol then rang the bell to send us streaming out into the pre-fall sunshine to accomplish our endeavors and tasks of the afternoon. For me it was typing up these comments and then a nap.

Dave Drinan

SPUR Aug 23 2017 David R. Drinan 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0

The Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation awarded $12,750 to 12 students from Enfield who will be entering their junior, senior or post graduate years of college this fall. The scholarships were presented at a luncheon meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club on August 16th.

This year’s scholarship recipients include (seated l-r) Amanda Balesano, senior at Sacred Heart University - Chemistry; Kevin Broems, post graduate at UCONN - Physician Assistant; Lauren Attenello, senior at Goodwin College - Human Service; Jason Menaker, senior at Westfield State University - Criminal Justice; and Evan Leslie, junior at Elms College - Nursing.

(Standing l-r) Jie Zou, senior at Asnuntuck Community College - Nursing; Jacob Mikullitz, senior at UCONN - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Rachel Kaliff, post graduate at Springfield College - Athletic Training; and Kelly Ledoux, junior at University of Hartford - Psychology. They are joined by Scholarship Foundation President Lindsey Weber and Secretary Kevin Mayo.

Missing from photo: Anthony Deni, junior at Coastal Carolina Univeristy - Finance; Megan Phillips, junior at Westfield State University - Nursing; and Shannon Connery, junior at University of New Haven - Criminal Justice.

The Enfield Rotary Club has awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships to students from Enfield since 1956. The club will be observing its 90th Anniversary in May 2018.

Scholarships Awarded to 12 College Students from Enfield Michael Helechu 2017-08-16 04:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Club Spur                                                                                                 Aug. 16, Meeting open by Kevin Mayo at 12:15 filling in for President Carol.
Pledge of Allegiance by Mike Helachu
4 Way Test: Kevin Mayo
Prayer lead by Chris Leary
The meeting opened with about 60 Rotary and guests. The purpose of today's meeting was the presentation of scholarship to deserving students who were junior and seniors in college. A total of $13,750.00 were presented to 12 college student and 2 vocational scholarships . The scholarships varied from $2000.00 to $500.00. Lindsey Webber, president of the scholarship foundation, introduced Dave Drinan who gave a brief history of the scholarship program and introduced the Rotarians who gave the scholarships to the student after giving a outline of their academic and social accomplishments. Our Sergeant of Arms.,  Jo Ann Walk skipped the fines today due to time limitation of the program. The winners of the raffles were: Keith Madore, $10.00, Rich Tkacz ,$5.00 and Derek Meade, king of diamonds. Joe Fallon was able to squeeze in the history mystery question while introducing one of scholarship recipients. Kevin Mayo reminded the club of the after 5:00 meeting at Lulu's Thursday. Mike Helachu reminded all scholarship recipients to stay for a photo shoot following the meeting. A good time was had by all. Meeting adjourned  at 1:42 p.m.
 Respectfully, submitted,
Dick Stevens
Spur edition for the day.
Scholarship Winners:
SPUR Aug 16 2017 Dick Stevens 2017-08-16 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Enfield - Meeting of August 9, 2017
President Carol called the meeting to order promptly at 12:15 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Allyson Rodricks. The Four Way Test was
led by President Carol. The prayer was led by Chris Leary. We then sat
down for a delicious lunch of pork tenderloin, swordfish, salad,
broccoli, rice, and dessert.
President Carol called the meeting back to order at 12:40 p.m. There
were no special guests or visiting Rotarians.
- Sargeant at Arms JoAnn Walk reported that Lindsey Weber has a birthday
on August 10th, and that Sandy Zukowski has a Club Anniversary (15
years) on August 14th and that her spouse has a birthday too.
- JoAnn Walk - Golfed on Monday in the Rotary District Golf Tournament
and Larry Tracey made the newspaper.
- Rich Tkacz - Missed the meeting last week. Will have 'empty nest
syndrome' since his granddaughter flew to AZ, his two daughters are
leaving for vacation, and his wife and son are going to AZ as well. His
shoulder is back to 70%, but he cannot golf until next gold season.
- Chris Casey - The Asnuntuck Community College Golf Tournament went
well. She will be a guest bartender at Suffield Country Club with all
tips supporting The Network.
- Dick Stevens - Occupational therapy on his arm progressing well.
Jerry Bell - Visited with his father last weekend. His dog won 'Best in
Show' last weekend in Canada! The Enfield Rotary team placed 2nd in the
Rotary District Golf Tournament!
Chris Leary - Offered up an inspirational quote.
Julie Cotnoir - Participated in the 'Blitz Build' last week for the new
web site at ACC. Welcomed Ryan from ERfC.
Keith Madore - Participated in the 'Blitz Build' last week for the new
web site at ACC.
Joyce Keating - Happy for the Red Sox and she wore today the same jacket
she was wearing when sworn in as a Rotarian 30 years ago. Some fashion
never goes out of style!
Eric Moody - Thankful for Rich's Oil bailing out the Holiday Inn last
Bryan Chadkowski - Happy for his wife's birthday and that she landed a
new job. Sad that he got hit by a golf ball in the chest at a golf
outing supporting Enfield EMS.
Sandy Zukowski - Donated an Anniversary dollar. Happy that her son in
law is recuperating well from congestive heart failure back in May.
Milt Rosenberg - Grandson had his bar mitzvah Saturday, and then helped
his team win a baseball championship on Sunday by pitching well.
Nick Deni - 'Bubba the Dog' got hurt getting into a car, but Dr. Bell
took good care of him. This coming Tuesday he will be at Fenway to
cheer on his St. Louis Cardinals. Last Friday he attended a Cold Play
concert in Foxboro.
History Mystery Minute:
August 9, 1974:
Richard M. Nixon officially resigned as President of the United States
of America after giving a televised address from the Oval Office the
evening before Gerald Ford Succeeded him as President:
1. What was the name of the scandal that helped bring about his
  • resignation?
    2. What past President did Nixon quote at length in his resignation
    President Theodore Roosevelt
    3. How many times was Nixon nominated to be President?
    $195 in the pot!
    #126 - Cheryl Leary - took the cards and pulled 8 of Hearts
    #140 - Jack Welch - $10
    #143 - Rich Tkacz - $5
    President Carol:
    - Strategic Planning discussion was great last week and will continue.
    - Thank you letter received from Enfield Loaves & Fishes
    - Chris & Cheryl Leary were granted Senior Active Status.
    - The Scholarship Luncheon will be held next week.
    Eric Moody - He has available spots in a foursome in a golf tournament
    next week.
    Guest Speaker:
    President Carol introduced Ryan Obedzinski, Manager of Community
    Engagement & Partnerships, of Educational Resources for Children (ERfC).
    ERfC serves over 800 children in before and after school programming.
    ERfC sees the need for more engagement than the before and after school
    programs, so they also offer Tonight in Thompsonville, Dinner at local
    elementary schools with their PTO's, and case management services. They
    sponsor fourteen events throughout the year and serve over 18,000 meals.
    ERfC also provides the Summer Lunch Bunch for both children and their
    parents. ERfC held their first Family Frisbee Jamboree at the Enfield
    Town Green in June where Julie Cotnoir and Keith Madore provided the
    child identification service. The Summer Escape Camp is being held at
    John F. Kennedy Middle School and has one week left in the summer
    program. Finally, the Backpack and School Supplies drive is running
    with distribution to be held on Friday, August 18th. The goal is to
    collect 850 backpacks. The Rotary Club of Enfield has donated 100
    The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Scott Kaupin, Guest Editor
SPUR Aug 9 2017 Scott Kaupin 2017-08-09 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Spur Notes for 8/2/2017
Meeting open 12:15
Pledge:  Cheryl Leary
4 Way test: Joyce Keating
Blessing: Ryan Lawless
Guest:  Laura Curtis guest of Catherine Williamson (Comfort Keepers)
Club Anniversary: Joyce Keating 30 years!  She said John Adams brought her in! She graciously donated $30.
It was Kevin Mayo’s and Joe Fallon’s Birthday
Steve Alminas paid a Happy Dollar that his daughter was born.
Kevin Mayo paid a happy dollar
Ryan Lawless paid a happy dollar for his Enfield HS Alumni game that will be played on Saturday.  There are 88 former students that plan on playing, it is a much bigger turnout than planned!
Bryan Chodkowski paid a happy dollar he is settling in and his wife had been on interviews.
Eric Moody paid a Birthday Dollar for Joe and Kevin.
Several fines were paid for no pins.
It was brought up by the Membership Committee, that in the future, there would be a fine for missed meetings for July and going forward ( I believe, or for 1 meeting each month) and a $2 fine if it is not made up.  It was encouraged for all Rotarians to make up meetings.  This
Joyce Keating- Said she always made up her meetings even when she was on the Queen Mary.  She said she found she had good experiences making up at different clubs.
Catherine Williamson mentioned how friendly Rotarians are everywhere. She went to Cancun to Rotary when no woman were allowed, but[i] was still welcomed.
History Mystery Minute:
President Warren G. Harding died of a cerebral hemorrhage in San Francisco and was succeeded in office by President Calvin Coolidge
1-What is the name of the major scandal that has caused Harding to be ranked as one of the worst Presidents of all time?
2 Who were the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President in 1920 who ran against Harding and Coolidge?
3. What is Harding’s Middle name?
  1. Teapot Dome Scandal
  2. James M. Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. Gamaliel
Raffle $185  Card- Carol 2 of hearts, $10 Cheryl, $5 Ed
Zone Institute, Hartford Conv. Ctr. Friday 10/20 11:30am Carol has the Agenda and Flyers.
Backpack items are needed by next week’s meeting.  Back packs are all set, need items to fill.
Chris Casey-- Wine Tasting Announcement
The sub-committee is looking at a plan to make recommendations.
Ed Palomba- Paul Harris Fellows need addresses of all recipients that are non-members to add to the list.  Rotarians were reminded that all Rotarians should be attending the Paul Harris Dinner honoring the recipients.
The Rotary International Conference will be held in Toronto next year.
President Carol had two tasks for today for Strategic Planning.
Tables worked together to Identify the top four accomplishments you would like to see our club achieve this coming year. She will talk about the results at a later date, however, Increase Meeting Attendance, Increase Membership, finish ongoing projects, Increase funding, were some of the items that were mentioned.
The second Part of the task was to identify focus areas and allocate a percentage of available funds we should use annually for each area for up to 6 areas.
SPUR Aug 2 2017 Sandra Zukowski 2017-08-02 04:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary SPUR – July 26, 2017
President Carol: Called the Meeting to Order with lightly tap of the Bell
Kiran Mujmudar: Lead us in the Pledge to the Flag
President Carol: Lead us in the Four-Way Test
Keith Madore: Followed with a Blessing
No Visiting Rotarians
Two (2) Guests: Murray and Priscilla Brayson – Enfield Loaves and Fishes (more to follow)
Seargant-at-Arms Joann Walk:
No Birthdays nor Anniversaries
Scott: Back from Vacation at Wellfleet on the Cape
Sandy: Leave Early Dollars
Keith: Back for an Australian Vacation/Trip and Leave Early
Julie: Happy to see Priscilla and Murray and Leave Early
Kevin: Vacation in Lancaster PA – Flat Tire on the Way Home – 2 Hour Wait for AAA!
Chris Leary: Cheryl is preparing her Blueberry Topping for the Pancake Breakfast and Chris gets to test the batches – thus the t-shirt (all his other shirts are now stained)
Nick: Back from Vacation RI and SC / Grandson’s First Birthday TODAY!
Carol: Granddaughter’s 2nd Birthday
Joann: Family visiting – Sister, Brother and Nephew / Old Saybrook visit
Gerry: Won’t be her next week – visiting his father in New Jersey
Ed: Vacation in RI / Golf Rematch with Nick (Victorious) and missed taking minutes on 07/12/2017;
But taking them today for Sean Stevens
Jersey Joe Fallon with our History/Mystery Minute
On this day in History… July 26, 1925…
William Jennings Bryan, Democratic populist and orator died on July 26, 1925,
Five days after completion of the famous Scopes Monkey trial where he had
Squared off against Clarence Darrow.
  1. What was the title of his famous speech at the 1896 Democratic Presidential convention?
    1. “The Cross of Gold”
  2. What was Bryan’s nickname?
    1. The Great Commoner
  3. From what position in the Wilson Administration did he resign in protest after Germany sank the Lusitania in World War I?
    1. United States Secretary of State
      Card – Nick Deni – 4 of Clubs
      $ 10.00 – Cheryl Leary
      $ 5.00 – Rich Tkacz
      President Carol: Announcements
      Zone Institute – Zones 24 & 32 – Leadership Conference
      Saturday, October 20, 2017 – Connecticut Convention Center – Ballroom
      Rotary International President 2017-18 – Ian Riseley and
      The First Woman Club President in Rotary – Sylvia Whitlock
      $ 45.00 per person – Lunch and Breakout Sessions
      Backpack and School Supply Drive – Lou Bolduc
      Need everything by August 9, 2017 Meeting
      Rotary District Golf Tournament – Monday, August 7, 2017
      Twin Hills CC – Longmeadow MA - $ 135.00 per person
      Enfield Club currently has one (1) team assembled
      Enfield Rotary After Five –
      Thursday, 07/27/2017 – Buena Vita in Enfield – North Maple Street
      Suffield Rotary Club Golf Tournament
      Friday August 11, 2017 – Oak Ridge CC
      District End Polio Fundraiser – Fun Night
      New Britain Bees Baseball Game
      Saturday, August 26, 2017
      Paul Harris Contact Information
      Looking to prepare a database of former Paul Harris recipients
      Non Club Members – Name, Address, Email, Telephone Number
      This way we can keep them informed of club events and Foundation Dinner
      If you have any of the information – please pass it on to Ed Palomba
      District Grant Update:
      Enfield Library Amphitheater – NO
      Enfield Loaves and Fishes – Prep Table – YES
      Wine Tasting Discussion
      Should we continue
      Change the Date
      Increase Attendance
      Committee was formed with Eric Moody at the helm
      Today’s Speaker(s)
      Scott Kaupin introduced Murray and Priscilla Brayson from the Enfield Loaves and Fishes
  1. Feeding People in Need – they call the “guests”
  2. Respect – two-ways for Volunteers and the Guests
  3. YTD they have fed over 70,000 meals – last year 125,000 total
  4. Adults and Children
  5. Feed the Educational Resources for Children – 140 children per day
  6. $ 200,000.00 Operating Budget (+/-)
  7. Networking for Support
  8. Over 200 volunteers (probably more)
  9. Voted Five-Star Soup Kitchen of the Year by Fox News
  10. Thanks to Rotary for your Support and Assistance
  11. Presented a check for $ 3,990.00 to the Enfield Loaves and Fishes for a new Grease Trap
SPUR July 26 2017 Ed Palomba 2017-07-26 04:00:00Z 0
Spur              July 19 2017
Pledge of Allegiance-            Larry Tracey
4 Way test-                             Pres Carol Bohnet
Invocation-                             Sean Stevens
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms  : Jo Ann Walk
Birthdays - Cherky Leary, Greg Stokes, & Joyce Keating
Jo Ann - had a great trip to Salt Lake city in Denver 
Jerry Bell- had a great visit with kids and went to New York City
Kathy - successful tournament and thank you for the help of Chris Casey and Rich T.
Sandy - Happy to see her son
Kiran -happy about picture taken in Rio DeGenero next to a Rotary monument. Had a great trip to Brazil and went paragliding.
Julie - happy about guest speakers today and happy the Red Sox won
 Mike H. - 97 year old all dad moved in with him.
Carol - gave Birthday donation dollars including for her granddaughters birthday.
Chris L. - Happy to see some past students 
Sean - happy the Red Sox won
Chris Casey - Had a nice trip to Boston last weekend.
Cheryl- happy that Big Y made a donation to the pancake breakfast
Catherine - Happy to be working with fellow Rotary memebers on the Enfield TV talk show Senior Views. 
Mike H. Spoke about the club's 90th anniversary coming up next year. He is looking back through the clubs history to share with us every once in a while. 
Joe's history minute- July 19, 1922
George asked McGovern was born in Avon South Dakota and later served as the United States congressman and senator from South Dakota and was the 1972 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.
1. Who was McGovern's choice to be vice president after he was selected to run as president?
Senator Thomas Eagleton
2. McGovern was discharged as a first lieutenant from what branch of the United States Armed Forces at the end of World War II?
Army Air Force
3. McGovern received 17 electoral votes in the 1972 presidential election where did he win to gain these votes?
Massachusetts and the District of Columbia 
Raffle Winners
Card- Chris Casey 4 of hearts
$10- Rich T.
$5-  Lou
Guest Speakers - Sherry Paquette & Tracy Ouellette from Asnuntuck's The Pantry 
The pantry started with a women's leadership institute social action project by Tracy Ouellette.
It took over two years to get the pantry started and it opened in February 2017. It is available to all students, regardless of their income and background. 24 students volunteer their time to help in the food pantry. They receive a lot of support from the Enfield's food shelf. 
SPUR Allyson Rodricks 2017-07-19 04:00:00Z 0
Spur              July 19 2017
Pledge of Allegiance-            Larry Tracey
4 Way test-                             Pres Carol Bohnet
Invocation-                             Sean Stevens
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms  : Jo Ann Walk
Birthdays - Cherky Leary, Greg Stokes, & Joyce Keating
Jo Ann - had a great trip to Salt Lake city in Denver 
Jerry Bell- had a great visit with kids and went to New York City
Kathy - successful tournament and thank you for the help of Chris Casey and Rich T.
Sandy - Happy to see her son
Kiran -happy about picture taken in Rio DeGenero next to a Rotary monument. Had a great trip to Brazil and went paragliding.
Julie - happy about guest speakers today and happy the Red Sox won
 Mike H. - 97 year old  dad moved in with him.
Carol - gave Birthday donation dollars including for her granddaughters birthday.
Chris L. - Happy to see some past students 
Sean - happy the Red Sox won
Chris Casey - Had a nice trip to Boston last weekend.
Cheryl- happy that Big Y made a donation to the pancake breakfast
Catherine - Happy to be working with fellow Rotary memebers on the Enfield TV talk show Senior Views. 
Mike H. Spoke about the club's 90th anniversary coming up next year. He is looking back through the clubs history to share with us every once in a while. 
Joe's history minute- July 19, 1922
George McGovern was born in Avon South Dakota and later served as the United States congressman and senator from South Dakota and was the 1972 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.
1. Who was McGovern's choice to be vice president after he was selected to run as president?
Senator Thomas Eagleton
2. McGovern was discharged as a first lieutenant from what branch of the United States Armed Forces at the end of World War II?
Army Air Force
3. McGovern received 17 electoral votes in the 1972 presidential election where did he win to gain these votes?
Massachusetts and the District of Columbia 
Raffle Winners
Card- Chris Casey 4 of hearts
$10- Rich T.
$5-  Lou
Guest Speakers - Sherry Paquette & Tracy Ouellette from Asnuntuck's The Pantry 
The pantry started with a women's leadership institute social action project by Tracy Ouellette.
It took over two years to get the pantry started and it opened in February 2017. It is available to all students, regardless of their income and background. 24 students volunteer their time to help in the food pantry. They receive a lot of support from the Enfield's food shelf. 
SPUR July 19 2017 Allyson Rodricks 2017-07-19 04:00:00Z 0
Spur                July 12  2017
Pledge of Allegiance- R Tkacz
4 Way test- 
Invocation- Chris Leary
Joes History Mystery Minute- Henry David Thoreau was a supporter of what famous Civil War abolitionist?  John Brown
What is title of his famous essay on individual rights?  Resistance to Civil Government
What did Thoreau say when asked if he made peace with God? “Did not know we quarreled”
Club Announcements-
Dues increasing to $125 per year
Make-ups should be submitted to Adrian
Rotary District golf tournament 8/7/2017 at Twin Hills -$135 fee
ZONE Institute on 10/20/2017 at Hartford Convention Center
B’fast meeting 7/14/2017 at Country Diner 0800 hours
Rotary After 5 7/27/2017 Buona Vita at 5:30
Backpak drive coming soon 7/26/2017
Pres Carol expressed thanks to Kevin Mayo for taking over as President last year
Pres Carol’s vision: would like to develop a strategic plan as a Club to include budgeting how we spend our money for local community projects, International Projects, Polio Plus, Foundation etc.  Would like to identify a strategic plan to support a multi-year project addressing basic human needs here in the Enfield community and Internationally.
Highlighted that Rotary is not just lunch and monetary support
All in all, an inspiring introduction to the upcoming Rotary agenda for the few who attended today
Meeting Adjourned @ :
SPUR July 12 2017 Ghost Writer 2017-07-12 04:00:00Z 0
Spur                July 5  2017
Pledge of Allegiance-            Derek
4 Way test-                             Pres Carol Bohnet
Invocation-                             Kevin Mayo
Presidents remarks-              At meeting start, Pres Kevin handed off the gavel to incoming President Carol
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms  :
Jerry Bell- kids are in town
Nick-Tanglewood Concert
Numerous $ for new President Carol
Kevin M- son’s birthday and RED SOX ARE IN FIRST PLACE11111
Eric- neighbors finally used all of their fireworks
Carol-in Maryland to see new grandson
Chris-Myrtle Beach
Bill McGirk- nice to visit and god-son
Joes History Mystery Minute- One of two founders of Colony of Connecticut was born in England and later helper to write the first written Constitution that formed basis of all later democratic government.
What is name of that founder?           Thomas Hooker
What is name of the Constitution that he helped write?                   The Fundamental      Orders of Connecticut
 Who is generally recognized as the other founder of the Colony of Connecticut?
            Governor John Hayes of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Raffle Winners
Card- Joe Fallon 2 of diamonds
$10-     Ed P
$5-       Eric
Speaker- Lt Willi Pedimonti, Chief of Detectives of the Enfield Police Department.
Spoke to us about the Enfield Police Explorers and their role in the Enfield community. The 30 member group logs over 3,000 hours per year of community service ranging from working at various fairs in town to helping at other similar events throughout the State. The Group of 13-20 year old youth has been in existence since 1967 providing helpful services to the Town.
Office Rebecca Ledger accompanied Lt Pedimonti
Club Announcements-
Bill Squires provided a flag from Peace Convention
Meeting Adjourned @ :
                        GHOST WRITER     
SPUR July 5 2017 Ghost Writer 2017-07-05 04:00:00Z 0
Congratulations to incoming Enfield Rotary Club President Carol Bohnet, who was officially installed along with 59 other District 7890 Presidents at a banquet in South Windsor on June 22. Carol's year officially begins July 1.
Prior to taking the oath of office, Carol accepted an award from outgoing District Governor Frank Wargo on behalf of Enfield President Kevin Mayo. The certificate recognizes the Enfield club's efforts to welcome four new Rotarians in 2016-17, which was the most in Area 7.

District 7890 Installs New Rotary Presidents Michael Helechu 2017-06-26 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Notes:                                                              Date: 6/21/17
Pledge:                 Jack Welch
4 way test:           Kevin Mayo
Invocation:          Rich Tkacz
Guests and visitors:    Libby Vandal – Student
Rotarian Anniversaries: Rich Tkacz 16 years,  Joanne Smith 8 years
Birthdays:            Derek Meade June 24     Dick Berozsky 26th
                             Spouse birthday Vange Chadis
Wedding Anniversaries: Joanne Smith June 23rd 26 years
Happy / Sads:
Joe = happy for Joanne
Rich T = Back from Formula one race in Canada had a great time
Jack = Back from a fishing camp in Maine
Allyson = Happy bdays
Carol = Happy for Libby speaking today
Kiran = Happy off to Rio on vacation
Ed = Happy he and his son won a tournament for father’s day
Keith = Happy for the new Tech center at Asnuntuck  and wants everyone to see it
Julie = Happy for Rich
Brian = Happy family is finally moving to Enfield
Dick S. = Happy for fathers day fishing trip to Canada with record catch of 12 salmon 26 -38 pounds
Steve = missed a couple of weeks
History Mystery:
June 21 1964
Three civil rights activists were murdered near Philadelphia Mississippi by members of the KKK because of their efforts to register black voters.
1 = What was the name of the 1988 movie that memorialized the heinous crime? = Mississippi burning.
2 = The deaths of these three young people served as a catalyst to pass what two major pieces of federal legislation that continue to have importance to this day? = The civil rights act of 1964 and voting rights act of 1965
3 = Name any of the three murdered men. = James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner
Other Business:
Ed recapped the Paul Harris Dinner and awarded Sandy Zukowski a Paul Harris Pin for her Donations to Rotary International
Card = Steve Damon Ace of Diamonds
10 = Kevin Mayo
5= Dick Stevens
Guest Speaker Libby Vandal spoke about her leadership seminar and why she is raising funds to go to Chicago to an international leadership conference.  She recapped her community and school involvement on may projects and what she hopes to do in the future.
SPUR June 21 2017 Eric Moody 2017-06-21 04:00:00Z 0
Minutes of the June 14, 2017 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club- in the Springfield Room in the Holiday Inn at Enfield, Connecticut.
“And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days; Then Heaven tries the earth if it be in tune, And over it softly her warm ear lays.”
James Russell Lowell- The Vision of Sir Launfal
Opening Pledge:   Allyson Rodricks
4 Way Test           Ed Palomba
Invocation:           Kevin Mayo
No visitants today.
No Rotarians from near or far today.
Sergeant-At-Arms Mad Milt Rosenberg announced birthdays for Doug Lombardi (6-14) and Dr. Gerry Bell (6-15) and Clun anniversaries for Ed Palomba, Kathy Barron and Adrian Garcia Sega. He then recounted the 1992 theme of Rotary – Giving is Living.
Mad Milt announced fines for no pins and no attendance at the Foundation dinner. He noted the wonderful presentation of Bill Pokorny, the father of Awardee Kyla Pokorny at the dinner. Indeed a moving tribute.
Stu Barowsky noted the Wall Street Journal about Rotary’s role in ending polio. Bryan Chadkowski told a sad tale of two deals gone bad but two more deals gone good. Both Nick Deni and Eric Moody donated happy dollars for a great Foundation dinner followed by Kathy Barron who gave kudos as well.
Jerry Bell made a nice Foundation donation in honor of his birthday noting that he looks far older than his age (a condition named golf course disease is probably responsible). Julie Cotnoir was happy to have had a great time in California. Larry Tracey opened his wallet to donate a big $1.00 for Dr. Bell’s birthday, surely a dog day afternoon. Joyce Keating donated a few dollars for leaving early to oversee a well operation. Why she didn’t consult Dr. Bell about the procedure is beyond me.
Incoming Prez Carol Bohnet had happy dollars for the Foundation dinner, good speeches and a few other things that she could not remember. Could this be a precursor to next year’s meetings?
Allyson Rodricks was happy, in general, and Lindsey Weber was sad that preschool was ending for her daughter, Emma. Ed Palomba was surprisingly (?) happy for the Yankees followed by Kevin Mayo who was happy for the Foundation dinner and the Yankees as well. Seeing the two of them end the happy/sad reminds me of the old Yogi Berraism – “You can observe a lot by watching.”
June 14, 1777
The Second Continental Congress passed a resolution which adopted a flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes that is now referred to as “Old Glory’, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the “Stars and Stripes” and we celebrate this date as Flag Day.
  1. What is the only state where Flag Day is an official state holiday?
  1. Where are the two places outside the United States of America where our national flag is continuously displayed?
The South Pole and the Moon
  1. What signer of the Declaration of Independence is credited by many historians to be the designer of our national flag?
Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey
The correct answers were given by- #1-Julie Cotnoir; #2 Stu Barowsky (Moon) and Bryan Chadkowski (South Pole) and #3 -Nobody
Scott Kaupin             - $10.00 (who then picked the $5.00 winner-Emolument Violation?)
Bryan Chadkowski   - $5.00 (accepted the $5.00?)
Larry Tracey             - Digging deep in the deck LT hoisted the 5 of Spades.
Thought for the Day-
“The only reason that some people get lost in thought is because it is unfamiliar territory.”
                                                                                                                        Paul Fix
Our president announced that Joann Smith had a membership change approved due to her position being transferred to Hartford. He noted that Adrian Garcia Sega will be looking into the cost of updating our Amber Alert equipment and that this week’s Rotary make-up will be Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Chicago Sam’s. Lastly he read a nice thank you from Enfield Resources For Children for our recent club donation.
Rotarian Nick Deni requested volunteers to meet next Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Library to help maintain the Rotary walkway which is in need of weeding. He anticipates an hour or so of work if 6 to 8 people show up. Channeling Emily Dickinson, Nick remarked that “These are the days when skies resume, The old –old sophistries of June – A blue and gold mistake”. Quite a guy that Nick.
Foundation Chair Ed Palomba expressed his concern about the low turnout of Rotarians at the dinner last Friday. He is seeking suggestions from all Club members as to how we can effectively get a larger attendance and more publicity. Please consider his request and let him know your thoughts.
President Kevin announced the Club gavel will be passed to the incoming President at our meeting on July 5, 2017
Remember – “Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer”. –Muhammad Ali
President Kevin Mayo adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:10 p.m. on June 14, 2017.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph E. Fallon
Guest Editor and Stand-in Scribe for King Richard Stevens-close friend of Mark William Callawy
SPUR June 14 2017 Joe Fallon 2017-06-14 04:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to the 2017 Paul Harris Fellows honored by the Rotary Club of Enfield at a June 9th banquet. They are (l-r) Enfield Rotarian Mary Arcouette; Bill Pokorny, who accepted a posthumous fellowship on behalf of his late daughter, Kyla Pokorny; Gary Raffia, a local businessman who has been raising money for the CT Children’s Medical Center for decades; and Charles Miller, owner of Miller Farms Family Market - ShopRite in Enfield. They are joined by Kevin Mayo, Enfield Rotary Club President; and Ed Palomba, the club’s Rotary Foundation Chairman.

Enfield Rotary Honors 2017 Paul Harris Fellows Michael Helechu 2017-06-13 04:00:00Z 0
May 31, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Catherine
4 way Test: President Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Lindsey
 Happy/sads/bdays/anniversaries-Sgt. Arms of the day: Derek
Steve: Happy his daughter got married and he worked on the flowers for the day
Ryan: No pin
Bryan: sold his house, daughter graduated and son turned 11
Sandy: leaving early, spent 2 weeks in Aruba, was in a car accident there
Chris Casey: two happy dollars Allied Landscape crew came out to her house, St. Bernard Carnival happening this weekend. Scott Kaupin was judging Karaoke for the carnival.
Kevin: gave out high school scholarships
Joe: late dollar, leave early dollar, he will be cutting potatoes for the fries at the carnival
Joe’s History Mystery:
May 31, 1930
May 31st is the birthday of Walt Whitman, Norman Vincent Peale and Joe Namath but is also the birthday on May 31, 1930 a well-known American born in San Francisco who was nicknamed Samson by his hospital nurses because he weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces at birth.
  1. Famous as the “Man with No Name”-who is he?
    Clint Eastwood
  2. He first achieved fame in television starring in what television series?
  3. Eastwood has served as Mayor of what California town?
    Carmel by the Sea
    $95 for raffle
    Steve drew Nick, he took the card, no winner, Ed took the $10 and Scott got the $5
    Speaker: Liana Garcia-Fresher, Senior Development Officer for Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
     Reminder about banquet from Ed
    Kevin had thank you notes from ERFC. He also handed out info regarding donating to their Summer Escape Children’s Fund
    Steve reminded everyone about breakfast at Angelina’s on Friday at 8 a.m.
SPUR May 31 2017 Julie Cotnoir 2017-06-12 04:00:00Z 0
Spur    May 24  2017
Pledge of Allegiance- Steve
4 Way testPres Kevin
Invocation- Chris Leary
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) : Ed Palomba
  • Ed Palomba:  35th college anniversary
  • Bill Squires:   b’day, but he did not come to meeting today
  • Joe Fallonm:  1 year wedding anniversary
  • Lindsey:         Jack is 8 years old
  • Steve D:          daughter getting married
  • Chris Leary:  offer pending on Brimfield house
  • Kevin Mayo:  son getting married
Joes History Mystery MinuteRobert Zimmerman born in Duluth, Minnesota went on to write & perform “Blowin in the Wind” after legally changing name.
Who is he?                 Bob Dylan
What song has Rolling Stone Magazine labeled as #1 of his hits?                        Like a Rolling Stone
Reported that Dylan song lyrics have been quoted by American judges more than any other songwriter. Who is #1?                     The Beatles
Raffle Winners
Card- Kevin Mayo   4 Spades
$10- Chris Casey
$5- Eric
Speaker- High School recognition. Elizabeth Collins and Tashana Holness.
Club Announcements-Foundation Dinner is June 9, 2017
Also, thank you received from Somers Club for support of their water project
SPUR May 24 2017 Ghost Writer 2017-05-24 04:00:00Z 0
Minutes of the May 17, 2017 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club at the Holiday Inn at
Enfield, Connecticut.
It is no surprise that Rotarians are“As full of spirit as the month of May, and gorgeous as the sun
at midsummer” – William Shakespeare –Henry IV-Act IV
TO ORDER AT 12:15 P.M.
Opening Pledge: Dr. Jerry Bell
4 Way Test President Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Sean Stevens (not to be confused with Mark William Calaway)
No visitors today – “Everybody’s Friend is Nobody’s”
No visiting Rotarians today
Scott Kaupin had a happy $ for his 52
Ryan Lawless had a happy$ for his May 18
Carol Bohnet had a happy $ for her husband, Mike’s upcoming birthday. She also celebrates her
year Club anniversary, made a donation for Kyla and gave thanks for the birth of her brand
sparkling new grandson.
Milt Rosenberg made the Club announcement for the late Kyla Pokorny who will be awarded a
posthumous Paul Harris Award and remembered with a club donation at our annual Awards
Dinner on June 9, 2017. He sagaciously noted that the time we take to serve others constitutes a
turning point in our lives as well as those we aid. Milt also noted the birthday of Liz Kuhn and
the 19
Club anniversary of Chris Leary.
Sean Stevens, last week’s missing scribe, paid a hefty fine imposed by the missing Jack Welch.
Rich Tkacz donated a happy $ for a great London trip and a donation for Kyla.
Mike Helechu has a number of happy golf $ as well as a donation for Kyla followed by Joe
Fallon and Steve Damon who also made Kyla donations. Question for today- What do Joe and
Steve have in common other that the fact that they are handsome, witty and charming? They
don’t consider themselves bald, they are just taller that their hair.
Ed Palomba recounted his table’s good luck at winning raffle prizes at the St. Bernard golf
classic, donated a few happy dollars and lamented that he did not finish in the golf money this
week. There is always next week. The universe is made of stories, not atoms.
Bryan Chodkowski donated happy dollars for his Ohio property showings, an upcoming
graduation and for the fact that his elderly boss is making it to another birthday.
  • Kevin also stated that the final net proceeds from our Road Race event were $6,160.00.
    While the number of participants was down from prior years, the general conclusion was the
    number of entrants is pretty much dependent on the weather
    Joseph Partridge and Sara Prosinski, both students at Enfield High, were announced as our
    scholarship award winners.
    In light of this year’s topsy-turvy events, the board decided to fund the purchase of a grease trap
    for Enfield Loaves and Fishes in the amount of $5,000.00
    Carol Bohnet then announced that the Club has made a District Grant application for a prep sink
    island for Loaves and Fishes in the amount of $5500.00 as well as a grant application for the
    Library Amphitheater. She also announced that Bryan Chodkowski would serve our Club as
    Community Service Director this coming year
    Ed Palomba concluded the announcements with a Foundation presentation by naming the four
    recipients of the Paul Harris Award at our June 9, 2017 dinner. They are Mary Arcouette, Charles
    Miller, Gary Raffia and the late Kyle Pokorny.
    A thought- People will forget what you say. People will forget what you did, but people will
    never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou
    President Kevin, with bernaise and no mayo, adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:01 p.m.
    on May 17, 2017.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Joseph E. Fallon
    Guest Editor and Resident Scrivener
SPUR May 17 2017 Joe Fallon 2017-05-17 04:00:00Z 0
Editor:  Ghost Writer
Spur:              May   10,  2017                     
Pledge of Allegiance- Kathy Barron
4 Way testPres Kevin
Invocation- L. Weber
Presidents remarks-
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sergeant at Arms (for the day)  Ed Palomba :
Nick- wife’s b’day
Brian-Ohio house sale- first showing
Bill squires- Yard Goats game> nice game, nice ballpark, Yard Goats won
Kiran- fastest Rotarian time in road race
Jerry- speaking engagement in Cleveland area resulted in good golf
Joyce- nice vacation but came back sick
Sandy Z- son in law out of hospital recovering with 20% heart function and she is going to Aruba
Jim Kuhn- wife’s b’day and they are going to Italy
Dick Stevens- 50,000 mile check
Joes History Mystery Minute- Appointed as Director of the Bureau of Investigations, he went on to become first FBI director.
Who is he?     J Edgar Hoover
What does J stand for?                     John
What President appointed Hoover as Director?                Calvin Coolidge
Raffle Winners
Card- K Barron
$10- Eric
$5- Jim Kuhn
Club Announcements:
Upcoming Paul Harris recipients are Mary Arquette, Charles Miller, and Gary Raffia
Speaker- Guatemala Water Project. No more details as Ghost Writer had to leave.
SPUR May 10, 2017 Ghost Writer 2017-05-10 04:00:00Z 0
High School Recognition Kevin Mayo 2017-04-26 04:00:00Z 0
Date:  26 April 2017
Pledge: Nick Deni
4-way test:  Kevin Mayo
Invocation:  Kevin Mayo
Guests and visitors: Samantha Johnson and Veronica Walker, HS Recognition students plus their families and teachers
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Sandi Zukowski celebrates 48 years with her husband Mike on the 26th
Milt Rosenberg’s wife’s birthday on the 26th, he did not forget.  Also celebrating 49 years of marriage on the 28th.  Milt put up a challenge for the club to get to $49 of happy/sads/fines.  See below for results
Stu:            A celebratory $1 for his granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah.
Jerry:         Went to Paris and had a grand old time.  Got some calls concerning his safety, while there, but had no idea that there were terrorist attacks going on.  He was overly frisked and wanded everywhere he went.  He’s looking forward to his upcoming trip to Huron, OH to go speak to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club.
Joe:           $10 for Milt’s Wife’s Challenge.
Nick:         A $1 pin fine.
Ed P:         A dollar for Kate since the Red Sox lost to the Yankees.
Mike H.:    A happy dollar for the Yankees.  He got a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo (it’s a Lego one…)  His grandson turned 7, and a dollar for the Milt Challenge.
Kathy B.:  $2 towards the Milt Challenge.
Kathy W.: She missed some meetings.  A new Senior Lifestyles show called the Senior View will air on Channel 15 on Th 6:30pm and F 6am  Ms. Senior CT Pageant will happen on 06 May
Rich:         His shoulder injury prevented him from going on his annual golfing trip with his friends that he has been attending for 15 years.  So his wife talked him into going to London for two weeks with the money they saved.
Lindsey:    Sad dollar for her son’s baseball game getting rained out this past weekend, but got rescheduled for this weekend.  She is looking forward to attending baseball three times a week for the next eight weeks.  A happy dollar for taking her kids to Disney World.  They had a great time and the kids were really surprised.
Adrian:      A happy dollar for going on the annual Fish Camp trip.  A happy dollar for his daughter starting soccer, and for being the assistant coach on her team.  A thank you dollar to Carol ;-)
Ryan:        Also going on the trip.  He is very excited that his uncle, Jim, is also participating after having received a double lung transplant for pulmonary fibrosis.
History Mystery:
26 April 1900:
Charles Francis Richter was born in New Peck, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles when he was nine years old.  He graduated from Stanford and later received his PhD from the California Institute of Technology.
  1. Richter developed what famous process to assess what natural scientific event?
    The Richter scale to measure the intensity of earthquakes.
    Answered by many boisterous voices.
  2. What is the name of the machine (instrument, correction by Adrian) that measures the magnitude of earthquakes?
    A seismograph.
    Answered by Jack Welch.
  3. What was the name of the scientific scale that measured earthquakes prior to the use of the Richter Scale?
    The Mercalli Scale
    Answered by Joe, after many comical incorrect guesses.
Kathy Barron took the $10.
Kevin Mayo took the $5.
Nick Deni drew the card (three of diamonds).
Two Enfield High School students were recognized by the club, Sam Johnson and Veronica Walker by the club.
Ed Palomba:  This Friday 28 April at 8am at the Country Diner will be a meeting to discuss the Paul Harris Award.  Only current Paul Harris Fellows need attend.
Respectfully recorded and edited (for humor) by Adrian Garcia Sega
SPUR April 26, 2017 Adrian Garcia Sega 2017-04-26 04:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Spur

Wednesday: April 19, 2017


President Kevin Mayo opened the meeting promptly at 12:15 PM.  All members present saluted the flag and then recited the Four Way Test.  The invocation was offered by this kindly editor freshly in from journeys down south.


A delectable lunch provided by the Holiday Inn included such tasty items as chicken francaise, meat loaf in gravy, asparagus, potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake for dessert.


Brian C had many guests with him to hear the presentation by our speaker.


Sergeant at Arms, Milt Rosenberg, announced that Stu Barowsy and Kevin Mayo had a birthdays and Dick Stevens had a club anniversary (46 years a Rotarian) to celebrate this week.


Happy/Sad Dollars


  • Milt was happy about “Dreams for Our Children’s Future.”
  • Jim Kuhn was happy that he won the big pot in our raffle with the queen of hearts.
  • Ed Palomba expressed his delight with having meat loaf for lunch.
  • Bill Squire was happy with a recent checkup.  All is reasonably ok but he is having some issues with eating matzos.
  • Jerry B happy about going to Paris for a dog health convention. 
  • Nick D is happy about recent trip to South Carolina
  • Joyce is getting ready for the Big Easy – a trip to New Orleans
  • Julie C is happy about the Red Sox
  • Keith survived the Easter holiday with his family and announced that Asnuntuck would like to host a Rotary meeting in the newly remodeled building once completed.
  • Cheryl and Chris happy to be back – maybe depending on warmer weather coming soon to New England.


If I missed anyone, please accept humble apologies because I could not write that fast and attention was diverted at times.




Joyce - $10

Brian C-  $5

Ryan - Card


Joe’s Mystery Minute


The revolutionary war battles of Lexington and Concord are commemorated on April 19th when “embattled farmers stood  and fired the shot heard around the world.”


  1. What major sporting event is held every year on Patriot’s Day?
    1. The Boston Marathon


  1. What are the names of the two states that celebrate Patriot’s Day as a legal holiday?
    1. Massachusetts and Maine


  1. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “Concord Hymn”, the shot heard around the world was fired in Concord, Massachusetts at what location?
    1. The North Bridge




Kevin Lembo, State Comptroller, gave a presentation on the financial and economic outlook for the state.  He began by clarifying that the state budget is really composed of two major sections, namely, discretionary budget funds versus non-discretionary budget funds.  He went on to explain that it is the pool of money in the discretionary side of the budget that funds most of our social services etc. He commented on how new legislators come to the capitol full of idealistic intent to achieve the goals of what was promised to constituents while running for elected office.  They soon loon that their primary task is to cut expenses in the budget.  Mr. Lembo also commented on how the state derived a 10-year plan to accommodate itself to the volatility of Wall Street (He said the state’s budget and economic success or lack of success is intimately connected to how Wall Street performs.)  All in all, Mr. Lembo’s presentation was very enjoyable and he is an engaging speaker.

SPUR April 20 2017 Christopher Leary 2017-04-20 04:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Spur

Wednesday: April 19, 2017


President Kevin Mayo opened the meeting promptly at 12:15 PM.  All members present saluted the flag and then recited the Four Way Test.  The invocation was offered by this kindly editor freshly in from journeys down south.


A delectable lunch provided by the Holiday Inn included such tasty items as chicken francaise, meat loaf in gravy, asparagus, potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake for dessert.


Brian C had many guests with him to hear the presentation by our speaker.


Sergeant at Arms, Milt Rosenberg, announced that Stu Barowsy and Kevin Mayo had a birthdays and Dick Stevens had a club anniversary (46 years a Rotarian) to celebrate this week.


Happy/Sad Dollars


  • Milt was happy about “Dreams for Our Children’s Future.”
  • Jim Kuhn was happy that he won the big pot in our raffle with the queen of hearts.
  • Ed Palomba expressed his delight with having meat loaf for lunch.
  • Bill Squire was happy with a recent checkup.  All is reasonably ok but he is having some issues with eating matzos.
  • Jerry B happy about going to Paris for a dog health convention. 
  • Nick D is happy about recent trip to South Carolina
  • Joyce is getting ready for the Big Easy – a trip to New Orleans
  • Julie C is happy about the Red Sox
  • Keith survived the Easter holiday with his family and announced that Asnuntuck would like to host a Rotary meeting in the newly remodeled building once completed.
  • Cheryl and Chris happy to be back – maybe depending on warmer weather coming soon to New England.


If I missed anyone, please accept humble apologies because I could not write that fast and attention was diverted at times.




Joyce - $10

Brian C-  $5

Ryan - Card


Joe’s Mystery Minute


The revolutionary war battles of Lexington and Concord are commemorated on April 19th when “embattled farmers stood  and fired the shot heard around the world.”


  1. What major sporting event is held every year on Patriot’s Day?
    1. The Boston Marathon


  1. What are the names of the two states that celebrate Patriot’s Day as a legal holiday?
    1. Massachusetts and Maine


  1. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “Concord Hymn”, the shot heard around the world was fired in Concord, Massachusetts at what location?
    1. The North Bridge




Kevin Lembo, State Comptroller, gave a presentation on the financial and economic outlook for the state.  He began by clarifying that the state budget is really composed of two major sections, namely, discretionary budget funds versus non-discretionary budget funds.  He went on to explain that it is the pool of money in the discretionary side of the budget that funds most of our social services etc. He commented on how new legislators come to the capitol full of idealistic intent to achieve the goals of what was promised to constituents while running for elected office.  They soon loon that their primary task is to cut expenses in the budget.  Mr. Lembo also commented on how the state derived a 10-year plan to accommodate itself to the volatility of Wall Street (He said the state’s budget and economic success or lack of success is intimately connected to how Wall Street performs.)  All in all, Mr. Lembo’s presentation was very enjoyable and he is an engaging speaker.

SPUR April 19 2017 Christopher Leary 2017-04-19 04:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Spur

Wednesday: April 19, 2017


President Kevin Mayo opened the meeting promptly at 12:15 PM.  All members present saluted the flag and then recited the Four Way Test.  The invocation was offered by this kindly editor freshly in from journeys down south.


A delectable lunch provided by the Holiday Inn included such tasty items as chicken francaise, meat loaf in gravy, asparagus, potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake for dessert.


Brian C had many guests with him to hear the presentation by our speaker.


Sergeant at Arms, Milt Rosenberg, announced that Stu Barowsy and Kevin Mayo had a birthdays and Dick Stevens had a club anniversary (46 years a Rotarian) to celebrate this week.


Happy/Sad Dollars


  • Milt was happy about “Dreams for Our Children’s Future.”
  • Jim Kuhn was happy that he won the big pot in our raffle with the queen of hearts.
  • Ed Palomba expressed his delight with having meat loaf for lunch.
  • Bill Squire was happy with a recent checkup.  All is reasonably ok but he is having some issues with eating matzos.
  • Jerry B happy about going to Paris for a dog health convention. 
  • Nick D is happy about recent trip to South Carolina
  • Joyce is getting ready for the Big Easy – a trip to New Orleans
  • Julie C is happy about the Red Sox
  • Keith survived the Easter holiday with his family and announced that Asnuntuck would like to host a Rotary meeting in the newly remodeled building once completed.
  • Cheryl and Chris happy to be back – maybe depending on warmer weather coming soon to New England.


If I missed anyone, please accept humble apologies because I could not write that fast and attention was diverted at times.




Joyce - $10

Brian C-  $5

Ryan - Card


Joe’s Mystery Minute


The revolutionary war battles of Lexington and Concord are commemorated on April 19th when “embattled farmers stood  and fired the shot heard around the world.”


  1. What major sporting event is held every year on Patriot’s Day?
    1. The Boston Marathon


  1. What are the names of the two states that celebrate Patriot’s Day as a legal holiday?
    1. Massachusetts and Maine


  1. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “Concord Hymn”, the shot heard around the world was fired in Concord, Massachusetts at what location?
    1. The North Bridge




Kevin Lembo, State Comptroller, gave a presentation on the financial and economic outlook for the state.  He began by clarifying that the state budget is really composed of two major sections, namely, discretionary budget funds versus non-discretionary budget funds.  He went on to explain that it is the pool of money in the discretionary side of the budget that funds most of our social services etc. He commented on how new legislators come to the capitol full of idealistic intent to achieve the goals of what was promised to constituents while running for elected office.  They soon loon that their primary task is to cut expenses in the budget.  Mr. Lembo also commented on how the state derived a 10-year plan to accommodate itself to the volatility of Wall Street (He said the state’s budget and economic success or lack of success is intimately connected to how Wall Street performs.)  All in all, Mr. Lembo’s presentation was very enjoyable and he is an engaging speaker.

SPUR April 19 2017 Christopher Leary 2017-04-19 04:00:00Z 0
SPUR April 12, 2017
President Kevin opened the meeting at 12:15. Pledge: Sandy Zukowski; 4-Way Test: Kevin; Invocation: Derek Meade
Guest: Ryan Lawless—attending as a guest for the last time; induction today.
Visiting Rotarian: Ed Sharpless, Washington, NJ—a pleasant surprise for all who know Ed from his 10+ years with our club before retiring and moving to Jersey to be closer to family.
Sgt. at Arms: Milt Rosenberg began with an interesting and timely Rotary quote from 1917 (just before he and Mike Helechu were born) about the waste and brutality of war and the need for everyone (especially Rotarians) to be involved in working toward and maintaining peace.
- Birthdays: Kate Garvey; Stu Barowsky; Tom Leary; and Kevin’s wife, Jill.
- Many Rotarians wished Kate a Happy Birthday.
- Many Rotarians happy to see Ed Sharpless.
- Kate announced a new part-time job with the Solicitor’s Office in Springfield, was happy for her birthday and her son’s upcoming birthday; and especially happy to have received tickets to an upcoming Red Sox – Yankees game.
- Lindsey looking forward to an upcoming trip to Disney World.
- Bryan proud of his daughter.
- Jerry happy to have attended Final Four games and golfed five times.
- Carol happy that Ryan would be inducted today (Carol is his sponsor). She also announced an opening for a data entry clerk.
- Ryan happy to become a member of Rotary.
- Adrian happy to be “just another pretty face.”
- Julie happy to have women from Pakistan visiting Asnuntuck.
- Mike, Joyce, Kate, Ed P. and Chris happy for the successful Asnuntuck Murder Mystery.
- Ed S. happy that his small club in Washington, NJ (14 members) is a high-energy group that gets involved in a lot of projects. He was asked to serve as Treasurer after a couple of weeks in the club.
- Kevin happy that he will be attending another Patriot’s Day game at Fenway Park on the 17th.
Since we had a winner last week, Joe was quick to point out that this was the first time he observed Milt playing with a full deck. Milt won $10 but donated it to the Queen of Hearts kitty; Joe did the same with $5; and your Editor isn’t playing with a full deck because he forgot to write down the name of the person who drew a card. At any rate, it wasn’t the Queen of Hearts.
HISTORY MYSTERY—April 12, 1945
President Franklin D. Roosevelt died from a cerebral hemorrhage at the “little White House,” a presidential retreat and vacation spot, while he was sitting for the painting of a presidential portrait.
  1. A short while prior to his death, Roosevelt had met with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin at what famous meeting?
    A: The Yalta Conference
  2. Where was the “little White House” located?
    A: Warm Springs, Georgia
  3. What was the name of the painter who never completed the famous “Unfinished Portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
    A: Elizabeth Shoumatoff
Ryan Lawless was inducted as a new member of the Rotary Club of Enfield by President Kevin Mayo and sponsor (and incoming President) Carol Bohnet. Welcome Ryan! We will look forward to hearing your “New Rotarian” talk.
Kevin announced that Nancy Berube has resigned due to work commitments.
Kevin announced that the Board approved a donation of $200 to K.I.T.E for purchasing two bikes for the group’s upcoming “Bike Bash” at Higgins Park on April 30th. The Board is also coordinating an Enfield Little League sponsorship. (Our club has sponsored Little League baseball in town since it was organized in the early 1950s.)
Cinco K Mayo Road Race—Kevin announced that the number of sponsors is low and urged Rotarians to actively solicit or recommend contacts for the committee to pursue. The number of runners is consistent with previous years.
The response to Joyce’s challenge for 10 Rotarians to contribute $25 to purchase a “Club Sponsorship” exceeded the goal with the following Rotarians raising their hands and saying “count me in”:
Joyce K.
Kevin M.
Allison R.
Carol B.
Bryan C.
Steve D.
Joe F.
Sandy Z.
Kate G.
Eric M.
Mary A.
Mike H.
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for the morning of May 6 at the former Enrico Fermi HS (right across the street from Minuteman Press). Please let Allison Rodricks know if you can help out during the day. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK—this is our biggest fundraiser of the year.
Job Shadowing—Kate announced that she’s working on placing the last of 28 students for the April 19th event. She needs everyone’s Placement forms.
Incoming President Carol Bohnet invited discussion about planning for 2017-2018 and where we as a club want to focus our attention and donate money where it is needed most. She will continue to solicit suggestions from club members as she prepares for the new Rotary year. Carol needs someone to step forward to serve as Community Service Director. In our club, this is basically an overseer/coordinator position, because most of our Community Service activities are already in the hands of very capable committees and chairpersons. Please contact Carol if you would like to assist in this area. Attending monthly Board meetings would be required.
Carol also noted that the club will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in May 2018 and asked members to start thinking of ways we might want to celebrate this milestone.
Ed Palomba noted that planning was proceeding on a possible amphitheater at the Public Library, near our Accessible Playground. He and Kiran are working on design options and costs to present to the club for consideration.
Next week’s speaker will be State Comptroller Kevin Lembo. President Kevin encouraged all to attend and bring guests. He adjourned the meeting at 1:20 p.m.
Guest Editor: Mike Helechu
SPUR April 12, 2017 Michael Helechu 2017-04-12 04:00:00Z 0
Date:  05 April 2017
Pledge: Steve Damon
4-way test:  Kevin Mayo
Invocation:  Julie Cotnoir
Guests and visitors: none
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Cheryl Leary
Julie Cotnoir
Larry Tracey, paid last week with Ed Palomba (attributes his luck to this, see below)
Kiran celebrates his 45th anniversary with his wife Yogini on 01 April.
Jack Welch celebrates 37 years in Rotary
Sandy:       A celebratory $1 for her son’s birthday.
Brian:        A pin fine, and a happy birthday dollar for those previously mentioned.
Kathy:       A happy dollar for going on vacation and a sad dollar for having to come back.
Joyce:        A happy dollar for the murder mystery dinner.
Jack:          A happy dollar for the undefeated Red Sox.
Scott:         A pin fine.
Julie:         A happy thank you dollar for Brian Chodkowski for coming to speak to some HS students about business careers.
Milt:          A fine for missing last week while he was at four Broadway shows in four days.  Visited the 9/11 memorial.  Also plugged the “The Goodspeed” in East Haddam.  If you are interested, let him know.
History Mystery:
Joe printed out the wrong date (06 April).  Therefore, we were privy to TWO history mystery question sets;
Ad Hoc Questions:
This week (11 April) in 1961 Bob Dylan played his first major concert in New York City
  1. What is Bob Dylan’s real name?       Robert Zimmerman
    Answered by Rich Tkacz
  2. Where does Dylan come from?          Author Dylan Thomas
    Answered by Kevin Mayo
  3. Which artist did Dylan spend a lot of time with in New York?
    Depending on which Dylan.  Adrian said that Bob Dylan spent a lot of time caring for Woody Guthrie while he suffered from Huntington’s Disease.  Joe was actually referring to Dylan Thomas and was referring to a writer for one of the New York City papers, with whom Thomas would get drunk with all over town.
    Actual Question for 06 April:
    Two noteworthy historical events took place.  Pioneer 11 was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL and Major League baseball rule 6.10 was put in effect.
  1. What was the purpose for which Pioneer 11 was launched?
    It was launched to explore the outer solar system beyond the planet, Mars.
    Answered by Joe himself.
  2. What is major league baseball rule 6.10 about?
    It is the designated hitter rule for the American League.
    Answered by Ed Palomba.
  3. Who was the first designated hitter and what pitcher did he face?
    Ron Bloomberg of the Yankees was walked by Luis Tiant of the Red Sox
    Answered by Steve Alminas.
#639 Ed Palomba who took the $10.
#621 Larry Tracy who took the $5.  Ed and Larry attributed it to “birthday-boy luck”!
#649 Kevin Mayo who made a joke that Milt pulled out the queen of hearts for him and then pulled the queen of hearts, placing an air of suspicion and collusion into the drawing itself.  Kevin won $85, but Milt couldn’t give him the winnings.  Milt left Kevin to find the money himself.
There was a minor kerfuffle about the total amount being $95 v. $85, but it was settled by the trusty sheet that keeps the money totals and dates.
As there was no speaker, and the meeting was opened up for announcements:
Carol:  Brought flyers for the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta 10-14 June.
            Milt is trying to talk his wife into going.
            Pre-PETS is happening on 10 May at the Holiday Inn.  New members are encouraged to attend.  Tickets are half price for new members!
            Rotary Zone Institute is coming to Hartford 16 October.
Kathy: Soliciting the membership for speaker ideas.  Get her the info on the speaker and she will begin the coordination process.
Ed:      The Paul Harris Dinner will be 09 June.
Kiran:  Cinco K Mayo Race will be 06 May.  We still need more sponsors due to a decrease in support from prior sponsors.  Joyce suggested that Rotary members donate $25 each and use it as an opportunity to advertise for the club.  $250 (ten members) would get the club on the shirt.
Respectfully recorded and edited (for humor) by Adrian Garcia Sega
SPUR April 5, 2017 Adrian Garcia Sega 2017-04-05 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Notes:                                                              Date: 3/22/17
Pledge: Nick Deni
4 way test: Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Carol Bohnet
Guests and visitors: Paul Salva- Somers Rotary
                                    Tom Baxter-Hartford Yard Goats
 Jack’s Birthday
 Bill’s 41st Anniversary with Club
Happy / Sads:
Bill: 41 years in Rotary, late, sorry about the passing of John Adams
Jerry: late, sad about John Adams, visited his Dad in NJ, scholarships will be named for 2 Enfield Rotarians who just passed, had to put his 15 year old beloved dog to sleep
Bryan: daughter decided on Eastern Michigan University
Jason: missed last week
Lou: leaving early
Julie, Joe, Derek: Jack’s Birthday
Mike – Has magnetic Rotary pins for sale for $4
Thank you Notes from:
Safe Grad
Milt brought $250 donation to Bloomfield Rotary and they presented him with one of their banners
Paul Salva announced that The Enfield Society for the Detection of Thieves and Robbers will hold their 195th annual meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd at 6 p.m. in St. Bernard’s Fitzmaurice Hall. The speaker will be Robert Killian JD. Contact Paul at 860-882-2813 for tickets.
Kate Garvey was the only female to attend the last Rotary breakfast
Ed reminded group that the Annual Rotary dinner will be June 9th at the Enfield Holiday Inn. He is looking for nominations for the Paul Harris Awards. Past Paul Harris recipients will be invited to a breakfast to discuss possible nominees.
Next Rotary After 5 will be at 5:30 at Backyard Bar and Grill
Tickets-$65 part of pot
5 – Allyson
10- Sandy
Card- Stuart
History Mystery:
March 22, 1820 Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr. died on March 22, 1820 from wounds suffered in a duel with James Barron who Decatur had criticized after Barron had undergone a court martial.
  1. Decatur was well known as a naval officer because of his service during what United States wars?
    The first and second Barbary Wars
  2. Decatur holds the distinction of being the youngest US naval officer promoted to what rank?
  3. What U.S. President ordered Decatur to attack the Barbary pirates in 1815?
             James Madison
Tom Baxter, from the Hartford Yard Goats spoke to the group. He told the group Hartford’s Rotary would be using their location for meetings every other week. Opening day on April 13th is sold out. They will have 70 games home and 70 games on the road. Enfield Rotarian Bill Squire will be singing the National Anthem for a July game. 
SPUR March 22 2017 Julie Cotnoir 2017-03-22 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Notes:                                                              Date: 3/15/17
Pledge: Richard Stevens
4 way test: Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Eric Moody
Guests and visitors: Frank Wargo
                                    David Mangs
                                     Pam Lapoli  (not sure if I spelled her name right)
Rotarian Anniversaries: Lou B. 18 years and Bill Squires 41 years
Birthdays: Lou B. March 17th
Wedding Anniversaries: N/A
Happy / Sads:
Mike: sad at the passing of John Adams (there were some shared stories) Happy for Lou’s Birthday Happy for Murder Mystery fundraising dinner coming up soon.
Keith, Julie, Derrick, Chris, Sandy: happy for Lou’s b-day
Kathy: missed last week happy to be going to St Martin next week
Richard: Sad for John Adams, Happy for Lou and for St Patrick’s Day this week
Lou: sad for John Adams
Keith: a plug for the fundraising efforts on behalf of Asnuntuck with Murder Mystery Dinner
Steve: Happy for Lou happy to announce he and his wife expecting first child…a girl
Joe: Happy for Lou
Ed: Happy for Lou and sad for John also sad for the anniversary of his sons passing
Larry and Nick:  Happy for Enfield High Girls Basket Ball team
Carol: Happy for P.E.T.S. training
Steve D : Happy St Patrick’s
Kevin: Happy Frank showed up sad for John Adams
Frank: Happy for Steve and his first child and happy to speak today
David M:  Happy to see Carol at PETS
Tradition in West Hartford club to sing happy birthday and happy anniversary which he did….
Mike – Murder Mystery coming up the end of this month
Kiran- Cinco K Mayo road race meeting and date reminder
Ed- Still looking for Paul Harris Fellow nominations
David M -looking to do Rotary Leadership Meetings at the hotel
Mike H - brought his latest and very cool Lego project to show off
Thank you Notes from:
Enfield Family Resource Center for the coat drive donations special Thanks to Julie Cotnoir
Rotary club of Somers thanks us for the donated funds for the clean water project 645.00
5 – Steve – save it for the baby fund!
10- Derrick
Card Mike H ace clubs
History Mystery:
March 15, 1956 famous musical my fair lady premiered on Broadway.
Who wrote the music and lyrics for my fair lady?
Loewe and Lerner
What are the names of the two main characters?
Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle
Where did the musical have it’s off Broadway tryout?
Shubert Theater in New Haven CT
Speaker Frank Wargo gave an inspiring Rotary talk on the Polio Efforts and other initiatives.
SPUR March 15 2017 Eric Moody 2017-03-15 04:00:00Z 0


SPUR    March 8, 2017



Spur March 8, 2017



Pledge of Allegiance- Julie Cotnoir


4 Way test-  Kevin Mayo


Invocation- Adrian Garcia Sega



Guests:   Carolyn Tkacz & Michelle Tracey



Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargent at Arms (for the day) : Milton Rosenberg


Anniversary – Eric Moody 2 years


Happy / Sads – Ed Palomba - Happy for UCONN

                         Jerry Bell – Reported Sad that John Admas is not doing well

Mike Helechu – Happy Rich Tkacz is doing well from surgery.

Kevin Mayo – Happy Rich is doing well and UCONN Women

Rich Tkacz – Happy to be on the mend from surgery. Happy his wife Carolyn has been his nurse, chauffeur and best friend.


Fine for a table with no women



Joes History Mystery Minute- The New York Stock Exchange was formed when a number of New York stockbrokers who had been operating under the Buttonwood Agreement reorganized and gave birth to what is now the world’s largest stock trading institution.

Question #1 - The New York Stock Exchange is currently located where? Wall Street, Manhattan, New York

Question #2 – The NYSE is commonly referred to as what? The Big Board

Question #3 The trading day at the NYSE begins and ends with a bell at what times? Begins at 9:30 and ends at 4 pm.



Raffle Winners


Card- Mike Helechu Ace of Hearts


$10- Eric Moody


$5- Rich Tkacz



Speaker- None


Foundation Dinner will be Friday June 9th.  Ed reported checks are still being accepted for the foundation.


End of April is the district conference and we need someone to go.


The international conference will be held in June in Atlanta GA.


Our club donated $250 to the Russian Woman’s Shelter


ERFC – we donated $250


We donated $250 to Enfield Loaves and Fishes / Enfield Food Shelf


Editor:  Allyson Rodricks




SPUR Mar 8 2017 Allyson Rodricks 2017-03-08 05:00:00Z 0
Spur  February 22, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance- Eric Moody
4 Way test-  Kevin Mayo
Invocation- Jo Ann Walk
Guests:           Rick Cheney & Dave Reed of Somers Rotary Club  
Brian Lawles
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Milt extorted $130 for no pins, no women and an assortment of other items
Birthday – Tim Reynolds    Anniversary – Kevin Mayo
JoAnn – happy trip home; mom is healthy.  Mike Helechu – loves retirement; every day is Saturday.    Julie – toured ACC with Sen Chris Murphy.    Nick – Enfield HS Girls State Championship 22-1;
Joes History Mystery Minute- Questions re George Washington. Who were parents’ names?  What party did he belong to?
Raffle Winners
$10- Brian K
$5- Lou Bolduc
Speaker- Somers Rotarians presentation showing water filters being directly installed in homes in Puerto Rico with alliance of Rotary in Puerto Plata. Appliances convert very polluted water to 99.9% pure for drinking, preventing many illnesses. Very poor area in need of pure water for families. Somers Rotarians going next week to install more filters. Cost is about $55 each for cement units which last up to 25 years. Club looking for donation which is fully tax deductible.
Editor:  Joyce Keating
SPUR Feb 22, 2017 Joyce M. Keating 2017-02-22 05:00:00Z 0
Spur  February 15, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance- Julie Cotnoir
4 Way test-  Pres Kevin
Invocation-Rev Helechu
Presidents remarks- Rotary After Five @ Chicago Sam’s 2/23 at 5:30; Rotary B’fast @Angelina’s 2/24
Ryan Lawless – proposed new member. Classification: Insurance
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sergeant at Arms (for the day) :
Carolyn Tkacz birthday; Adrian’s daughter art show; Asnuntuck CC opening a food pantry; Mike Helechu heart ok; Nick vacationed at Myrtle Beach; Bill Squires in Florida; Mike H gave lots of $$; Kevin Mayo recognized UCONN Women 100th straight win.
Joes History Mystery Minute-On Feb 15, 1898, the USS Maine exploded and sank in Havana harbor, precipitating the Spanish-American War.
  • What popular phrase supported the war?   “Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain”
  • What NY City publishers fanned the flames of the war?  William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer
  • Joe Fallon condusts research in what location that was ceded to US by the Treaty of Pareis?  Puerto Rico
    Raffle Winners
    Card- Scott Kaupin   Queen of Hearts;   side note- Jim Kuhn MIA since his win  
    $10- Kevin Mayo
    $5- Bryan
    Speaker- Alex Nasty from the Bloomfield Rotary Club spoke to us about the Nizhny Novgorod Women Crisis Center in Russia. He pleaded for financial help to support the Center, one of only two such facilities in all of the Soviet Union.
    Founded in 2003, the Center served 40 families last year in a region that finds domestic abuse effects 25%+ of the families. Already the beneficiary of a Rotary District grant, more funding is needed to keep the Center afloat financially.
    Club Announcements-Ed Palomba gave a Foundation Minute.
    Rotary Ghost Editor
SPUR Feb 15 2017 Ghost Writer 2017-02-15 05:00:00Z 0
Spur February 8, 2017
Pledge of AllegianceMilt
4 Way testChris Casey 
Invocation- Pres Kevin himself
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
            Bryan Chodkowski b’day
            The Learys anniversary
            Nick Deni & Lou Bolduc celebrated Club anniversaries
            EdPalomba & Rich Tkacz both in Myrtle Beach for, what else,  Golf
            JoAnn Mom is well after surgery
            Jerry Bell speaking re Genetics at Bay Path College after a short detour
              to Asnuntuck
            Mike Helechu had a bunch of $ for Patriots….not bad from a Giants fan
            Carol PETS training went well
Sergeant Milt fined for Rotary pins today.
Joes History Mystery Minute-   
What is Boy Scout motto?  “Be prepared”
What is Boy Scout slogan?  “Do a good deed daily”
What is name of Chicago publisher who founded Scouts?  “WD Bryce”
Raffle Winners
Card- Kiran….drawn by Joyce
$10Ed Palomba
$5- Larry Tracey
SpeakerBusiness Meeting. Items of interest:
  • Need a Community Service Director for next year
  • District Conference April 28-30 in Providence
  • Installation Dinner June 22
  • Proposed new Club member – Ryan Lawless of Longmeadow, classification- Insurance
    Club Announcements-
    Meeting Adjourned @ :
SPUR February 8, 2017 Ghost Writer 2017-02-08 05:00:00Z 0
SPUR – February 1, 2017
Kevin Mayo, acting president for today, opened the meeting.  
Pledge of Allegiance – Joyce Keaton
4-Way Test – Jack Welch
Prayer – Kathy Barron
Guest – Margret Smith-Hale From Senior Rides
Fines from Sgt. of Arms Milton Rosenburg:  Not wearing Rotarian Pin.
Pot was $295.00
Jim Kuhn 1st winner and drew the Queen of Hearts for the win
2nd – Rich Tkacz for the $10.00
3rd – Kevin Mayo for the $5.00
Mike Helechu – Gave 99.00 to club for anniversary and a Birthday dollar. 
Jason Neely – Back from Vermont
Ed Palomba – Granddaughter is 6 months old.
Kevin Mayo – His daughter turns 26
Jerry Bell – Happy Dollar
Joanne Walk – Happy Birthday and Anniversary to Mike Helechu
Joe Falon – Happy Ground Hog Day
Lyndsey Webber – Was happy to be able to volunteer at her sons school
Joyce Keaton – Happy 12th Birthday to her granddaughter and a welcome back from Florida dollar.
Carolyn Bhonet – Happy Dollar
Joe Fallon's mystery minute:
A.  United States Space Shuttle Disintegrated while attempting to land after the completion of its mission. 
    1.  What was the name of the Shuttle?
             a.  Columbia
    2.  Name any two of the seven crew members who perished?
             a. Rick Husband, William McCook. Michael Anderson, Ilan Ramon, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown and Laurel Clerk
    3.   All but Ramon were US Citizens.  Ramon was a citizen of what country?
             a. Israel
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  2/1/17 is Foundation Month.  Send in all donations to Ed Palomba.
On 2/15/17 Jerry Bell will be doing a presentation on Genetics.
SPEAKER:  Today's presentation was done by Nutmeg Senior Rides (Margaret Smith-Hale)
They provide rides to the senior community to help them stay connected.  This can be for any reason such as Doctors appointments to enjoying a football game.  This program started in 2008.  Margaret gave an example of a legally blind couple who needed to make 3 stops.  One of which was to DMV to turn his drivers liscense into an ID card.  With out this service they would have either not been able to accomplish these task or would have had to pay more than what this service charges which is:
Up to 2 miles $5.00 Each Way
3-5 Miles $10.00 Each Way
6-7 Miles $14.00 Each Way
8-13 Miles $19.00 Each Way
Over 14 Miles $25.00 Each Way
Senior buses in town cannot provide rides to work so without this program a lot of seniors would have no way of getting to work.
Ride are invoiced on a monthly basis and there is no tipping.
They are seeking new volunteers to reduce the use of their 3 Part Time Paid employees to reduce costs.  
At the end of this week they will have provided 50,000 rides to seniors in the area.
QUOTE FOR THE DAY:  "Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness."  (Frank Tyger)
SPUR Feb 1 2017 Nancy Berube 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0
SPUR -- January 18, 2017
Kevin Mayo, acting president for today, opened the meeting.  
Pledge of Allegiance -- Chris Casey
4-Way Test -- Ed Palomba
Prayer -- Kevin Mayo
Guest -- Bryan Chodkowski, Enfield Town Manager (technically a Rotarian in Ohio, but soon to be joining us)
Fines from Acting Sgt. of Arms Jo Ann Walk:
Jo Ann -- missed last week's meeting; at Cinco K Mayo meeting, Mike Helechu attended, looking good from his recent surgery.
Milt Rosenberg -- mobile phone ringing during meeting
Chris Casey -- returned from Las Vegas, attending a trade show and winning nothing at the casino (that's what they all say, Chris)
Bryan Chodkowski -- will miss next week's meeting because of a dentist appointment (but Rotary won't be painful, Bryan; so you could make the appointment for -- wait for it -- 2:30!)
Joyce Keating -- late dollar, going next week to daughter's to celebrate youngest granddaughter's 12th birthday, and will attend Gasparilla Festival in Tampa (what's a pirate's favorite letter?  RRRR!)
Joe Fallon -- glad to see Steve Damon back
Steve Damon -- glad to be back (but no horn playing today??)
Kevin Mayo -- Patriots success this past Saturday (and Roger Goodell couldn't even show up??)
Julie Cotnoir -- celebrating birthdays of both mother and son
Joe Fallon's double mystery minute:
A.  Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, one of seventeen children, finished his formal schooling at the age of ten and went to Pennsylvania at the age of seventeen to seek his fame and fortune.
    1.  Franklin had many interests serving not only as a diplomat, politician and statesman but also as an author, scientist and inventor.  Name any two of his three most famous inventions.
             a.  Lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove (so he could see the light and take the heat)
    2.  What character in the long-running television series "M*A*S*H" is tied to Franklin?
             a.  Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
    3.   In 1733, Franklin wrote "Poor Richard's Almanack" under what pseudonym?
             a.  Richard Saunders
B.  Actor Ernest Borgnine was born January 24, 1917 in Hamden, Connecticut and raised in New Haven.
    1.  In the TV show, McHale's Navy, what was the rank and full name of his character?
             a.  Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale.
    2.  In what film did he win an Academy Award?
             a.  Marty
    3.  What cartoon character in SpongeBob SquarePants did he do the voice (for thirteen years, no less)?
             a.  Mermaid Man
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Rotary After 5 will be Thursday night at Lulu's.  Monthly Friday Breakfast will be this week at Molina's Cafe at 8 A.M.
SPEAKER:  Today's New Rotarian career talk was poignantly presented by Keith Madore, Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement at Asnuntuck Community College.  Originally from the north country of Grand Isle, Maine, where his first language was French, Keith's family, which included his parents and four older sisters, moved to Southington, CT for work, then returned to Maine and attended University of Maine at Presque Isle, changing his major from journalism to marketing after he worked here at Riverside Park as Food Dome Manager.  While at UMPI, he became coordinator at Presque Isle Mall; and then worked in many jobs at the University for eighteen years, finishing as director of development and alumni relations, as well as being president of the local Kiwanis club.  With his desire to move south and near his sisters, he started working at Asnuntuck while being a caregiver to his mother.  Over the years, he found that there is a sense of community here, with a warm and nurturing feeling at Asnuntuck.  His family always taught him to give back to his community, and he is glad to do it here with Asnuntuck and with Rotary.  We are so glad to have you here, Keith.  Thank you for  a wonderful talk.
QUOTE FOR THE DAY:  "Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness."  (Frank Tyger)
SPUR Editor (for today):  Bill Squires
(In tribute to long-time SPUR Editor, A. Jackson Green -- "nuf sed")
SPUR Jan 18, 2017 Bill Squires 2017-01-18 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR -- January 18, 2017
Kevin Mayo, acting president for today, opened the meeting.  
Pledge of Allegiance -- Chris Casey
4-Way Test -- Ed Palomba
Prayer -- Kevin Mayo
Guest -- Bryan Chodkowski, Enfield Town Manager (technically a Rotarian in Ohio, but soon to be joining us)
Fines from Acting Sgt. of Arms Jo Ann Walk:
Jo Ann -- missed last week's meeting; at Cinco K Mayo meeting, Mike Helechu attended, looking good from his recent surgery.
Milt Rosenberg -- mobile phone ringing during meeting
Chris Casey -- returned from Las Vegas, attending a trade show and winning nothing at the casino (that's what they all say, Chris)
Bryan Chodkowski -- will miss next week's meeting because of a dentist appointment (but Rotary won't be painful, Bryan; so you could make the appointment for -- wait for it -- 2:30!)
Joyce Keating -- late dollar, going next week to daughter's to celebrate youngest granddaughter's 12th birthday, and will attend Gasparilla Festival in Tampa (what's a pirate's favorite letter?  RRRR!)
Joe Fallon -- glad to see Steve Damon back
Steve Damon -- glad to be back (but no horn playing today??)
Kevin Mayo -- Patriots success this past Saturday (and Roger Goodell couldn't even show up??)
Julie Cotnoir -- celebrating birthdays of both mother and son
Joe Fallon's double mystery minute:
A.  Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, one of seventeen children, finished his formal schooling at the age of ten and went to Pennsylvania at the age of seventeen to seek his fame and fortune.
    1.  Franklin had many interests serving not only as a diplomat, politician and statesman but also as an author, scientist and inventor.  Name any two of his three most famous inventions.
             a.  Lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove (so he could see the light and take the heat)
    2.  What character in the long-running television series "M*A*S*H" is tied to Franklin?
             a.  Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
    3.   In 1733, Franklin wrote "Poor Richard's Almanack" under what pseudonym?
             a.  Richard Saunders
B.  Actor Ernest Borgnine was born January 24, 1917 in Hamden, Connecticut and raised in New Haven.
    1.  In the TV show, McHale's Navy, what was the rank and full name of his character?
             a.  Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale.
    2.  In what film did he win an Academy Award?
             a.  Marty
    3.  What cartoon character in SpongeBob SquarePants did he do the voice (for thirteen years, no less)?
             a.  Mermaid Man
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Rotary After 5 will be Thursday night at Lulu's.  Monthly Friday Breakfast will be this week at Molina's Cafe at 8 A.M.
SPEAKER:  Today's New Rotarian career talk was poignantly presented by Keith Madore, Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement at Asnuntuck Community College.  Originally from the north country of Grand Isle, Maine, where his first language was French, Keith's family, which included his parents and four older sisters, moved to Southington, CT for work, then returned to Maine and attended University of Maine at Presque Isle, changing his major from journalism to marketing after he worked here at Riverside Park as Food Dome Manager.  While at UMPI, he became coordinator at Presque Isle Mall; and then worked in many jobs at the University for eighteen years, finishing as director of development and alumni relations, as well as being president of the local Kiwanis club.  With his desire to move south and near his sisters, he started working at Asnuntuck while being a caregiver to his mother.  Over the years, he found that there is a sense of community here, with a warm and nurturing feeling at Asnuntuck.  His family always taught him to give back to his community, and he is glad to do it here with Asnuntuck and with Rotary.  We are so glad to have you here, Keith.  Thank you for  a wonderful talk.
QUOTE FOR THE DAY:  "Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness."  (Frank Tyger)
SPUR Editor (for today):  Bill Squires
(In tribute to long-time SPUR Editor, A. Jackson Green -- "nuf sed")
SPUR Jan 18 2017 Bill Squires 2017-01-18 00:00:00Z 0
PLEDGE – Adrian
4-WAY TEST – Lindsey
INNVOCATION – President Greg
Guests:  Brian Chadkowski – Dayton OH visiting Rotarian requesting transfer to our Enfield Club
NOTICE:  Ryan Lawless has been proposed as a new member
Guest Sargent – Adrian
Bdays / Anniversaries --  None to report
  • Carol is happy to report that Mike Helechu underwent surgery on Tuesday and all went well.  He will be going home next Tuesday
  • Nick is happy with the Clemson win in the College Football Championship
  • Rich is unhappy that he fell in the driveway and hurt his shoulder and spent 5 hours in the emergency room.  Good news is there are no fractures.  Also, Rich had a hearing test and the results confirmed that he cannot hear women or children.  Nevertheless, hearing aids are forthcoming.
  • Kiran is happy to announce the birth of his 5th grandchild on Tuesday 1/10/17.  Congrats Kiran and family!
  • Ed P is happy for those UCONN Women Huskies!
  • Greg had a sobering dollar watching his Lions not score a single TD
  • Adrian was happy to be back after his trip to Sedona AZ
    Joe Fallon History/Mystery:
  • January 11, 1952 – The American golfer, Ben Crenshaw, who won Three NCAA golf championships at the University of Texas, was born in Austin, TX
    • Which major golf championship has he won twice?  The Masters
    • Who was his mentor and longtime golf coach and what book did that mentor write?  Harvey Penick who wrote “The Little Red Book”
    • Crenshaw holds which PGA distinction shared with Robert Gamez, Marty Fleckman, Garrett Willis, & Russell Henley?  All of them won their very first PGA tour event that they entered. 
      Card – Adrian pulled the 9 of Diamonds
      $10 – Nick Deni
      $5 – Scott Kaupin
      Business Meeting
  • Julie is collecting NEW coats for the Enfield Family Resource Centers.  They are in need of extra-large boy’s coats (sizes 18-20), women’s sizes medium, large and extra-large, and men’s large.  Also, sizes 8-10 in boys and girls.  They prefer that the coats are the winter type that can be used in cold weather, rather than wool or more fashionable coats.  Please bring your donated NEW coats to the next Rotary meeting on 1/18/17
  • Bobbi Mazurek is now home from the hospital and doing well
  • Rotary BOD elected to donate $250 to KITE
  • Rotary BOD elected to donate $2,500 to the Guatemala Water project
  • Kathy Baron is looking for speakers.  Any recommendations can be emailed to Kathy at
  • Scott announced that the recent Girls’ basketball tournament raised approximately $1,800.  The funds will be used to purchase new sideline chairs for teams to use in the gym and a new scoring table.
  • Carol announced that we need 2 volunteers to attend a 1 hour webinar regarding District Grant rules so that our club can be able to submit applications for future grants. 
  • Kiran announced that our Cinco K Mayo 5K road race is approaching and the committee is looking for participants – Runners/Walkers, and Sponsors.  This is our largest fundraiser of the year and we’d need help to keep it growing.   
    Respectfully submitted by Derek Meade
    Meeting adjourned at 1:10 pm
SPUR January 11, 2017 Derek Meade 2017-01-11 00:00:00Z 0
                                          Rotary Spur 1/4/2017
Scott Kaupin (filling in for President Greg Stokes ) opened meeting with the Pledge
Chris Casey led us in the 4 Way Test
You may know who gave the invocation, but I don’t
No visitors or guests today
Sargent Arms – Kevin Mayo – Pin fine for all those forgetting theirs or not wearing it. Yay.
  • Carol Bohnet has not one but two daughters who are pregnant – and theay are both having boys.
  • Joyce Keating – Joyce was just happy
  • Joanne Walk – Sad couldn’t make the BB tournament – Planned to but flight delays put in at Bradley at 8:30 pm, just as it was wrapping up
  • Jerry Bell – Late today, and missed two weeks, Grandchildren throughout the holidays & 94 yr old uncle passed
  • Ed Palomba   - Back after recuperating 3 weeks with men’s operation, holiday, 4 month old grandchild Emilia & now a new Facebook member!
  • Scott Kaupin - No pin and a big Thank You! to all 24th Annual Rotary BB Girls Basketball Classic tournament helpers, New Years at Cape.
    History/Mystery Minute – Joe Fallon
    January 4, 1943, Pulitzer Prize winning author historian & biographer Doris Kearns, now Doris Kearns Goodwin, was born in Brooklyn, NY
    What was the title of the first book that launched her career as a writer…  
    Lyndon Johnson & The American Dream
    Kearns Goodwin was the first female journalist to enter locker room of what prominent sports team… The Boston Red Sox        
    What is the title of the book for which Kearns Goodwin won the Pulitzer Prize…
    No Ordinary Time; Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt: The American Homefront During World War II
    Eric Moody     Queen of Spades
    Nick Deni       $ 10.00
    Joyce Keating             $  5.00
    Announcements from the Club/Membership
  • Road Race Meeting 1/17/17 6:00 pm           Powder Hollow Brewery           
  • Basketball Tournament netted $1900 in proceeds – which will be donated to the Enfield High Girls BB program for new Team Seats & Scorer Table .  TY to major sponsors, Rileys of Connecticut, Awards & More, Shop Rite of Enfield, Minuteman Press, Marek Jewelers
Our Program today was a New Rotarian Talk by Mr Jason Neeley – New Director of the Enfield Public Library
Jason has now been the Director of the Library for almost one year.  Jason came to us by way of Pittsburgh, where he worked at the Carnegie Science Center – Spent time as a Marine on the USS Naval ship, where he met his wife .  Jason and his wife & moved to Buffalo NY , and served in the Department of Adult Services.   It was then his wife suggested he consider Library Sciences, which Jason did do, eventually landing a job at the Jacksonville FL – Director of Library Services, Jason later moved on to be Director of Libraries in West Hartford CT & Middletown CT, before landing the job here in Enfield in February 2015.
His interest include Photography (Jason volunteered his services as photographer for Rotary events!),Travel, and he has a claim to fame of a photo of his dog making it onto the cover on National Geographic.
Jason feels the staff at the Enfield Central Library is very dedicated and devoted & competent, and a great asset to the Enfield Community.   The Library is close to unveiling a new website, which will include streaming downloads, a section of which has been up and running since July and gets heavy use.
We are lucky to have Jason with us in the Enfield Central Library, our community & and as new member of our Enfield Rotary Club .  Welcome Jason
And that’s it for today & this week.
Guest Spur Editor – Nick Deni
SPUR January 4, 2017 Nick Deni 2017-01-04 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Spur
Wednesday: December 28, 2016
President Greg Stokes opened the meeting promptly at 12:15 PM.
Flag Salute:              Joyce Keating
Four Way Test:       Jack Welch
Invocation:             Kevin Mayo
A lovely lunch provided by the Holiday Inn included such delectable items as fried chicken, roast beef in gravy with baked potatoes, salad and dessert.
Guests included visiting Rotarian Dale Nelson of the East Windsor Rotary Club and Carol Sauerhoefer (guest speaker) and her daughter Abby.
Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Mayo, announced that other than for a club anniversary for Mary Arcouette, there were no other birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate this week.
Happy/Sad Dollars
  • Carol Bohnet announced that she was not present for two meetings.
  • Eric wished everyone a Happy New Year
  • Greg Stokes wished all a happy New Year and announced that he will not be present next week.  Scott Kaupin will preside over the coming Rotary meeting.  Greg also congratulated Carol Bohnet on her election to the presidency of the Enfield Rotary Club for the next Rotary year.
  • Scott Kaupin announced the Girls Basketball Tournament at Enfield HS taking place this evening at 5:30 and 7:00.  If the snow is problematic tomorrow evening, the games will be rescheduled.  All help will be appreciated.
  • Mike H welcomed Dale and Carol and Abby from the East Windsor Rotary Club.  He also announced the fact that Santa brought him a kayak for Christmas.  He is determined to lose some weight so that he doesn’t displace too much water when he sits in his kayak either fishing, taking pictures, reading, or contemplating which came first – the chicken or the egg.  Mike also announced that the Lego Millennium Falcon will return to the Enfield Public Library at the close of its galactic tour through the empire. Mike closed his comments by wishing a happy new year for the New York Yankees and the Patriots. 
  • Joe Fallon gave a “Leave Early Dollar.”
Chris L - $10
Mike H - Card
Kevin M = $5
Joe’s Mystery Minute
William Mitchell, the son of a prominent Wisconsin senator was born in Nice, France.
  1. Mitchell is generally regarded as the Father of what military service?
    1. The US Air Force
  1. What airplane is named after him?
    1. B-25 Mitchell Bomber
  1. What famous World War I fighter ace testified for Mitchell at his court martial in 1925?
    1. Eddie Rickenbacker
Carol Sauerhoefer gave a presentation on mitochondrial disease.  Her daughter Abby, who suffers from a mitochondrial disease was present.  Mitochondria are specialized organelles within a cell that produce energy for the cell to thrive.  When the mitochondria fail to work, the impact on organ systems and the entire body can be quite extensive.  Such disorders as autism and Alzheimer’s disease can be the result of mitochondrial malfunction. 
Information on their program states that, “Inspired by their daughter Abby and the overwhelming support of East Windsor and the surrounding communities, the Sauerhoefer family formed Abby’s Helping Hand.  Established in 2013, its mission is to improve the lives of those afflicted with mitochondrial and other chronic diseases through support, education, and research.”  The organization serves East Windsor and the surrounding communities by providing support for in-home services, medical equipment, and scholarships.  More information can be obtained at
Abby’s Helping Hand as an organization conducts several fundraising events throughout the year.  These events include an annual walk in April, a Ladies Brunch in November.  In 2011, when they conducted the first “Walk for Abby” they raised over $50,000.  The following year, they raised $45,000. 
On February 11, 2017, there will be Abby’s Helping Hand Winter Gala from 6:00 to 11:00 PM at Maneely’s Banquest and Catering, 65 Rye Street, South Windsor, CT.  There will be dinner and dancing and a 50/50 raffle. 
Dr. Cheryl A. Leary
Guest Spur Editor

SPUR Dec 28, 2016 Cheryl Leary 2016-12-28 00:00:00Z 0
DECEMBER 7, 2016—The Enfield Rotary Club recently hosted Enfield’s police chief and officers involved in the department’s “Toy For Joy” program, which provides toys and holiday gifts to more than 450 families in Enfield. The Rotary club, which is dedicated to community, vocational and international service, has supported Toy For Joy for the past 35 years. Rotary Club President Greg Stokes is standing next to Police Chief Carl Sferrazza. Officers kneeling in front are Paul Dubiel and Mike Krzynowek.

Enfield Rotary Supports Police Department's "Toy For Joy" Program Michael Helechu 2016-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Minutes of Enfield Rotary meeting of November 30, 2016
Meeting convened by President Greg ringing the bell at 12:15
Pledge:  Joyce Keating
4 Way Test:  Derek Meade
Blessing:  Kevin Mayo
Guests:  Justin from ServPro – Bloomfield Rotary and Ashley Levesque, speaker from KITE
Birthday’s and Anniversaries:  Alan Drinan and Richard Tkacz December 4th Birthday (both were not at meeting)
Happy/Sads:  I apologize a head of time if I missed any as people spoke quickly and softly.
Derek, Steve, Sandy, Stuart, Jim, Ed, Joe all needed to leave early.
Sandy happy for oldest granddaughter birthday.  She also announced December 7th was Toys for Joys – bring unwrapped gifts for children up to 10 yrs old.
Greg, happy his football team won – I think it was the Lions.
Michael Helechu – Today 18th anniversary with Allied.   Saturday Mike, his son and grandson will be going to the Lego Kids Fest.
Joyce Keating – Happy she is going on the Asnuntuck Bus trip to  NY, xmas spectacular
Carol – Happy/Sad for Michael retirement after 18 yrs, Allied received another Mass Mutual grant to expand the lawn care business. Also paid a secret $2.00 for her 2 daughters announcing they are pregnant.
Keith – Missed last week, spent time in New Hampshire.
Ed – other than leaving early, happy for the meatloaf again, UConn game, Saturday and Sunday – he will be Santa!!!
Bill-  Happy for his improved health, lost some weight, looks good, feels good.
Richard – Wonderful Thanksgiving, to Bill’s Health
Justin,  Thank the club for welcoming him.
Joe’s History Mystery
Samuel Langhorne Clemens a/k/a Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri
  1.  What astronomical event took place at the time of his birth, and ironically, at the time of his death?     A Visit by Halley’s Comet
  2. Twain lived in Hartford, Connecticut from 1874 to 1891.  He moved to Hartford to be close to his publisher.  Who was his publisher?    American Publishing Company
  3. The pen name “Mark Twain” allegedly came from the river boatman’s cry indicating safe passage.  How many feet in this marine unit of depth of “Mark Twain”?  Twelve feet or fathoms
Not sure who answered the questions  _ most likely Kevin or Greg.
Road Race meeting Tuesday, Dec 6th, Powder Hollow
Ed taking donations for the foundation next week.
Scott announced they are collecting for the ads for the girl’s basketball tournament in December. (28th and 29th)
Pancake Breakfast on December 10th
Rotary Breakfast Friday, December 2nd, at Country Diner.
Chamber Annual Meeting, December 8th at the Holiday Inn.
Speaker Presentation
Ashley Levesque, coordinator of KITE, which stands for Key Initiatives to Early Education.  KITE is a collaborative organization that brings together numerous community members who all have a passion for enhancing the lives of Enfield’s youngest residents.
Their mission is to ensure that all Enfield Children, ages birth through age 8, are healthy, safe and happy, live in thriving families, and are ready to learn the skills they need to succeed in school and flourish in the 21st century.  That can seem like an overwhelming mission when you say it out loud.  But KITE’s ability to be successful id due to our variety of partners, and our multiple sub-committees who are each working towards KITE’s mission with a focused approach toward Health, Family engagement & Support, and Early Care & Education.
One of their most recent areas of effort has been concerning the importance of play.  Think back for a moment.  When was the last time you’ve said, “When I was a kid, we were outside playing until the streetlights came on!” It feels as though play has taken a back seat because of the busy lives of parents and the overabundance of technology in the home.  Even in some schools, the rigors of early educational standards have left little time for play.  She is proud to say that KITE has helped turn the curve towards more playful opportunities in Enfield.  Our Age 3 to Grade 3 committee recently helped Enfield Public Schools integrate dramatic play opportunities in ALL Kindergarten classrooms.  Dramatic play means when you walk into a class, you might see an area set up to look like a grocery Store where each child will be playing a role like cashier, customer, shelf stocker and baggers.  KITE feels that both Enfield private and public sectors support, value, and respect children’s play.
After watching short documentary called, “Caines Arcade” KITE was inspired to take play in Enfield to the next level.  The video encouraged KITE members to create a focused campaign which will allow us to inform, incorporate and increase paly in our community.  Enfield Plays On will provide ample opportunities for fun and togetherness, free of charge, in Enfield.
We are looking for community partners, groups, or organizations that would like to host a play event.  The committee is offering several grants in the amount of $200 each that you can use to fund your event. Events can be anything play centered, such as a chance for children to engage in a specific type of play, or a speaker or presentation to educate parents, caregivers, and community members about play.  The only limit is your imagination. 
KITE’s work is imperative to the future of Enfield because children who enter kindergarten ready to succeed grow up to be the book-smart, team capable, job ready workers who help businesses prosper and the good neighbors who help communities thrive.
Thank you
SPUR November 30, 2016 Joann Smith 2016-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Spur November 23, 2016
Meeting convened by President Greg ringing the bell at 12:15.
Pledge: Chris C.
4 Way Test: Jo Ann
Blessing: Kevin
Guests: Joyce’s grandson Owen (PHF).
Birthdays & Anniversaries: Friday is Jerry and Candice’s 31st anniversary.
Happy for Thanksgiving: Kevin, Ed, Joe, Jerry, Greg, Jo Ann, Steve, Scott, Chris C, Mike
Joyce: Owen got one B+ and all the rest A’s on his report card. Saw Calendar Girls at Asnuntuck.
Jerry: Anniversary Dollar
Adrian: Missed giving for Wife Bday, 5th Aniv, own Bday. Next month goes to Vegas for a wedding, AZ for Christmas.
Ed: Starts Santa gigs next week.
Greg: Detroit Lions, grandchild report card, and excellent B&B.
Jo Ann: Aruba
Steve: missed weeks
Mike: Black Friday Allied Attic w/silent auction, played golf once with Joyce & Owen, Rotary after hours
Nick: 19 year old home from college
Joes’ History Mystery:
Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsborough, NH – the first president to be born in the 19th century and the only NH resident to become president of the US.
1) He holds what distinction as a result of his swearing-in ceremony as President? Affirmed his owth on a law book, and not a Bible.      Answered correctly by Ed
2) What famous figure of the Confederate States of America served as his Secretary of War? Jefferson Davis.            Answered correctly by Adrian
3) As a result of his support for the Kansas-Nebraska Act (which nullified the Missouri Compromise), he is considered as one of the most effective, or least effective Presidents of the US? Least effective.                                Answered correctly by Kevin.
The Queen is worth $205
Kevin - $10
Eric – a card not the Queen
Carol - $5
Greg: Toys for Joy is Dec. 7th
           Coat Drive for Educational Resources for Children – we need a club volunteer to coordinate
Ed: Nov 29 is Giving Tuesday. Please give on-line to the Rotary Foundation
Scott: 24th Annual Enfield Rotary Girls Basketball Classic is Wed 12/28 and Thurs 12/29 at Enfield High School. Games are 5:30 & 7:15 both days. Teams are EHS, Bacon Academy, Rockville HS and Wethersfield HS.  We need sponsors (deadline 12/15) and volunteers.
Lou: Pancake breakfast is 12/10. Please sign up for volunteer slots.
No Speaker – Pres. Greg disbanded the meeting at 1:00.
Your scribe, Jerry
SPUR Nov 23, 2016 Jerry Bell 2016-11-28 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary minutes—11/16/16
Submitted by:         Stuart Barowsky
Greg brought meeting to order at 12:15pm
Pledge:  Kathy Barron      
4 Way Test:  Kate Garvey
Invocation:  Chris Leary
Visitor:   Dan Burak—E. Long. Chapter
Chapter Birthdays:    Steve Damon, Joanne Smith
            Mike for Milt’s 32 years in Rotary
            Powder Hollow—2 years in Rotary
            Rich’s Oil—Turkey give away and Special Olympics
            Nick Deni/Sad—No women at table
            Dick Stevens—Cataract surgery
            Larry Tracy:  Saw great show
            Chris Casey—Rich’s Turkey/Ham benefit/N.Y trip.
            Chris Leary—American in Paris show
            Kate Garvey—Finally here at Rotary           
            Ed Palomba—Meatloaf for lunch
            Joyce Keating—Orlando trip, Somers Rotary Homeless Veteran benefit
           Greg Stokes—Shop Rite food drive, daughter’s birthday
           Milt Rosenberg—32 years in Rotary     perfect  attendance                                                Granddaughters birthday.
            Rich Tkaz—Company food drive, Chris Casey-great job for his company,
                        Alzheimer’s week
           Powder Hollow Brewery—1st check towards Cinqo de Mayo race
History/Mystery quiz:
William Clark Gable died in Las Angeles, CA after a long and successful movie career.
  1.  His most famous role in the movies had him playing what named character?
    Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind
  2.  In his final movie, he co-starred with Marilyn Monroe.  What was its name?
    The Misfits
  3.  Gabe had five wives.  His third wife, a famous actress, died in a plane crash in 1943.  Who was she?
    Carole Lombard
Announcements:  Ed—Foundation money—give before end of year.
Lou—Please fill out volunteer sheets for Pancake Break-
Kevin—Rotary After 5 announcement
Speaker:  Noreen Tassinari on  Big E Centennial this year.
            Greg closed meeting at 1:30PM
SPUR Nov 16, 2016 Stuart Barowsky 2016-11-16 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Spur: November 2, 2016
Editor: Carol Bohnet on behalf of Stu Barowsky
President Greg opened the meeting at approximately 12:15.
Eric Moody led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Carol Bohnet led the Four Way Test.
Kevin Mayo gave the blessing.
Announcements and Guests:  President Greg announced guests Remo, Holiday Inn and Mark Barbieri from the East Windsor Rotary Club.  Ryan Lawless was the guest of Carol Bohnet.
Sergeant at Arms Kevin Mayo announced a Fine in the spirit of the Halloween Grinch for anyone who did not go Trick or Treating, dress up or give out candy. Several members paid the fine.
Anniversaries/Birthdays: Mike Helechu’s wedding anniversary and wife Dora’s birthday.  Chris Casey’s Club anniversary of 26 years next week.
  • Lindsey: daughter turning 5 years old
  • Joann Walk: Glad there will be a 7th game for the World Series and for Trick or Treat fun (without kids)
  • Katherine: visit to the Windsor Locks Rotary Club
  • Sandy: 2 weeks in Florida
  • Carol: guest today
  • Scott: Notre Dame game and leave early dollar for Town Council Conference Call
  • Julie: happy for Chris Casey’s anniversary and Asnuntuck’s Valley Rep up-coming production of Valley Girls this month.
  • Jack: Lots of Trick or Treaters at his house
  • Kiran: Hindu New Year’s today
  • Greg: Trick or Treating with his grandkids
  • Kevin: Trick or Treat with his grandson over facebook
  • Remo: good Chamber meeting
  • Mark Barbieri (EW Club): Thanked our club for supporting the EW Club’s Wine Tasting event.
  • Chris Casey: Anniversary dollar
  • Chris Leary: anniversary of when he quit smoking and today, his first meeting/day as an official retiree.
HISTORY - Joe Fallon: November 2, 1947, the largest flying boat plane ever built made its maiden and only flight near Long Beach, California.
  1. What was the nickname of the plane? The spruce Goose
  2. What was its official name? The Hughes H-4 Hercules
  3. The plane, powered by eight Pratt & Whitney engines, was flown by what pilot and co-pilot? Pilot – Howard Hughes, Co-pilot – Dave Grant
  • CARDS for $175 -  Kevin Mayo drew the ten of clubs.
  • $10 - Remo
  • $5 – Jim Kuhn
The Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, December 10th at the Senior Center.  Signups to follow.
Bobbi M is recuperating and wishes she was here – the food is better.
Katherine announced an Aging Seminar about Grief during the Holidays at the Enfield Senior Center today at 1:00 PM.
GUEST SPEAKER - Linda Shorette, of Nomads of Hope was introduced by Jack Welch. 
Linda asked the Club to visualize the best thing we’ve done and then equated that feeling with Nomad’s work with youth. Their mission is to build youth leaders through meaningful work – traveling to community service projects. They conduct three different trips – somewhat locally, like upstate New York, out west to various Indian reservations, and to Ecuador.
Linda was pleased and surprised to recognize Holiday Inn employee, Zach who volunteered with Nomad starting in 7th grade.
The Nomad program provides youth with exposure to other cultures, youth and adults. Through service projects they can learn to become leaders in their own communities. The business office in Monson would assist with the startup of Nomad chapters in other locations.
For partner trips with GroupCares in the U.S., ages 12 – 20 are included. For Western U.S. trips, ages 14 – 20 are included. For the Ecuador trip, they have youth as young as 12 years old, but if with a sibling or family, they could be even younger. In Ecuador they have built homes, a community center and water facilities.  The city has 200,000 people living in a two square mile space. The volunteers live with local families for one week.
Linda relayed a sentiment from one young girl who changed over the years through her service – being an inspiration to someone is the best feeling anyone could ever have. She challenged the Rotary members to make a moment for a youth that results in them saying “Wow, that’s the best thing I ever did!”
The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Carol Bohnet
SPUR November 2, 2016 Carol Bohnet 2016-11-02 00:00:00Z 0
President Greg opened the meeting
Pledge by Kiran Majmudar
4 Way by Mike Helechu
Prayers by Chris Leary
Guests : None
The usual great lunch menu thanks to Eric Moody; deserts are even better!
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Minute:
The gunfight at OK Corral took place in Tombstone in the Arizona territory.
1. What were the names of the three Earp brothers who were involved in the shootout?
            Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil
2. What is the name of the John Ford movie that immortalized the shootout?
            My Darling Clementine
3. In 1969 episode of Star Trek entitled “Spectre of the Gun”, Captain James T. Kirk and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott of the Starship Enterprise portrayed what two brothers involved in the original shootout?
Ike and Billy Clinton respectively.
Happy Dollar:
-Scott Kaupin for Halloween
- Kevin Mayo for missed meeting/s
-Cheryl Leary for early retiring husband (new job, titled CEO Chief Janitor!) Chris Leary
-Mike Helechu for Golf at Foxwood, Allied Walk, missed meeting, etc.
-Shawn Stevens for
-Lou Bolduc for late
-Scott Kaupin for 9th anniversary, Notr Dame game, UConn, etc
-Joyce Keating for 1 week, Atlantic City
-Joann Smith
-Chris Casey for Golf
-Greg Stokes
-Jerry (Vet) for Golf, Maui
-Ed Palomba for Deni Family
-Nick Deni for 1 grandchild month ago and an engagement
Raffle - $165 kitty
Lou Bolduc $10,  Nick Deni a bum card and Scott Kaupin $5.
Greg Stokes wish and prayers for Bobby’s health; she is in a hospital.
Mike Helechu Members who have not visited our Website, need to visit and update information such address, phone , emails, etc.
Wine Tasting event was a success at $6,200; thanks Eric and Committee
December 10 is Pancake Breakfast
Nov 15 is 5k committee meeting, 6 pm, Powder H Brewery
11/4 Friday (Steve D) breakfast at Angelina’s
Beg your pardon for errors and omissions.
Respectfully submitted by Kiran Majmudar.
SPUR Oct 26 2016 Kiran Majmudar 2016-10-26 00:00:00Z 0

President Greg Stokes called the meeting to order at 12:40.

Julie Cotnoir led us in the pledge of allegiance.
Rich Tkacz led the 4-way test.
Chris Leary said our invocation.

We didn't have any guests at the meeting.

Ed Palomba filled in as sergeant-at-arms in Kevin Mayo's absence.

Ed Palomba was happy about his softball playoffs. He was also happy that his daughter came home to visit, even though she was really coming home to see Ed's new granddaughter and not Ed.

Jo Ann Walk was happy to play golf last weekend at Rolling Meadows and win $100 prize.  She was also happy for our beautiful fall foliage.  She describes it to her midwestern family as "driving through a postcard".

Eric Moody was happy for the fall weather.  He was also happy for the LAST presidential debate.

Julie Cotnoir had a happy dollar for her weekend and a good luck dollar to Ed Palomba for softball.

Lindsey Weber was happy to celebrate her 13th wedding anniversary. She had a sad/happy dollar for losing Jack at a family corn maze but then finding him shortly thereafter, safe and sound.

Nick Deni had a hurricane dollar for living through Hurricane Matthew.  He was happy to report that his house didn't have any damage.  He also had a happy dollar for a grandchild visit.

Greg Stokes had a happy dollar about a conference in Nashville, but wasn't happy about coming home feeling sick.  (airplane germs)  He had a happy dollar that his two oldest granddaughters visited the 9/11 Memorial in NYC and understood that solemnity of the experience.  He noted that for us, 9/11 was an experience, and for his grandchildren, it's a history lesson.

Catherine Williamson was happy to be presenting to our club today.

Carol Bohnet was happy to be at Mass Mutual pitching Allied for a grant.

Joe Fallon's History/Mystery Question:

Oct 19, 1810
This emancipationist, 1832 graduate of Yale College and cousin to the Great Compromiser, was born in Madison County, Kentucky to one of Kentucky's wealthiest slaveholders.
1. Who was he?

Cassius Marcellus Clay

2. Which famous athlete was named after him?

Muhammad Ali

3. Which famous abolitionist was his inspiration?

William Lloyd Garrison

The Raffle
Chris Leary drew a card - no luck
Eric Moody won $10
Keith Madore won $5


We're wondering if their luck was 'in the cards' or if something else was going on because the three tickets holders were all seated together!


Save the date!  Our club's pancake breakfast will be December 10th.

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be Saturday, Nov 12th in Chicopee.  Attendees needed!  There must be 8 people registered in a session or it will be cancelled.  RLI is a great way to learn more about Rotary and enhance your membership experience.  Rotarians who participate report being happier in their Rotary membership.  See Bobbi Mazurek or Greg Stokes if you're interested in learning more.

The district Foundation Dinner will be Thursday Nov 3rd at Chez Josef.  See Ed Palomba for more details.


Catherine Williamson, one of our newest members and a Gerontologist, spoke to us about the struggles and stereotypes associated with aging.  Catherine works in home care and aging services.  She speaks to many groups, both young and old, about aging.

She suggested an online test designed to measure our implicit bias. The test results help people understand how they feel about a particular culture or segment of our population.  The test can be found here:

Catherine defined "ageism" as a form of discrimination against people because they are old.  She compared it to racism or sexism. She said that ageism manifests itself in how we treat older people.

To illustrate the challenges of aging, Catherine gave several club members bags containing "challenges".  She asked them to put on "blurry glasses" and ear plugs to simulate vision and hearing loss. They wore rubber gloves and rubberbanded several fingers together to simulate arthritis and the loss of dexterity.  They were then asked to open a pill bottle, sort colored candies, and fill the pill bottle with a specific color candy.  The task proved to be quite frustrating!

We then watched an ABC News video about living with Alzheimers. Participants in the video experienced a simulation of Alzheimers and were asked to perform simple tasks.  They were amazed at their frustration level with simple tasks like finding socks or setting the table.  One participant said, about people battling Alzeimers, "They need your help.  They need your understanding."  It was truly an exercise in patience and understanding.

Thank you to Catherine for a hands-on, lively demonstration and discussion of a topic that will affect every one of us.


Submitted by Lindsey Weber

SPUR Oct 19, 2016 Lindsey Weber 2016-10-19 00:00:00Z 0

Kevin brought the meeting to order

Pledge:  Dave O'Connor
4-way test:  Chris Casey
Grace:  Chris Leary

Birthdays / Anniversaries
Chris Casey's birthday today
Joanne's birthday tomorrow and club anniversary

Happy / Sad
Kiran-  Finished the Hartford marathon in 5 hrs 13 mins
Kathy - Happy for the annual purple event on Nov 4th.  Wine tasting event for the Network
Joanne - Went on a zip line tour and happy the Cubs are moving on in the playoffs
Rich - Back from his trip to Europe where he toured several countries
Ed - Team finished in 2nd place in a golf tournament (1 stoke behind).  Went on a vineyard and wine tasting tour.
Joyce - Going to Atlantic City for Miss Senior America with her friend
Sandy - Going to Florida for 2 weeks upcoming.  Enjoyed her time in Maine with her son
Scott - Sad for Red Sox loss but going to Wellfleet for Oysterfest.

Eric pulled the card but the Queen of Hearts is still in the deck.

History minute

Glasses were found at the meeting 2 weeks ago.  Still looking for the owner. 
The commission on aging is looking for volunteers to help at the public access tv station in Enfield.  They will be helping seniors in the community.
Rotary leadership institute will be hosting a regional event at the Massmutual center in Chicopee to learn more about Rotary and its history
Asnuntuck is inviting the community to visit and participate in their annual Fall Fest

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SPUR October 12, 2016 Steve Alminas 2016-10-12 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Spur
October 5, 2016
Our weekly Rotary Meeting started promptly at 12:15 pm.  President Greg led the opening ceremony calling on Damon for Pledge-of Allegiance,  Walk forFour-Way Test and Chris Leary for the Prayer.
Jason Neeley of the Enfield Library was our guest.
Sargeant-of-Arms Kevin oversaw Happy Dollars: Milt Rosen challenged the Club to raise funds for the Warming Center at Holy Trinity Church in Hazardville.  Milt put in $100 and Dick Stevens matched with $100 if the Club would donate at least $100 .   Individuals more than matched with another $223 making our funds raise on the spot a total of  $423 for the Warming Center.  More proof of the Good Deeds of Rotary!
Many Rotarians commented being happy for a very successful Wine Tasting and for the three new members being inducted on this day.
 Jerry Bell happy for his 27 years in Rotary and for upcoming trip to Hawaii.  Steve happy for his recent  trip to Switzerland and Austria. Sandy happy for her trip flying to Maine today with her son in the pilot seat.  Joyce happy for new program that provides coats that convert to sleeping bags for Vets.  Ed happy for the Dennys being safe in Myrtle Beach with the upcoming storm.  Kiran happy for upcoming Hartford Marathon and his run to raise money for Fight Against Cancer.  Chris Leary happy he is retiring from New Directions after 25 years on October 31.  Greg happy he is going on a trip to Nashville.
Joe's History Mystery:   A nationwide recall of Tylenol was issued on October 5, 1982.  Why was it issued?  Seven people from Chicago died from Tylenol laced with potassium cyanide.  What company issued the recall?  Johnson and Johnson.   Who was was convicted of extortion in this incident?  James W. Lewis.
Raffle:  Sandy did not draw the Queen of Hearts.  Greg got $10 and Kevin got $5.
Eric announced the Wine Tasting  gross income was $6525 and the net income was $6223.  Many Rotarians complimented Eric and Chris for the great job on the Wine Tasting.  It was a new Wine Tasting record for numbers attending and dollars raised.  Go Rotary!!  
Three new members were happily installed today.  They are: Julie Cotnoir whose sponsor is Sandy Zukowski, Catherine Williamson sponsored by Nick Deni and Keith Madore sponsored by Chris Casey. All received pins and Certificates. 
Our speaker of the day was Jill Osborn.  She is Chairperson and Organizer of the Jack-O-Lantern Festival.  This takes place on the Enfield Green on October 15 from 4-8 pm. It is their 16th year.  It is a great family event with over one thousand carved pumpkins being brought by school children and families.  There are games, hayrides, face painting, magicians, and a trick or treat tent.  They depend on sponsors at $300 each who showcase their goods and services.  Volunteers are also needed.  The Rotary Rotaract Club volunteers there every year.
Meeting Adjurned at 1:30 pm
Respectively Submitted,
Steve Damon
SPUR October 5, 2016 Steven Damon 2016-10-05 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR 9/28/2016
Pledge: Nick Deni
Four Way Test: Martha MacLeod
Blessing: Chris Leariy
Guests: Keith Madore, July Dotnoir, Jason Neely
Happy/Sads:  Bill Squire sang the National Anthem at the Alzheimers Walk.
Joann Walk travelled 8 times in 6 months.
Nick Deni has four ladies at his table!
Ed Palumba won golf tournament (finally)
Jim Kuhn just got back from vacation.
History Mystery:  The “Father of Supercomputing” was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  He died in 1996…
  1. Who is he?
    Seymour Roger Cray
  2. Name any one of the many companies with whom he was associated?
    Control Data Corp.- Cray Research- Cray Computers- SRC Corporation
  3. He received his degrees in Engineerying and Applied Mathematics from what school?
    University of Minnesota
Raffle:  $10: Scott Kaupin.  $5: Ed Palumba.  Draw: Scott Madore 2 spades- LOSER!
Club is already for the wine and beer tasting extravaganza!
Guest speaker- Mary Holland from Enfield
Warming Center – a center held at Holy Trinity Church to keep people warm during cold weather.  Guests must be from Enfield.  Many guests last year were placed in housing by 3/25 which is the end of the season.  The budget is $24,000 and some transportation is provided for guests. 
There is a fundraiser October 21st at Silvia’s Restaurant for wine tasting and dinner.  There is also a charity auction held by the Golden Gravel Auction Co. on Nov 17 from 6-7.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Kuhn, Scribe
SPUR September 28, 2016 James D. Kuhn 2016-09-28 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Spur 9-21-2016
Pledge of Allegiance- Eric Moody
4 Way Test- Bill McGuirk
Invocation- Kevin Mayo
Guests & Visitors- Keith Madore, Julie Cotnoir, Catherine Williams
Anniversary’s and Birthdays- Mike Zukowski 9/27
Happy/ Sads
Chris Casey-spent Happy time in Myrtle Beach
Joyce Keating- grateful surgery went well to remove a Basel cell, it took 20 stitches with Mole surgery which will only leave a very fine line.   She wanted to remind everyone that if they have any marks that last more than 4 weeks with or without symptoms, to please get them checked.  She had no symptoms.
Ed Polumba- had a busy weekend going to Somers Four Town Fair, and playing Golf in the tournament for Little Sisters of the Poor.
Bill Squires-sang at Fenway.  He lost 10lbs after his hear problem and is now doing cardio, he is happy to still be here.
Bill McGurik-Traveled to several places including Nigeria  and is happy to be back.
Lindsey Weber-Minuteman Press had their Grand Opening for there New Business in Springfield last week!
Catherine Williams-missed meetings speaking,  At ACC and is teaching at the 2nd Chance Program at ACC.
Mike Helechu-happy with Allied Track and did lots of things over the weekend.
Julie Cotnoir-was happy to be seeing her daughter for Family Week, at college.
Kate Garvey-had a great dinner at the cape based on a recommendation from a Rotary Member.  She is very excited to be changing her job as of 10/3 doing Elder Law in Bloomfield!
Milt Rosenberg- Bloomfield Club is also a good club, if Kate wants to visit.
Carol B         - Her youngest daughter is turning 29.
Larry Tracey-stayed with two teen grandsons and a dog for four days and was happy to be able to go home and rest!
Joe’s History Minute:
Te famous editorial “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” was printed and distributed in New York City.
1-What was the name of the newspaper in which the editorial was printed?  The New York Sun
2 What was Virginia’s last name?  O’Hanion
3 What was the name of the editor who penned the editorial?  Francis  P. Church
Kevin reported there was $115 in the card kitty.
Milt- drew a card but didn’t win
Eric took $5  Lindsey took $10
SPUR September 21, 2016 Sandra Zukowski 2016-09-21 00:00:00Z 0
Four members of the Bay Path University Rotaract Club volunteered to staff our Amber Alert Child ID Booth at Enfield's Family Day event on Sunday, Sept. 18th.
(L-R) Miranda Gilman, a senior majoring in Forensic Science, serves as Rotaract Secretary; Ami MacDowell, a senior majoring in Clinical Psychology, is the Club's Vice President; Hali Doyon, a freshman majoring in Neurobiology, joined Rotaract this year; and Brianna Lively, a junior majoring in Forensic Science, serves as the Club's Treasurer.
The Rotaract team registered 62 children in four hours for the national Amber Alert database and printed plastic ID cards for their parents. Scattered rain showers affected attendance; Rotarian Mike Helechu believes the team may have registered even more children if the sun had been shining. 
"We couldn't have done this important community service event without the Rotaract volunteers," Mike states. "Their teamwork, efficiency and enthusiasm helped us hit a home run. We truly appreciate the commitment to 'service above self' these students have demonstrated."

Rotaract Volunteers Register 62 Children at Amber Alert Booth Michael Helechu 2016-09-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Minutes:         Date: 9/14/2016  
Pledge: Al Drinan            
4 way test: Milt Rosenberg          
Invocation: Chris Leary            
Guests and visitors: Minnie Treadwell - Guest of Bobbie Mazurek    
  Keith Modore  soon to be new member      
  Julie Cotnoir soon to be new member      
Rotarian Anniversaries:              
Birthdays: Kathy Baron  9/18  …30 again!        
Wedding Anniversaries: None            
Happy / Sads:              
  Milt Happy for Maine trip        
  Julie happy for walking with students in Be Like Brit walk  
  Joanne busy 2 weeks happy to settle her mom into assisted living Friday
  and happy about participation in closer to free cancer ride in New Haven
  Rich happy for upcoming vacation to Austria and ending in Prague
  Mike Happy there is a new lego set out Cinderella castle 4k pieces
  Jerry  spoke to American Kennel Club delegate body on breeding practices
  Sandy happy for grandsons birthday and weekend in Vermont  
  Kiran Running Hartford Marathon in October for St Francis cancer patients
  Greg happy for vacation in Maine ran into Milt, Happy for Michigan win
  and happy for Detroit Lions win.      
History Mystery: 14-Sep-01            
  President William McKinley died eight days after being shot by assassin
  Leon Czolgosz.          
  1- McKinley was the last veteran of what war to serve as president
  Civil War            
  2- Who did McKinley defeat in the 1896 election to become president?
  William Jennings Bryant        
  3-Theodore Roosevelt became president when McKinley died during his 
Other Business: second term.  What position did Roosevelt hold during McKinley's first 
  term in office?   Assistant Secretary of the Navy.    
Rotary SPUR Sept 14, 2016 Eric Moody 2016-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Wine & Beer Tasting Sept. 29 Michael Helechu 2016-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Enfield Meeting of September 7, 2016
Vice President Scott Kaupin called the meeting to order at 12:15.
Allyson Rodricks led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sandy Zukowski led the Four Way Test.
Kevin Mayo said our invocation.
Julie Cotnoir and Keith Madore from Asnuntuck Community College
Happy/Sad Dollars (led by Sgt. at Arms Kevin Mayo):
Kevin Mayo - Happy to be on vacation next week and that the Red Sox are in first place in September!
Joe Fallon – Donated a Leave Early Dollar.
Steve Damon – Will be serving as Den Leader for a Wolf Group (2nd graders) of Cub Scouts in Agawam
Ed Palomba – Happy for the meatloaf and that the fall softball league started last evening.  He also successfully moved his daughter into her new apartment in Boston after some renovations issues and delays.
Mike Helechu – Donated some cash for missing a couple of meetings and in honor of some Rotarian health issues.  Mike had a nice Labor Day weekend taking in Beethoven’s Ninth in Boston plus a round of golf.
Nick Deni – Donated a Leave Early Dollar plus let us know that he did not win the Myrtle Beach Golf Tournament last week.  Bubba the Dog did enjoy his vacation in Myrtle Beach though.
Scott Kaupin – Spent a long Labor Day Weekend at The Gorge in George, Washington for three Dave Matthews concerts overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.
History Mystery:
September 7, 1942:
  1. What was the nickname of the B-32?
A – The Dominator
  1. What company made the B-32?
A – Consolidated Aircraft
  1. What plane served as the base model for the B-32?
A – The B-24 Liberator
Raffle - $95 in the pot:
$10 – Lindsey Weber
Card – Kathy Barron – 5 of Spades
$5 – Steve Alminas
The East Windsor Rotary Club will be holding their Annual Wine & Beer Tasting event on Saturday, September 24th from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Second Chance Farm, 42 Rice Road, East Windsor, CT.  Cost is $30 per person at the door or $25 pre-purchase.  Contact Dan Tarbell ( or Dave Menard (  Tickets can be purchased online at
Eric Moody passed out a sign-up sheet for our Wine Tasting for people to bring hot and cold appetizers.  He also has two tickets to the Bloomfield Wine Tasting on September 8th if anyone would like to go.
Kevin Mayo announced that the Rotary After 5:00 has been cancelled for this month due to scheduling issues.
Foundation Dinner will be held on Thursday, November 3rd at Chez Josef.
Kathleen Souvigney, Executive Director of the Enfield Food Shelf, was our guest speaker.
The Enfield Food Shelf, Inc. - Ensuring no Enfield family in need is without food assistance
About the Enfield Food Shelf:
  • Founded in 1968
  • Mission is to ensure no Enfield family in need is without food assistance
  • 501(c)3 Charitable Organization
  • Governed by Board of Directors
  • 50+ regular volunteers working 2 to 25 hours per week – one original volunteer from 1968!!
  • One employee (part-time)
  • Average of 350 families served per week/2,830 individuals/37% children
  • 600,000+ Pounds of food distributed annually
  • Equivalent of 241,722 meals provided to date this year
  • 512 monthly food boxes provided to seniors in CSFP program this year (with 224 home deliveries)
Why Is Addressing Hunger Important To Our Community?
  • Impacts of Food Insecurity
  • Pregnant women more likely to experience birth complications
  • Children at higher risk for chronic health conditions such as anemia and asthma
  • Seniors more likely to experience depression, heart attacks, asthma or congestive heart failure
  • Students who are food insecure have greater number of chronic absences, more visits to the nurse, a shortened attention span and diminished academic achievement
  • 2015 survey of all JFK Middle School students reported:
  • 19.5% of students worry that sometimes, often or always/almost always worry their family would run out of food before their families had money to buy more
  • As a community, without full participation of children eligible for Free/Reduced in the School District, Enfield misses out on almost $275,000 in Federal funding as well as Title I funding.
Who is Food Insecure?
  • Fixed Income
    • Seniors
    • Disabled
    • Veterans
  • Working Families with limited earning potential
  • Families in Emergency Situations
  • College Students – 70% of Asnuntuck students qualified for free/reduced lunch prior to graduation
What programs and resources does EFS provide?
  • Weekly Food Assistance for registered families
  • Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for seniors only with home delivery option
  • Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) Enrollment assistance available each distribution
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Enrollment Assistance
  • Strength-based Case Management
  • Partnership with UCONN Nutrition Program
  • Health checks during food assistance
  • Resource Table for other agencies
  • Pet Food Program
  • Laundry Detergent Distribution
  • Volunteer and Training Opportunities
  • Reclaim, Redirect and Recycle Efforts
EFS Community Outreach Efforts
  • Provide emergency food baskets for Neighborhood Services and other agencies
  • Hub for distribution of perishable foods and non-food items to other agencies including (but not limited to):
    • Enfield Loaves and Fishes
    • Enfield WIC
    • Enfield Senior Center
    • Enfield Youth Services
    • Enfield Family Resource Center
    • Enfield Warming Center
    • Mark Twain and other Enfield Senior Housing
    • Five Corner Cupboard
    • Pauline’s Stockpot Kitchen
    • Catholic Charities of Hartford
    • East Granby Food Pantry
    • South Park Inn, Hartford
  • Raise hunger awareness in the community through presentations
  • Assist businesses to create charitable giving programs
  • Actively Participate in Local Initiatives – Enfield Hunger Action Team (EHAT)
  • Healthy Meals=Healthy Minds Initiatives (collaboration with ERfC)
“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.  Then I realized I was somebody.”
---Lily Tomlin
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Scott Kaupin
SPUR September 7, 2016 Scott Kaupin 2016-09-07 00:00:00Z 0
President Greg Stokes opened the meeting promptly at 12:14 pm
Allyson Rodricks led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Chris Casey led us in the Four Way Test
Kevin Mayo led us in prayer.
Guests included:
Keith Madore of ACC guest of Chris Casey
Julie Cotnoir of ACC guest of Sandy Z
Michelle Tracey wife of Larry Tracey
Fine – No Pin…pay a $
It was a tough week in the Bell Household as they had to put down a dog and then Jerry’s mom passed away suddenly.  Our condolences go out to the Bell Family.
Adrian has returned to a new Job at WNEU, His new son is letting him sleep now & Grand Mother in Law has been a great help.
Ed P is sad his undefeated softball lost in the playoffs.  He is still a happy doting Grandpa of 2.5 weeks & he is happy his brother-in-law (aka Nick) carried his golf team this weekend!
Jim Kuhn has been away as usual. ;-)
Mr. Mayor is back after 2.5 enjoyable weeks at The Cape
Bobbi M has a new Grand Niece.
Kate is embarking on big changes & is again proud of her son who won his club Jr. Championship at Twin Hills!
Eric has a wedding anniversary to celebrate.
Nick (aka – Ed’s Bro-in-law) is happy to finish 1st in Crestview Invitational with his team & says Ed did contribute.  Now he is off toe Myrtle for the World Amateur so feel free to log on & follow!
Allyson is happy to have a new job & is officially now a mortgage broker!
Julie C.  had a nice trip taking her daughter to school & then going to visit more family.
August 29, 1989
Pete Rose, also known as “Charlie Hustle” accepted a permanent place on baseball’s ineligible list
Q1.  Who was Commissioner of Baseball that made this deal with Rose?
        Bart Giamatti
Q2.  What was Peter Rose’s uniform #?  
Q3. Who gave Rose the nickname “Charlie Hustle”?
        Whitey Ford
Raffle –
Dick S won $10
Sandy Z won $5
Chris Leary drew the 2 of Diamonds
We received Thank You cards from scholarship students Haley Cotnoir & Heather Muir
Wine Committee Report – Chris Casey
Wine Tasting is September 29th so Mark your calendars if you haven’t already. Tickets will be distributed next week.  4 per Rotarian.  There will also be Sign Up sheets for specific food items to bring as well.
Dictionary Project – Ed P asked for a status of the Dictionary project since Henry is no longer here to spearhead.  He will contact the current librarian to find out need & timing.
Our speaker was Enfield Town Manager, Bryan Chodkowski.
Bryan comes to Enfield after serving 9 years in Riverside, OH which is the Dayton OH area.  He is originally from the area as well.  He has a BA from OH University not to be confused with OH State.  Ohio University holds a Guinness record for most bars per square mile as one of its many distinctions!  His degree is in Political Science and Public Administration.  Bryan is married with 3 children ranging in age from Senior in high school to 6 year old.
The choice to come to Enfield was made based on a few criteria including the larger population base, proximity to both Hartford & Springfield for ease of finding his interior designer wife employment & that opportunity to serve in a town with no county government structure as there is in the Midwest.  Bryan states that he enjoys his job & it’s challenges.  Some of the challenges he feels we need to tackler are; after continuous growth we have had a flat population for the past 2 census counts; State Economy issues;  Perception issues of being predominantly a blue collar town when we actually have a good mix of all as well as what he calls ‘The Thompsonville Effect”.  On the positive side he notes that the company handling Enfield Square Mall has agreed to invest $1 million in improvements.  Strip malls continue to thrive.  The Hallmark facility has already sold & been re-leased with plans for significant expansion.  He also noted that the leadership in his office has quite a bit of experience outside of Enfield.   He notes that he has a very strong (negative) reaction to the comment “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”.
Bryan pointed out that statistics show our state continues to grow & we are the 2nd wealthiest state in the country.  His plan to move the community forward is based on the idea Cute Sells!  He would like to work on making the town more aesthetically attractive.  Some ideas include adding a rent/least guarantee program & working on housing to compliment the train station development where we should not only export but import workers.  Adding boutique restaurants & shops to attract additional traffic to the area is also part of the plan.
He is currently working toward hiring a Director of Development Services who will have responsibilities over multiple departments including both Planning & Zoning as well as Building.  He wants to bridge the gap between these to both physical & otherwise which is obviously hindering development in this town.
Bryan believes in constant improvement and development that starts with funding education to bring families to town & in turn attract businesses/employers.
He welcomed anyone to come down to Town Hall & visit or contact him with issues.
Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm
SPUR August 24, 2016 Jo Ann Walk 2016-08-24 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Minutes:         Date: 8/17/2016    
Aug 17, 2016
Pledge: Larry Tracy              
4 way test: Dick Stevens              
Invocation: Kevin Mayo              
Guests and visitors: Frank Wargo & Marcel Schmidt Rotary District      
  Bart Raser Pittsfield Rotary          
  Julie Cotnoir Keith Modore          
Rotarian Anniversaries:                
Birthdays: none              
Wedding Anniversaries: Eric & Carolyn 29th wedding annv. 8/22        
Happy / Sads:                
  Ed P. Has a new Grand daughter          
  Rich T. California trip            
  Catherine Adjunct Prof @ Asnuntuck        
  Frank Wargo Happy for GPS! Happy to be here      
  Sandy Z  Sad that her daughters High school band director passed away  
  Bobbi M Happy Frank is here today and brought a flag for the district  
  Bart R happy to be here from Pittsfield and happy to announce the new   
  hardware store opening soon          
  Marcel S. Happy to be here          
  Carol B Happy and sad missed last week she had family visiting    
  Bill S.  Happy to see Frank again, thanks for the Fenway park photo and    
  for being able to sing for and attend little league tourney in Westfield  
  Julie Happy for the scholarship awarded to her daughter last week  
  Mike H. Happy for the scholarship meeting and happy to see Frank  
History Mystery:                
  August 17,1913            
  The person who gave information to Woodward that allowed him  
  to uncover the Watergate cover-up that resulted in the resignation of   
  Richard Nixon was born in Twin Falls Idaho      
  1) what was the person's code name - deep throat      
  2) Who was deep throat - W Mark Felt        
  2) What government position did he hold at the time of the cover-up -   
  Associate Director of the FBI          
Other Business: Drawing               
  5 = Dick S.              
  10 = Steve D.            
  Card = Bill S. drew queen of Diamonds        
SPUR  August 17, 2016 Eric Moody 2016-08-17 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary August 10, 2016 Spur
President Greg Stokes opened the meeting at 12:15
Pledge of Allegiance led by Dick Stevens
Four Way Test led by Lindsey Weber
Invocation by Mike Helechu
Guests & Visitors:
              Keith Madore, Guest of Chris Casey
              Michele Tracey, Guest of Larry Tracey
              Julie Cotnoir, Guest of Sandy Zukowski
Guests of Scholarship Recipients were introduced by recipient or hosts.
Sargent of Arms – birthdays, anniversaries and happy/sad dollars
  • Lindsey birthday and happy for scholarship recipients
  • Sandy Zukowsky club anniversary and happy for scholarship recipients
  • Kevin Mayo happy for scholarship recipient, certain Boston team and Rotary After 5 at Buona Vita Restaurant on 8/18
  • Scott Kaupin congratulated scholarship recipient Adam Scavotto and happy to be heading back to the Cape
  • Jerry Bell back from San Antonio from conference and round of golf
  • Mike Helechu happy for scholarship recipients and hopeful for the Yankees
  • Bill Squires was at baseball game
  • Larry Tracey happy for scholarship recipients and their parents
  • Cheryl Leary happy for scholarship recipients and sent hello wishes to Chris Leary who was sitting at another table this week
  • Kate Garvey proud mom and happy Cape vacation
  • Milt Rosenberg happy for scholarship recipients and going to Cooperstown
  • Joyce Keating happy for scholarship recipients and looking at colleges for her grandson Owen
  • Guest Adam Scavotto , school starts in three weeks dollar
Attorney Joe Fallon’s History Minute
On August 10, 1850 Millard Fillmore was inaugurated as the 13th President of the United States
1.) Elected as vice-president in 1849 he became President when who died? Zachary Taylor
2.) What political party was Fillmore a member of when he was elected? The Whig Party
3.) What University in Western New York did he help to found? University of Buffalo
Raffle: Guest Pam Maynard - $10.00; Nick Deni - $5.00 and Joe Fallon the card but not the Queen of Hearts! Sorry Joe.
Today’s meeting was the Scholarship Awards Luncheon. Jerry Bell welcomed everyone stating that over a quarter of a million dollars has been given in scholarships since its inception. This year, $12,000 will be distributed in scholarships. Enfield Rotary members, who hosted students, introduced them to the club and presented them with their scholarship check. Those who received scholarships and their hosts were:
Amy Jacques – Junior, Elms College - Nursing  Roger Mullins Award, $2,000 - hosted by Chris Leary 
Jason Menaker – Junior, Westfield State University – Criminal Justice  Charles Nirenberg Award, $2,000 – hosted by Cheryl Leary 
Jacob Mikullitz – Junior, University of Connecticut – Ecology and Revolutionary Biology  Theodore P. Tenerowicz Family Award, $1,000 - hosted by Jo Ann Walk 
Abigale Shaughnessy– Junior, University of Maine – Marine Biology  Irene Tranghese  and Ella B Affhauser Award, $1000 – hosted by Nick Deni 
Adam Scavotto – Senior, American International College – Nursing  Dr. Edward A. Palomba, $1,000 – hosted by Scott Kaupin 
Rachel Kaliff – Senior, Springfield College – Athletic Training  Robert and Irma Squires Award, $1,000 – unable to attend 
Ian Maynard – Junior, University of Connecticut – Math  Robert B. Berger Award, $1,000 – hosted by Milton Rosenberg 
Heather Murray– Senior, Eastern Connecticut State University – Business Administration, HR Management  Richard E. Stevens Award, $1,000 – hosted by Sandy Zukowski 
Haley Cotnoir – Senior, High Point University – Business Administration  Omer S. Muchmore, Jr. Award, $1,000 – hosted by Michael Helechu  
In addition to the scholarships listed above, this year, we also presented two vocational scholarships of $500 each to seniors at  Enfield High School and Fermi High School.  
SPUR  August 10, 2016 Chris Casey 2016-08-10 00:00:00Z 0
  •  %!
    Minutes of the August 3, 2016 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club at the Holiday Inn at Enfield, Connecticut.
    It was one of those perfect summer days – The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the birds were singing and the lawnmower was broken – James Dent
    Meeting gaveled to order at 12:15 p.m. by President Greg Stokes
    Opening Pledge:   Christine Casey
    4 Way Test:           Bobbie Mizurek
    Invocation:             Kevin Mayo
    Remember “ Everyone you will ever meet know something that you don’t” – Bill Nye
    Chris Casey hosted Keith Madore of Asnuntuck Community College
    Larry Tracey was accompanied by his better half, Michelle Tracey
    Sandy Zukowski  feted Julie Cotnoir
    Sgt-at-Arms: Kevin Mayo
    Sgt. Mayo announced that he and the worthy scribe, Joe Fallon, were celebrating birthdays on August 7. (Now you know how he gets so many correct answers on the History quiz).
    He further announced Joyce Keating’s 29th club anniversary.
    Carol Bohnet celebrated her granddaughters first birthday. She also was happy that Allied Rehab received grants from the State of Connecticut.
    Ed Palomba waxed philosophical about the recent Yankee baseball trades and kept us up to date on his undefeated softball team. Clearly he wasn’t speaking about then Yankees when he used the word “undefeated”
    Jerry Bell was happy for his recent rotary golf experience and even more happy that he gets to go to San Antonio and go there as well.
    Joann Smith offered a happy $5.00.
     She was followed by Bill Squires who offered a sad dollar for the passing of a good friend and mentor, a happy dollar for a good time with his family and a very happy dollar for some possible great advances in ending the scourge of polio.
    Joe Fallon offered a donation to the Enfield Rotary scholarship Fund for his birthday celebration and agreed with Dick Stevens that it is better to be seen than viewed.
    President Greg Stokes offered a happy birthday dollar.
    Mike Helechu reported that Ed Sharpless is alive and well in New Jersey, that he appreciated the fact that his teammates carried him In the golf tournament on Monday, that the Yankees should do well in 2018 and that the Allied blood drive will be on August 23, 2016.
    Kirhan Majmudar is happy/sad  that his daughter and her family go to Brazil as part of the US embassy staff and that he and Yogini will get to visit them there.
    Joyce Keating was very happy to celebrate her 29th club anniversary.
    Sandy Zukowski was happy for family visits.
    Kathy Barron was happy for a great golf experience on Monday.
    Chris Casey celebrated a great time in Rhode Island (little Chris and little rhody-seems appropriate).
    Bobbie Mizurek wrapped up the comments with an overall happy-happy.
    HISTORY MYSTERY - Joe Fallon
    August 3, 1923
    John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.  was sworn into office as the 30th President of the United States after the untimely death of Warren Harding.
  • What was distinctive about the birthday of Coolidge?
  • He is the only President born on the 4th of July – July 4, 1872.
  • Prior to holding Federal office, what political position did Coolidge hold?
  • Governor of Massachusetts
  • Who administered the Presidential oath of office to Coolidge?
  • His father, John Calvin Coolidge, a Vermont notary public.
    Dick Stevens - $10.00
    Julie Cotnoir - $5.00
    Joann Smith –Jack of Diamonds (not a girl’s best friend)
    I never learned anything while I was talking – Larry King.
    Chris Casey announced that she and Erik Moody were chairing the Rotary wine tasting which will be held on September 29, 2016. The will be having a committee meeting for all interested I n helping them on next Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 11:30 am at the hotel.
    Kevin Mayo reminded everyone that the meeting on August 10 (next week) is the Scholarship luncheon and urged all to be present.
    Joyce Keating inquired whether there was any interest in a general anyone golf tournament as was once hosted by John Adams. President Stokes and Joyce will consult on the issue.
    President Stokes reminded everyone that our Rotary District Governor will be at our August 17, 2016 meeting.

    Kirhan Majmudar introduced our guest speaker, Kirti D. Patel, the CEO of Eppindorf of Enfield. Mr. Patel gave an expansive and informative presentation on the mission and focus of Eppindorf. The company commenced business in Germany as a startup of two scientists. It has now grown into a multimillion dollar enterprise whose main focus is to improve living conditions. The company oversees the production of very high-end equipment that handles liquids, cells and samples. Sustainability is the watchword of the company. The Enfield operation produces roughly 19% of all company revenues and employs approximately 315 people. Mr. Patel and Eppindorf are quite proud of their association with Asnuntuck Community College and their combined efforts which have resulted in multi-faceted courses to educate and train skilled technicians.
    The meeting was closed by President Greg Stokes at 1:33 p.m.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Guest Editor Substitute Joe Fallon pitch hitting for the far more capable Lindsey Weber
SPUR August 3, 2016 Joe Fallon 2016-08-03 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Club SPUR July 27, 2016
President Greg opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m.
Joe Fallon led the Pledge of Allegiance
Scott Kaupin, with assistance, located the banner with the 4-Way Test. With more
assistance and after two or three false starts, he got the hang of it and finished
reciting the Test in record-breaking time (somewhere short of four minutes), leaving
Chris Leary to “thank God” for all of us.
Guest of Nick Deni: Catherine Williamson
Sgt. at Arms: Scott “I hope I can do this right” Kaupin. Still reeling from the 4-Way
Test, Scott let us off the hook for fines because it was such a nice day.
There were no birthdays or anniversaries, although some Rotarians fessed up to
being absent when the announcements were made in previous weeks.
- Joyce celebrated a “big” birthday by going on a cruise and watching the British
Open. She had to wear four layers (Scott shuddered) because it was so cold.
- Cheryl had $20 happy dollars (you should have seen how big Chris’ eyes got!) for
her recent birthday celebration that included spending time with Larry and Michele
- Chris was happy for his wife’s birthday (and sad for his wallet).
- Mike was happy to be part of an Enfield Rotary foursome (Scott twitched a bit) that
would be playing in the District 7890 tournament on Monday Aug. 1, including Kathy
Barron, Jerry Bell and Nick Deni.
- Nick was very excited to be a brand new grandparent for the first time. He also
spent some time at the beach, but said it was too hot.
- Jerry was looking forward to the District Tournament.
- Scott had a great vacation in Cape Cod.
- Stu had a leave early dollar.
- Greg went deep sea fishing for the first time in his life and caught a 36-inch blue
Joe Fallon’s History/Mystery—July 27, 1789
The very first Executive Department of the United States Government was
  • established.
    1. What was its name?
    A: Department of Foreign Affairs (now the State Department)
    2. In what Washington, D.C., neighborhood is the Dept. of State located (the name
    of which is also used as a nickname for the department)?
    A: Foggy Bottom
    3. The Secretary of State is the fifth in line of Presidential succession. Who is ahead
    of the Secretary?
    President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and President Pro Tempore of the
    Raffle: $10: Lou; $5 Scott (good thing it wasn’t $4 and change); card: Eric
    - Scholarship Luncheon will be August 10.
    - District Governor’s Visit August 17; also last day for bringing in backpacks and
    school supplies.
    - President Greg has been in contact with the woman who has a complaint about
    the walking path at the Library; he will be making an appointment to meet with her.
    Past President Nick volunteered to accompany Greg.
    - President Greg read a certificate of appreciation received from the Loaves &
    Fishes Soup Kitchen.
    - Our Wine Tasting event is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Holiday Inn.
    Please mark you calendars.
    Guest Speaker: Ryan Obedzinski, Manager of Community Engagement for
    Educational Resources for Children (ERfC).
    Ryan started off by thanking the Enfield Rotary Club for its extensive support of
    ERfC programs, such as the annual backpack and school supplies drive, Summer
    Lunch Bunch and their fundraisers. He noted that Mass Mutual awarded ERfC a
    Community Impact Grant that is supporting nutrition and education activities and
    events such as “Tonight in Thompsonville.”
    This year’s Summer Lunch Bunch is running five days a week for eight weeks this
    year— June 27 - Aug. 19. It’s open to anyone who wants to come for a free meal.
    Ryan never knows how many children and family members will show up, but there’s
  • always enough food ready to serve. ERfC has been receiving outstanding support
    from the community for this effort, with many volunteers coming forward to prepare
    and serve food, play with and tutor the children, clean up, etc.
    The community has also provided an outpouring of support for the backpack
    program. Last year, Rotary and others came through with enough donations to give
    every child a backpack. They actually ran out the previous year. This year’s
    distribution day will be August 23rd at St. Patrick’s. Drop off sites include the Enfield
    Food Shelf and North Thompsonville Fire Dept.
    Ryan invited anyone interested in seeing the priceless looks on children’s faces to
    come over to St. Pat’s on the 23rd between 10 a.m. and noon. In answer to a
    question, Ryan stated that they don’t get enough school supplies geared toward 8th
    graders and high school students.
    It’s clear that Ryan enjoys serving the community and that he appreciates the value
    of service to others. He also appreciates the contributions that Rotary makes that
    serve to enhance what organizations like his bring to others. Thank you for sharing
    your time with us today.
    Guest Editor: Mike Helechu
SPUR July 27, 2016 Michael Helechu 2016-07-27 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR July 20, 2016
Allyson Rodricks
Kate Garvey started meeting at 12:17 pm

Pledge - Mike Helechu
4 way test - Kiran Majmudar
Grace - Dick Stevens

Meal was - chicken, beef, salmon, pasta and sauce, mixed veggies and salad

Guest and Visitors - Lynnette, (Jo Ann's mother)
Be Like Britt presenters - Julie Cotnoir, Joe Stalker and Andrew St Amand.

Happy / Sads
Kathy Baron - Happy golf tournament went well, and thanks to all that helped.
Jo Ann Walk - Happy her mom and sister are visiting from Missouri
Carol Bohnet - Happy to have Be like Britt presentation today.
Mike Helechu- happy for good weather, happy for the Yankees.
Julie Cotnoir (Asnuntuck Guest) - happy Greg Stokes is enjoying his birthday at the Cape.
Chris Casey - golf Tournament went well and happy to hear the be like Britt presentation.
Dick Stevens - happy went salmon fishing
Rich Tkacz - happy to be traveling next week
Kate Garvey - happy spent the weekend at the Cape

History Mystery
July 20th 1968

The first international Special Olympics Summer Games were held at Soldier's Field in Chicago

1. Who is generally considered to be the founder of Special Olympics?
Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
2. What foundation provided the initial funding for the first Special Olympics?
The Joseph P Kennedy Foundation
3. What is the oath of the Special Olympics?
Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

Dick Stevens - won $10
Rich Tkacz - won $5
Eric Moody - drew card, Jack of clubs

Speakers were from the asnuntuck be like Britt trip to Haiti.  They talked about their trip in March. They explained they were well accepted by the community there. They really enjoyed being with the kids and being a part of building a house. They showed a short version of the video from their week there.  They explained the video was just a small piece of all the wonderful experiences they had. Julie Cotnoir will share the you tube link to the entire video.

Kate's thought for the day - Be Like Britt and do something to help others!

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm
SPUR July 20, 2016 Allyson Rodricks 2016-07-20 00:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Enfield recently welcomed two new members: Bobbi Mazurek of East Windsor (seated) and Nancy Berube of Ellington (standing, center). Bobbi is a registered nurse and Rotarian who transferred her membership to Enfield from the Broad Brook Rotary Club. Nancy is Vice President and Branch Manager of First Niagara Bank on Hazard Ave. in Enfield. The new members were inducted on July 6th by Rotary President Greg Stokes, left, and past President Nick Deni, right.

Enfield Rotary Club Welcomes New Members Michael Helechu 2016-07-19 00:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Meeting

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


President Greg Stokes called the meeting to order with the ringing of the bell

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Allison Rodricks

4-Way Test was led by Bobbi Mizurek

Kevin Mayo said the Blessing


Our Meal consisted of Vegetable Lasagna and Swordfish, Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, and Salad


No Visiting Rotarians nor Guests


HAPPY/SAD Dollars (there were many):

Carol Bohnet: Happy 60th Birthday – a Milestone and Hosted Husband’s Family Reunion

Kevin Mayo: Vacation next week

Chris Leary: Fabulous Enfield 4th of July Celebration

Martha McLeod: Michigan Family Visits; Brother’s successful eye surgery, both grandsons playing on the same Arena Football League team

Sandy Zukowski: Son visiting from North Carolina

Larry Tracey: 4th of July Celebration and LATE Cellphone Ring during the meeting

Jim Kuhn: Asnuntuck CC Foundation Golf Tournament and Bill Squires rendition of “God Bless America” from Fenway Park on Father’s Day – June 19th – right off of Jim’s cellphone

Ed Palomba: Vacation next week and Asnuntuck CC Foundation Golf Tournament and Rotarian support

Mike Helechu: ACC Golf, Network Golf, District Golf (does he work?) and recent new members

Steve Damon: Rotary Breakfast – Friday 07/15/2016 – Country Diner

Gerry Bell: Missed 2 weeks, Helping Mother, and North Carolina visit – Doggy Camp (find a hotter spot?)

Lou Bolduc: Anniversary next week and Vacation next week

Scott Kaupin: 4th of July Celebration, Status of the future of the event, and Vacation next week

Bobbi Mizurek: 4th of July Parade and the Honoring of Vietnam Veterans – 50 years!!!

Kate Garvey: Missing her son and visiting him on Cape Cod this weekend

Allison Rodricks: 4th of July Celebration and Recovering from the LONG weekend of Volunteering

Cheryl Leary: ACC Golf and she and Chris and team didn’t finish last!

Chris Casey: ACC Golf and 4th of July Celebration

Nick Deni: 4th of July Celebration, Fireworks (best in the area), ACC Golf, Upcoming Rotary District Golf Tournament, Grandson coming soon (possibly), and Vacation next week

Greg Stokes: 4th of July Celebration, Birthday next week, and Vacation next week


Common trends here: 4th of July Celebration (Great Weekend) and  ACC Golf (Great Day)


Joe Fallon’s History/Mystery Moment:

July 13, 1787 – The Northwest Ordinance, also known as the Freedom Ordinance, which established the Northwest Territory, became a Law in the United States

1)      What was the name of the legislative body that passed the act establishing the North West Territory? The Congress of the Confederation of the United States

2)      What did Ordinance prohibit? Slavery

3)      What critically important precedent did the Ordinance establish that would make the United States what it is today? It established that westward expansion would be made by the creation of new States, not the expansion of existing states

Business Meeting – Greg Stokes and others

1)      Honored Nick Deni with a President’s Plaque – Appreciated his year as President

2)      A lot to Learn and a lot to understand

a.       Goals for 2016-17

                                                               i.      Membership – Increase by 20%

                                                             ii.      Foundation - $ 4,000.00 in Member contributions to Foundation

                                                            iii.      Visability in the Community

                                                           iv.      Community Outreach

                                                             v.      Younger Generation of Membership – New Members

b.      Welcome any input and advice

c.       Will be working with Committees – Get involved join a committee

3)      July 17 – Asnuntuck CC – “Be Like Brit” Group presentation

4)      August 10 – Scholarship Foundation Luncheon

5)      August 17 – District Governor’s visit – Frank Wargo

6)      2016 Backpack & Supplies Drive – need items by 08/17/2016 Meeting (Distribution 08/23/2016)

7)      Mike Helechu – Enfield Family Day – Sunday, September 18th – Town Green

a.       Amber Alert – looking for volunteers – 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM

8)      Bill McGurk is heading to Nigeria with the Polio vaccination team – Good Luck Bill

9)      Thursday, July 14 – Rotary After Hours – Chicago Sam’s – 5:00 PM – Kevin Mayo

10)   Friday, July 15th – Rotary Breakfast – Country Diner – 8:00 AM – Steve Damon

11)   Walking Path Issue was discussed – FaceBook post

a.       Proximity of the Path to the homes along the East side of the Library

b.      Possibly resolutions were discussed

c.       Greg is going to meeting with the homeowner

d.      Overly active dog

e.      More to follow


President Stokes Closed the Meeting


Respectfully Submitted – July 13, 2016

Ed Palomba – Scribe for the day



Ed Palomba – Enfield

SPUR July 13, 2016 Ed Palomba 2016-07-13 00:00:00Z 0
Spur                July 6, 2016     SPUR Editor did not show this week. Notes are limited.
Pledge of Allegiance-                        Kevin Mayo
4 Way test-                             not sure
Invocation-                             Chris Leary
Presidents remarks-
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Kevin Mayo- son’s b’day
Bill Squires- sang Natl Anthem Pittsfield and looking forward to singing at future Bosox game
Ed Palomba- played 45 holes of golf
Nick Deni- happy to be ex-President
Joes History Mystery Minute
The first All-Star game played at Comiskey Park in Chicago.
  • What bigger event was it originally a part of?  1933 Chicago World Fair
  • What is name of most valuable player award and what was original name? Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award- The Arch Ward Trophy
  • Who was last player to win award two years in a row?  Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers
    Raffle Winners
    Card-              Joe Fallon – 2 Spades
    $10-                 Eric Moody
    $5-                   Greg Stokes
    Speaker-         Chief Ed Richards of Enfield Fire District #1 spoke on Security & Terrorism….more specifically on Active Shooters.
    This is happening ore frequently, can happen anywhere. Refer to for info.
    Urged situational awareness….be aware of what is going on, not staring at your phone as you walk.
    FEMA says- Run, Hide and Fight in that order as best way to deal with active shooting situation.
    Enfield FD does have a response plan should situation arise.
    Club Announcements-  Rotary After 5  7/14/16  Chicago Sam’s
    Meeting Adjourned @ :
SPUR July 6, 2016 2016-07-06 00:00:00Z 0
Incoming President Gregory T. Stokes has been a member of our club since January 2007. He was proposed for membership by Al Drinan. Greg is Pastor at Cornerstone Church in East Windsor and is currently serving as an Enfield Town Councilor at Large.
Greg was officially sworn in as President at the Rotary District 7890 Installation banquet at Chez Josef in Agawam on June 16th. In addition to Greg's wife, Dawn, the banquet was attended by outgoing President Nick Deni and his wife, Lisa, and Rotarians Bill Squires, Milt Rosenberg and Mike Helechu.
Our club's "change-of-command" ceremony was held on June 29th. Our thanks to Nick Deni for an excellent year. (Nick received the District 7890 Presidential Citation for meeting or exceeding the goals he set for 2015-2016; he was quick to acknowledge the great support he received from officers, directors, committee chairs and the membership in general.) And best wishes to Greg as his year gets underway at the July 6th meeting.

Greg Stokes is 88th Enfield Rotary President Michael Helechu 2016-07-05 00:00:00Z 0

The Enfield Rotary Club joined more than 30 other Rotary clubs in CT, FL, MA, RI, Canada and Guatemala to fund a project that will bring fresh drinking water to needy communities in Guatemala. With matching funds from The Rotary Foundation, more than $118,000 has been raised this year to support this international service project. 

In 2016, fresh water systems, latrines and vented stoves will directly benefit 146 families (875 people) in two rural communities. The families contribute local labor and in-kind services, stretching the dollars that are used to purchase equipment and building supplies.

Manchester Rotarian Rick Lawrence and his wife have coordinated efforts to bring clean water to rural areas in Central America with assistance from ALDEA, a non-governmental organization (NGO). More than $525,000 has been raised in the past 10 years. The Enfield Rotary Club has donated $2,500 annually since 2012.

In the photo, former ALDEA Vice President Zoe Kopp receives Enfield’s 2016 donation from International Service Director Carol Bohnet. 

For more information about the International Service projects supported by the Rotary Club of Enfield, please click on the “International Service Projects” site page (above, left).


Enfield Rotary Supports Guatemala Clean Water Project Michael Helechu 2016-07-05 00:00:00Z 0
Minutes of the June 29, 2016 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club at the Holiday Inn at Enfield, Connecticut.
“ And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days” – James Russell Lowell
Opening Pledge:   Mike McManus
4 Way Test:           Mike (Chuckie) Helechu
Invocation:            Greg Stokes
Lisa Deni – Better half and Guest of Nick Deni
Bobbie Mizurek – East Windsor Rotary and soon to be Enfield Rotarian
Bill McGurk – Roustabout and Rockville Rotary Member
Stand-in Sgt-at-Arms: Kevin Mayo announced that no fines were being imposed this week but that next week would see fines for those not properly attired in the Red, White and Blue. He also announced that Sandy Zukowski is celebrating a birthday and that he is happy that his son also celebrates a birthday.
  • The following contributed happy-sad dollars and made comments related thereto:
Chris Casey offered her congratulations to Nick for his service as president. Mike McManus offered a few happy dollars for a wonderful vacation in South Africa and noted that upcoming vacations would cause him to miss a few July meetings. Carol Bohnet offered a happy dollar for her mother’s birthday. And Mike Helechu stepped up to the plate with a donation recognizing Nick.
Bill McGurk, erstwhile Purple Crusader, was happy to join us in fellowship (AMDG). Kate Garvey was happy for Nick and Greg. She also was happy that her son had a great week of baseball and golf-  her son clearly inheriting his talent from his grandfather. Sandy Zukowski gave thanks for the birthday kudos and was also happy for Nick and Greg. Greg Stokes offered a happy for Nick. Bobbie Mizurek followed with another happy for Nick and Greg.
Nick Deni was happy that he got to see his college roommate, happy that he got to see the golf skills of Joe Fallon but most of all he was happy that he had a great year due to the efforts of all of the Enfield Rotarians.
Joann Walk offered happies for Nick and Greg followed by like sentiments from Joann Smith.
Ending his day with five stitches at JMH, Ed is now recognized as a “bloody good sport” A day of happy and sad was ended by the tale of woe of Ed Palomba who recounted his experience with the tools of ignorance as a catcher with his Somers softball team. who bleeds softball almost as much as he bleeds Rotary.
 June 29, 1852
Henry Clay, having served as a Congressman, Speaker of the House, United States Senator and  Secretary of State, died in Washington, DC  at the age of 75.
  1. What was his nickname?
The Great Compromiser
  1. The “Immortal Trio” consisted of Clay and what two other US Senators?
Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun
  1. Clay was the first person to ever “lie in state” in what building?
The United States Capitol
The correct answers to all three questions were given by Kevin Mayo,
Thought for the day- You can always tell a real friend;  when you made a fool of yourself, a real friend doesn’t feel that you’ve done a permanent job –Laurence J. Peter
Joann Walk - $10.00
Ed Palomba- $5.00
Larry Tracey – Dug a hole with the eight of spades
This was a business meeting for our Club.
President Nick Deni presented service awards to Ed Palomba and Scott Kaupin. He also announced, with regret, that Jeff Tingley resigned due to an increased business workload. Nick also noted that Bonnie Mizurek and Nancy Berube would be inducted into the Enfield rotary Club next week.
Mention was made that the District golf tournament will be held on August 1, 2016 at Twin Hills CC in Longmeadow and that Enfield Rotarians are needed to fill out some foursomes.
Nick recognized Carol Bohnet  for her contributions and attendance at the District Water Project meetings
Nick then thanked everyone for a very good year and that I was a privilege to be President. He got to learn by doing and enjoyed many rewards for his service as President. He generously thanked everyone for making his tenure enjoyable.
THE RITE OF SUCCESSION  (“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”) - Tom Peters
President Nick then asked President- elect Greg Stokes to come forward. Nick pinned Greg with Presidential pin and, in turn, Greg gave Nick a Past President pin. The gavel was then passed to Greg.
Thought- “A person who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd” -Max Lucado
In his initial comments, President Stokes noted how impressed he was by the training given to incoming Rotary Presidents. He made clear that a CEO is only as good as the members that he leads. He ended his remarks by letting all of us know that he is always open to advice and counsel from any Rotarian.
THE FINALE  (“The most important part of a story is the ending. No one reads a book to get to the middle”-Mickey Spillane)
President  Nick then recognized Mike Helechu and Ed Palomba for all the work and time that both extended over the course of the last year. He also thanked Lou Bolduc, Jack Welch and Larry Tracey for their efforts as well.
Mike Helechu had a point of information for all of us. He recommended that we read the story of Rotary International’s new President in this month’s Rotary magazine if we want to get reinvigorated about Rotary.
“Poetry is language as its most distilled and most powerful.” – Rita dove
President  Nick then recited his last formal announcement as President. A wonderful poem of Tears and Cheers.
President Nick, with grace, adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:11 p.m. on June 29, 2016.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph E. Fallon
Guest Editor and Resident Dandy
SPUR June 29, 2016 Joe Fallon 2016-06-29 00:00:00Z 0
Spur    June 15, 2016   very limited SPUR this week….incomplete notes for SPUR
Pledge of Allegiance-  Rich Tkacz              
4 Way test-  Kate Garvey
Invocation- Pope in Waiting Greg Stokes
Presidents remarks- The Older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age bounds wisdom
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Joes History Mystery Minute-  June 15, 1916 this well known group became the first youth organization to be granted Federal charter.
What is name of group?    Boy Scouts
What is motto?  Be Prepared
What is slogan?  Do a good deed daily
Raffle Winners
Speaker- none
SPUR June 15, 2016 2016-06-15 00:00:00Z 0
June 8, 2016
President Nick opened his fourth-to-last meeting at 12:15 p.m.
Pledge: Larry Tracey
4-Way Test: Ed Palomba
Invocation: Greg Stokes
Guests: Nancy Berube; Rotarian Bobbi Mazurek; Jason Nealy; Rotarian Remo Pizzichemi; Michele Tracey; and Catherine Williamson
Our soon-to-be-outgoing President Nick Deni was in a good mood and shared a joke. The fact that I didn’t write anything down may have something to do with the general tenor, but I think it elicited and equal number of chuckles and groans.
Sgt.-at-Arms Adrian Garcia-Sega was in a good mood too—probably because he’s on vacation for the entire summer—and started us off with a test joke about an elderly couple talking to their doctor. Not too bad, but he quickly turned our attention to the fine for the day. He obviously saw Remo when he walked in and, sure enough, set a fine for the flashiest shoes. Out of three possible candidates, Remo was the unanimous choice and paid up cheerfully. Adrian added a fine for anyone who would not be attending Friday’s Foundation Dinner & Paul Harris Fellowship Presentations.
Wedding Anniversary: Doug Lombardi
Club Anniversary: Kate Garvey-2 Years; Ed Palomba-11 Years
Happy/Sad Dollars
- Adrian is the proud father of a baby boy who weighed in at 9+ lbs.
- Jerry’s knees are better and he has been able to play golf again.
- Lindsey is happy to be staying home with her children this summer.
- Remo (that’s pronounced RAY-mo everyone) paid for his shoes; recalled the tornado that swept through West Springfield five years ago; announced that his company has purchased a new hotel in Scranton, PA; and set the tone for upcoming union contract negotiations in California by pointing out the Rotary 4-Way Test sign on the wall behind the hotel manager’s desk.
- Mike was happy the new Library Director, Jason Nealy, was in attendance because his LEGO Millennium Falcon is on display there for the month of June; hopes the Enfield Rotary Club will be able to field two or three teams for the District Golf Tournament on August 1; and enjoyed a trip to Cape Hatteras over the Memorial Day weekend.
- Cheryl is proud of her granddaughter, who graduated high school and has been accepted at VA Tech.
- Chris Leary tried his hand at a joke. (I’m sensing a viral phenomenon endemic to the final month of our Rotary year. . . but can make no predictions about what we can expect with Cardinal Stokes at the helm next year.)
- Chris Casey was thankful for a successful St. Bernard’s Church carnival and especially the numerous volunteers who help out every year.
- Larry was happy to have his wife attending.
- Our Foundation Chair, Ed Palomba, was sad to be missing Friday’s event because of a trip to Los Angeles.
- Guest Catherine Williamson was happy to have completed her Master’s degree.
- Guest and Visiting Rotarian Bobbi Mazurek was sad about having to disband the eight-member Broad Brook Rotary Club, but impressed by their ability to raise and donate $4,000 to the local food shelf and international clean water projects as their final gesture. She is looking forward to joining our club.
- Kate was happy and surprised to be reminded that she has been a member for two years and was happy to play golf with her son, who chipped in for a birdie on the 18th hole and carded a 44! He already knows how to tip his hat to an imaginary crowd, so don’t be surprised if we see this young man at TPC River Highlands sometime soon.
- Nick had kudos for Chris Casey and the St. B’s carnival; and is happy to be going to a Jack & Jill party for his daughter, who is carrying Nick’s first grandchild. He and his wife are heading to South Carolina early in the morning after the Paul Harris banquet.
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery
Queen of Hearts: 10-Sean Stevens; 5-Ed Palomba; Card: Jack Welch
- Paul Harris banquet Friday.
- Be Like Brit program at Asnuntuck June 13
- Checks for 4-Way Test Scholarships were delivered to the homes of the winners.
- New Member Talk at next week’s meeting.
- Nick reported that 99 Restaurant fundraiser brought in $200 and that the District grant of $3,000 for the walking path has been received. The Board approved a $250 donation to the Common Grounds Rotary Garden Committee. The Board also voted to donate $2,500 to the Guatemala Clean Water Project coordinated by Manchester Rotarian Rick Lawrence.
- Ed Palomba heard from Henry Dutcher, who pointed out an obituary for Ella? Elda? Bertrand, who was one of the first community volunteers at the Common Grounds Rotary Garden when it was established in 2006.
- Ed and Lindsey have been checking into having some of the tables and benches at the Accessible Playground repainted because they’re getting rusty. Of course, we have exceeded the manufacturer’s warranty by a few months—they checked. They’re getting quotes for sanding/grinding and repainting with quality products.
- The Common Grounds Rotary Garden Committee is looking for volunteers to help at the garden Tuesday evenings. Whether you have 30 minutes or two hours, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. (If you’re a Rotarian and have never set foot in the garden, please consider stopping by at least once to get an appreciation for the work that went into establishing the garden and the value of the fresh produce harvested every year that benefits the Enfield Food Shelf and Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen.)
The meeting was adjourned early by our President, who seems to be smiling more everyday.
Guest Editor: Mike Helechu (subbing for Stu Barowsky)
SPUR June 8, 2106 Michael Helechu 2016-06-08 00:00:00Z 0
Spur    June 1, 2016
The SPUR this week is abbreviated. The assigned SPUR editor did not turn in any notes.
Pledge of Allegiance- Joyce Keating                       
4 Way test-  Kathy Barron
Invocation- Bishop Stokes
Joes History Mystery Minute-The phrase “Don’t Give Up the Ship” was uttered during a sea battle in the War of 1812.
  Who said the phrase?    Captain James Lawrence
  What ship did he command?  USS Chesapeake
  The phrase became popular when made public by what naval friend?  Commodore Perry 
Raffle Winners  not available
Speaker- Today’s speaker spoke of CRIS radio. CRIS provides audio access for  blind or
Vision challenged individuals. It provides people with the same information in a verbal format that their friends and colleagues
SPUR June 1, 2016 2016-06-01 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR May 25, 2016
There is no SPUR this week. No Notes received from SPUR Editor
SPUR May 25, 2016 Cynthia Mangini 2016-05-25 00:00:00Z 0
Spur                May 18, 2016
Pledge of Allegiance- Ed Palomba
4 Way test-  Joe Fallon
Invocation- Greg Stokes
Presidents remarks-
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries – Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
  • Fine for not attending 2 of 3 events: Playground ribbon cutting, 99 Restaurant fundraiser or Road race
  • Jim- happy Grandpa
  • Greg- new Town Manager
  • Nostalgic Rotary memories:
Ed about years going from Somers Club to Enfield
Jerry- citing Jack Welch as his sponsor resulting in a great friendship
Cheryl- first Rotaract in our District
Chris- first Rotary info meeting with Pete Johnson, who forgot his dentures
Joes History Mystery Minute- Largest volcanic eruption took place at Mt St Helens
Part of what range?  The Cascades
Name of lake abutting mountain?  Spirit Lake
Name of Lodge operator who refused to leave?  Harry Truman
Raffle Winners
Card- Kevin Mayo
$10-   ??
$5-   ??
Speaker- ??
SPUR May 18, 2016 Joyce M. Keating 2016-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Our assembled cast of Rotarian characters was jolted to awareness as President Nick rang the bell at precisely 12:15.  Mike McManus led the pledge to the flag; Ed Palomba the 4 Way Test and Greg Stokes expressed our thanks to our Creator as we paused in reverence at the start of the festivities.  
Guests included Nancy Berube and Michele Tracy.  Derek Meade ably filled in as SAA and collected fines from those not wearing white pants - now that summer weather is here.  (Or at least visible white pants.)  Joanne Smith celebrated a birthday as well as spouses Lisa Deni and Candace Bell. 
Joe Fallon challenged us with the identity of mystery man Israel Isadore Baline who came to this country and composed some of our most memorable music.  ‘Twas Irving Berlin - ably guessed by Lindsay Weber seated to my left. Berlin’s hit “There’s No Business Like Show Business” was first sung in what musical? – “Annie Get Your Gun”.  His most famous song, introduced by Kate Smith, was “God Bless America” and the proceeds were donated to the Boys and Girl Scouts. (When your erstwhile scribe heard the name Kate Smith my first thought was “When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain”.)  After the Rotary lunch I happened on a comprehensive article on the internet celebrating Berlin’s birthday, today, with the entire quiz answered right there in black  and white.
Your scribe (me) was not scheduled to be at Rotary today but duty called and I attended to write the SPUR.   Lucky me - as I pulled the Queen of Hearts and won $1.7 million – uh, no wait – uh – oh shucks it was $55.00.  Still a YUUUGE win.
Deadline for the 4 Way Test scholarships was May the First but Nick asked for any late applicants to hurry and send along paperwork.   Fundraiser at the “99” next Tuesday as diners will have 15% of their bill donated to our club. Please come and bring a sizeable party and big appetites.  The road race went well as we had 182 registrants and a probable 200 plus runners with walkups included.  Kate Garvey suggested, and the club voted, to gather at Lulu’s at 5 PM on the 19th to celebrate a successful Shadowing Program.
Carol Bohnet introduced our guest speaker Rich Lawrence of the Manchester Rotary Club. Rich was accompanied by his wife Ellen. Rich presented a program summarizing the past 9 successful years of the Rotary project to provide safe and clean drinking water to remote Mayan villages in Guatemala.  Rotarians work with the assistance of the Antigua Rotary Club in Guatemala to provide materials that enable villagers to access clean water for their respective villages.  Local labor is used on these projects. Until the assistance provided by Rotary, residents had to walk 20 minutes each way with earthen pots to collect clean water – several times a day. Villages sit in rugged terrain and are usually accessible only by four wheel drive.  In the villages assisted so far, since the project inception in 2006-2007, there has been a 33% decrease in cases of childhood dysentery.  Villagers are also taught to construct safe and well ventilated stoves for cooking. These small efforts by Rotarians from four districts, including our own 7890, reap sizeable and deeply appreciated results.  Our club board has voted to donate another $2500 to the project this year.
Your guest editor,
Dave Drinan
SPUR May 11, 2016 David R. Drinan 2016-05-11 00:00:00Z 0
                                        SPUR  May 4, 2016
Sorry there is no SPUR this week. Notes not received from SPUR editor for the assigned week.
SPUR May 4, 2016 Jeffrey Tingley 2016-05-04 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary meeting 04/27/16
Officiating:  President Nick                                                Place:  Holiday In, 12:00 pm
Pledge of Allegiance:  Bobbi Mazurek
4 Way Test:  Steve Alminas
Blessing:  Larry Tracey
Guests:  Michelle Tracey, Bobbi Mazurek
Sgt. at arms:  JoAnne Walk (AKA Madam Secretary)
  • Milt – happy anniversary and happy birthday to his wife
    • Challenged to match $118.00 (thanks Milt)
  • JoAnne Walk suggested fine – if NOT participating in any way for Cinco K Mayo
  • Jerry – Sad – can’t golf on trip, Mom surgery – WE wish her luck
  • Bobbi – Happy to be here
  • Cheryl – happy to see Michelle Tracey here
  • Kevin – money towards Milt challenge (TY)
  • Ed – Golf game stinks L, now has to do lawn work – spring is here
  • Mike H – ACTUALLY gave the Red Soxs some kudos
    • Poor Yankees
  • Dick S- missed a lot of meetings
    • Happy to be in Florida
    • Not sure about Salmon fishing with Drinan’s
    • Promised to donate to the scholarship
  • Nick – Happy wife and sons coming home
    • Sad he is still hungry L
    • Donated to the club $200 ½ of card winnings (Thanks Pres)
  • Sean- Birthday
  • Michelle Tracey – $10
  • Sean Stevens - $5
  • Mike Helechu – Card (no luck)
History Mystery:  presented by Rich Tkacz
  • April 27, 1777 – 239 years ago – A battle between British & American forces took place in Ridgefield, CT
    • Who won the Battle?
      • British
    • Who was the main commander of the American forces?
      • Brigadier General Benedict Arnold
    • What is the name of the local building where a British cannonball is still lodged in a corner post?
      • Keeler Tavern
  • Paul Harris recipients (Congrats)
    • Kevin Mayo
    • Jan Nierburg (Charlie’s wife)
    • Pam Brown
  • Ed P. reported he is in contact with Little Tikes about the playground and getting some things fixed.
  • Nick stated we should be getting the 3K district check soon
  • Scholarship meeting Country Diner – 8:00 am
  • May 14th 10:00 am dedication and ribbon cutting for the track
    • Waiting for the town on some items to address
    • Will get plaques to thank donors who helped
  • Update on Road Race – Kevin
    • Volunteers still needed – be there by 7:30 am
    • Approximately 110 runners
    • Course is properly marked (EXACT)
    • Kevin will need a DD for after race (or he can UBER it J)
    • Kiran said only 1 hour for 3 miles allowed (kidding – we hope)
  • May 17th 99 restaurant holding a benefit of % being donated back to Rotary
    • See Carol for more info
    • Information on desk during Rotary lunch check in
    • Kevin stated it counts as a Rotary after 5:00
Guest speaker:  Our very own Mike Helechu, presenting videos & historical items
  • Rotary Garden – 11th year or maybe 10th celebration
    • Henry D. created this to feed hungry in Enfield with fresh produce
    • Great video was shown
  • Rotary Video about history of Rotary – was shown as commercial during a movie at the Enfield Library
  • Playground ribbon cutting ceremony video shown.
  • Mike presented all of this to remind Rotarians of all that can be accomplished
  • Thank you MIKE as our local Rotarian Historian J
Respectfully Submitted: 
              Kathy Barron
Enfield Rotary Club SPUR April 27, 2016 Kathy Barron 2016-04-27 00:00:00Z 0
Joe Fallon Pledge
Bill Squires 4 way test
Rev. Stokes Grace

Birthdays and anniversaries
Milt  Spouse birthday
Sandy Zukowski Wedding Anniversary 47 years

Happy / Sads
Kevin Mayo  Happy weekend away and a Red Sox game
Ed Palomba Happy Brother and 5 dogs moved to Somers also enjoyed the meatloaf
Mike Helechu looking for donations to Allied's Attic
Bill Squires  Celebrated Passover and sad Springfield Falcons are moving
Nick Deni  Happy for the Playground Path Project
                Lisa is out of town  he is looking for dinner
                Son was bowling with Jordan Spieth and Ricky Fowler

Joe Fallon History Mystery Minute

April 20, 2010
A drilling rig explosion took place in the Gulf of Mexico on a rig leased by British Petroleum.

What was the name of the drilling rig?
    Deepwater Horizon

What company built the oil rig Deepwater Horizon?
    Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Deepwater Horizon now rests how many feet under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico?
    Approximately 5000 feet.

Larry Tracey $10.00
Scott Kaupin $5.00
Derick Meade  4 of Diamonds

No program today.

Nicked thanked everyone for their hard work on the walking path and said we will receive a $3000.00 grant from
the District
Rotary SPUR April 20 2016 tka 2016-04-20 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Spur
Shadowing Day
April 13, 2016
President Nick Deni called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. 
Martha McLeod, back from three months in Kauai, led the Pledge of allegiance.
Mike McManus led the Four Way Test
Greg Stokes led us in Grace.
 As it was Job Shadowing Day, a number of high school students attended with the Rotarian they shadowed.
Sarah Caroll was the guest of Attorney Joe Fallon.
Aries Peralta was a guest of Sandy Zukowski as was photographer, Mike Czarnecki
Deanna McDonald was the guest of Joann Walk.
Bobbie Mazurak  was also present as a guest and future Rotarian.
Sergeant at Arms, Adrian Garcia, announced birthdays for Kate Garvey and Ken and  Kevin  wives. Dick Stevens was noted for his 45 year anniversary of club membership and Martha McLeod for her 13th.
Happy Dollars
Ed Polomba is going to have a new granddaughter soon.
Eric Moody donated for  Happy spring the opening of golf Season.
Kate Garvey is happy that she went to Washington DC to see her best friend and particularly happy to done with Job Shadowing duties. She is happy that all but one student found a job shadowing experience. A celebration with beverages is TBA.
Mike Helichu announced that Allied’s Attic is in need of donations and they can be brought to Rotary.He also gave a happy buck to the Boston Bull Pen.
Chris Leary is glad to be out of the hospital.
Linsey Weber enjoyed her 3 shadowing students. She proudly announced that Trees on Earth Day Printers plant trees. She and Mike have planted 16,000 trees so far!
Martha McLeod was happy about her 13 years in Enfield Rotary.
Nick Deni did not win the golf pool and then announced that his wife was going to S.C. for two weeks and suggested that his fellow Rotarians should invite him to dinner lest he starve.
Jerry Bell gave a late dollar after he was blocked by an accident for 35 minutes on his way to Rotary.
The Bay Path Rotaract Club, founded by Cheryl Leary, won Bay Path’s 2016 Club of the Year Award for the second time.
Patriot Award of appreciation
Special guest Denise Aldrich, employee  of Holiday Inn, honored Rotarian Eric Moody, for the support he and the Holiday Inn had given her when her husband was called to active duty by the Army Reserve. Eric was presented with the Garden Reserve Patriot Award of Appreciation. He received a standing ovation from his fellow Rotarians.
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery
1.Who was the only musician to ever be accorded a ticker tape parade in New York City, won a prestigious award for a performance that day in Moscow of the then  USSR?
The artist was Lavan “Van” Cliburn.
2. What does USSR Stand for and who was its leader in 1958?
              Union of Soviet Socialist Republics----Nikita Khrushchev
3. Name either one of the two compositions performed by Van Cliburn to win the 1958 International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition.
              Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 or Rachmaninoff Piano concerto No.3.
THE CARDS: $455.00 and 8 cards left
Nick Deni  won $455.00
JoAnn Walk won $10.00
Rich Tkasz won $5.00
Board Meeting Decisions: Rotary funds have been allocated to support the following organizations.
$250 Loaves and Fishes
$250 Food Bank
$225 Enfield Little League Challengers Team sponsorship
$225  Enfield Little League
Central Library Walkway Repair Day is this Saturday
 Volunteers are needed at the Central Library on Saturday Morning at 9AM. Please bring steel rakes, shovels, wheel barrows to complete and level the track. Ed Polomba has a cleaning company bringing power washing apparatus to clean the equipment. Hoses and extension cords are needed too. Please come and bring nylon brushes, rags etc. to help with that part of the effort.  
Rogers Memorial Studio made Rotary distance markers to be installed and Asnuntuck is providing additional signage.
The ribbon cutting will be on Saturday, May 17th.
Other Events
April 15, 2016: Backyard Rotary after Hours
April 17,2016: Jazz Brunch  for St Joseph’s Residence at the Holiday Inn
May 7, 2016: Cinco de Mayo 5K Run/Walk.  Volunteers still needed
May 17, 2016:
Ribbon Cutting for the path at Central Library.
Dining for a Cause. Ninety Nine Restaurants Fundraiser for Enfield Rotary Club
June 10, 2016:  Rotary Foundation Dinner
The  meeting was ended at 1:20 pm by President Deni.
Respectfully Submitted,
Martha McLeod
SPUR April 13, 2016 Martha McLeod 2016-04-13 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR 03/30/2016
Pledge –            Kathy Barron
4-Way Test –     Mike Helechu
Invocation –      Father Stokes
Guests / Visitors –          Megan Robertson, guest of Jack Welch and our speaker
                                    Steve Alminas, guest of Derek Meade (for the last time)
                                    Catherine Wiliamson, guest of Nick Deni
                                     Paul Salva, Somers Rotarian
Rotary Anniversary -      Gail Albetski, Jack Welch, Bill Squires
Wedding Anniversary      Kiran
Birthdays -                    Ed Palomba, Cheryl Leary, Larry Tracey, Doug Lombardi’s wife Diane
Happy / Sads --              
  • Adrian Happy Disney trip with the family and mom’s visit
  • Jerry Happy for heading to the Men’s Final Four this weekend
  • Bill Squires Happy for 40 years in Rotary, UCONN women, Syracuse Women, Syracuse Men, Qunnipiac Hockey, Bruce Springsteen concert
  • Scott Kaupin Happy Syracuse alumni for men’s and women’s hoops and his Brother-in-law’s promotion at the State Police
  • Greg Stokes has Jury Duty next week and happy for the 15-year anniversary for his church
  • Mike Helechu Happy he has only ONE more piece to finish his lego project, Happy for Spring weather and golf
  • Sandy Z Happy bday for her Son on 4/2
  • Chris Leary Happy birthday to Cheryl Leary
  • Ed Palomba Happy he’s playing basketball with the youngsters and getting exercise, and Happy they get to find out if his son and wife are having a boy or girl soon
  • Carol Happy for a Rotaract presentation from the Rotaract U.N. President
  • Sean Stevens Sad dollar for the passing of Father Kerwen
  • Joe Fallon Happy Dave O’Connor is still alive
  • Larry is Happy for his 5 grandchildren wishing him a Happy Birthday
  • Catherine Williamson Happy to announce the 10th annual civil rights conference that she’s speaking at
  • Nick is Happy for Easter Sunday, Happy Crestview is opening, Happy to be in Myrtle Beach next week
    History / Mystery
    March 30, 1981 – President Ronald Reagan, in office for only 69 days, was shot by John Hinckley
  1. President Regan was leaving what Washington DC establishment when he was shot?
    1. Washington Hilton Hotel
  2. John Hinckley had an obsession with which actress?
    1. Jodie Foster
  3. What did President Reagan say to his wife, Nancy, when she arrived at the emergency room at the hospital?
    1. “Honey, I forgot to duck”, a line originally uttered by Jack Dempsey after his boxing loss to Gene Tunney
      Queen Drawing – Derek Meade drew the 3 of Hearts
      $10 – Joyce
      $5 – Chris Leary
      New Member Induction – Steve Alminas was inducted into the club and Cheryl Leary was welcomed back officially as a Past President and returning member to our club
  • The walking path is in but needs some fine tuning.  Rotarians will meet at 9 am on 4/16 with shovels and rakes to volunteer to smoothen the path.  We will also have a machine there to assist in cleaning the playground equipment which has grown dirty over the years
  • 5/14/16 will be the walkway path opening ceremony and ribbon cutting
  • Cinco K Mayo is on 5/7 and we are looking for runners, walkers, sponsors, and volunteers for the morning of the event.  See Kevin Mayo or email him at
  • Rotary after 5 – 3/31 at Buona Vita
  • Job Shadowing – all but 2 students have been placed so far.  Thank you to all the Rotarians who helped!
    Speaker – Megan Robertson, Simpaug Farms
    Simpaug Farms operations are based in Ridgefield, CT and the farm itself is actually in West Suffield, CT.  Simpaug Farms is a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture farm.  The farm was recently featured in GoLocal magazine regarding their CSA program.  CSA programs are the same as a farmshare program.  They take signups for members in the program from January – April.  From June – November the members receive their share of fresh produce, typically around 8-10 varieties of vegetables, berries, herbs per week.  The program last for 24 weeks and costs $35/week per member. 
    They also offer an office share program where coworkers can join together and share in the weekly produce delivered from the farm. 
    The farm is not certified organic.  The specifications, paperwork, and cost to be certified organic are barriers for smaller farms.  However, Simpaug farms and many others in the state take a pledge to produce non-GMO produce and do not use pesticides.  They practice orgainic growing even though they have not gone through the certification process.
    The CT NOFA food guide can be found here and lists the CSA programs in CT and also smaller farm share programs.  It will also tell you which farms have gone through the certified organic process and which have taken the Farmer’s Pledge to follow those processes, like Simpaug Farms has. 
    Respectfully submitted by:  Derek Meade, winner of the 3 of hearts
SPUR March 30, 2016 Derek Meade 2016-03-30 00:00:00Z 0
Enfield Rotary Club
Minutes- 03/09/2016
Call to Order: 12:15
Pledge of Allegiance-: Joanne Walk
4 Way test: Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Greg Stokes
Lunch and fellowship was enjoyed by all.
High School Recognition:
Fermi HS: Morgan
Enfield HS: Christopher
Happy& Sad $$$$:
Ed Palomba, Chris Casey, Kathy Baron, Lindsey Weber, Greg Stokes- fine $, Principal
Paul Newton Principal Fermi HS, happy about 2016 opening at Enfield HS, completely
Rich Tkacz– sad because of the weather
Mike Helechu, ( bring any clothes to Allied Thrift Store)
Joe's History Mystery Minute-
March 9, 1862
The Battle of Hampton Roads also known as the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack
took place in the James River not far from the present city of Norfolk, Virginia.
1.Both the Monitor and the Merrimack were what type of naval ships?
2.What was the official Confederate name of the Merrimack?
The CSS Virginia
3.What was the name of the designer of the Union ship Monitor?
John Ericsson
Raffle Winners
Card- Sandy Zukowski- no Queen of Hearts
$10- Joe Fallon
$5- Eric Moody
  • Club Announcements-
    Kate Garvey, Rotary Job Shadowing she is looking for HELP
    Ed Palomba- Walking Trail Rotary Foundation Banner is at the Enfield Library
    Time to submit nominations and names to Rotary Foundation for Paul Harris Fellows
SPUR March 9, 2016 Lawrence P. Tracey 2016-03-09 00:00:00Z 0
Spur                March 2, 2016
Pledge of Allegiance-  Jo Ann Walk
4 Way test- Chris Leary
Invocation- Greg Stokes
Presidents remarks- lots of guests today- all potential new Rotarians
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries -
Adrian- no guest, pay a fine.
Chris Casey- reminder Asnuntuck Murder Mystery Mar 18 at Holiday Inn.
Lindsey- Tooth Fairy took son’s first tooth
Joyce- fishing trip; 39 degrees and six foot seas = no trip
Chris Leary happy see Cheryl re-connect with Rotary
Milt- auto accident
Nick- So Carolina bound
Joes History Mystery Minute-
Compromise of 1877 awarded 20 disputed electoral votes to which President?  Rutherford B Hayes    What candidate received highest popular vote in 1876 election?  Samuel Tilden  What post – Civil War policy ended as result of Compromise of 1877?  Southern Reconstruction 
Raffle Winners
Card-Chris Casey  King of Diamonds
$10-Sean Stevens
$5- Milt
Speaker-Pam Thornton and Jeremy Casey introduced to their new venture  a software start up Company- Network Net Worth. The software measures the value of connections made at networking type events. Ineresting concpt. It would be interesting to re-visit this down the road.
Club Announcements-Need help at Home Show Booth
Don’t forget dollars to Ed for Foundation.
Meeting Adjourned @ :
SPUR Mar 2, 2016 Jack Welch 2016-03-02 00:00:00Z 0
Spur  February 24, 2016
Some info is sparse….did not realize weekly Editor not in attendance.
Pledge of Allegiance-  not sure
4 Way test-  not sure
Invocation- Mike Helechu
Presidents remarks-
New Member Application – Second Reading:
                        Steve Alminas
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries
  • Adrian – daughters 3rd b’day
  • All Woman Table- fined
  • Ed Palomba- Foundation $ coming in & Florida trip coming up
  • Nick- UCONN vs SMU game
  • Kiran- St Francis 5k race sponsor
Joes History Mystery Minute- Don Knotts died 10 years ago. What character did he play on Andy Griffith Show?  Deputy Barney Fife    What character did he play in Three’s Company?  Landlord Ralph Furley    Knotts first became famous as one of “Man on the Street” interviews for Steve Allen Show. Name other men on the street.  Pat Harrington, Louis Nye, Bill Dana, Dayton Allen, Tom Poston
Raffle Winners
Card- Nick
$10- Kiran
$5- Joann Smith
Speaker- Milt spoke to us about non-conventional Rotary meetings> On-Line attendance. Rotary eClub available on Enfield Rotary Club home page. Cost is a voluntary contribution. Event is easy, quick and informative. Wide variety of topics to choose from.  Best bet is to ask Milt for help if you have trouble accessing eClub or need more information.
Club Announcements-
  • Road race – May 7—please hand out flyers
  • Foundation- need donations by end of month
  • Shadowing- Kate needs help to fill slots
  • Rotary Dine-In- 99 Restaurant May 17. Portion of sales comes back to Club
Meeting Adjourned @ : on time sort of
2016 substitute 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
DATE: 2/16/2016
TO: File
Subject: Meeting SPUR 2/10/2016
Past president Kevin Mayo opened the meeting in the absence of Pres Nick, who is away in
South Carolina.
Pledge by Kevin Mayo.
Prayers led by Chris Leary.
Guests : District officers, Pam Lupoli, Marcel Schimdt and Frank Vargo – incoming DG.
And Steve Alminas and Michelle Tracy ( Larry Tracy )
The usual great lunch menu thanks to Eric Moody; deserts are even better!
Standing in for SAA was Scott Kaupin without Anniversary and birthday list. So, members
Ed Palomba $5 for college activities. Joe Fallon returned from vacation and 90 F heat. Eric
Moody for missed meeting. Jack Welch described cold Vermont visit. Larry Tracy happy about
team’s undefeated season. Chris Leary happy about Valentine’s Day and anniversary. Kathy
Baron happy with non-birthday, Sept 18. Alison Rodriges happy, Sept 30.Kate Garvey happy.
Carol Bohnet happy about daughter’s PhD and two huge Grant awards worth 184,900 and
$108,000 for the Allied Group’s much needed facility renovations. Ed Palomba added more
comments. Kevin Mayo also happy. So was Pam Lupoli.
Frank Vargo provided information about Pre Pet meeting and then talked about “Star Fish” story
about a little girl that picked up star fish stranded on the beach and placed it back in the water for
survival and one Club that called, many years ago, to use that title for their project. The Project
was Enfield Club’s “Shamlaji, Hospital, India”. Also, February is “Foundation” month.
Milt Rosenberg talked about Rotary Leadership.
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Minute:
February 10, 1962 – 54 years ago, the most famous spy swap of the 20
century took place on
this date at the Glienicke bridge in Berlin, Germany.
1. What was the name of the American spy? Francis Gary Powers.
2. What was the name of the Russian spy? KGB Col. Vilyam Fisher, aka Rudolf Abel.
3. What was the name of the third person in the spay swap? Frederic Pryor, a student who
later became a university professor.
Raffle - $365 kitty
Scott Kaupin $10, Lou Bolduc a bum card and Milt Rosenberg $5.
Steve Damon, Friday Breakfast at Angelina’s. Kevin Mayo, Rotary after 5, at ’99 restaurant,
2/18, Thursday at 5:30 pm. Chris Leary would like participants for the re-creation of the famous
singing Notariants… Singing skills a must but enthusiasm even more.
District Conference, April 29, 2016.
Ed Palomba to meet with new Library Director, Jason Neely to discuss Playground, walk/Jog
trail and Rotary community participation.
March 2 meeting is “Invite a Visitor” day for a potential member to our Club. So, send the Guest
cards to friends, associates and others interested in common values.
Carol Bohnet talked about “Be like Brit” Haiti project contribution and pasta dinner at Mt
Carmel. And a fundraiser plan at ’99 for the “Shamlaji Hospital, India”; Rotary can receive 15%
of the receipts for the day.
Beg your pardon for errors and omissions.
Respectfully submitted by Kiran Majmudar
New Member Application - First Reading:
      Steve Alminas
  • Ed Palomba 
SPUR Kiran Majmudar 2016-02-10 00:00:00Z 0
Three of the 12 Asnuntuck Community College students who will be making a trip to Haiti in March addressed the Enfield Rotary Club on February 3rd. They and their fellow travelers will be bringing supplies to the Be Like Brit Orphanage, as well as helping to build a new house for a family living nearby. The trip is being sponsored by Asnuntuck, but the "Britsionaries" are raising all of the funds needed for their international service project. Their visit provided the opportunity to present a check for $700 from our recent pancake breakfast to support their trip.
Pictured above are (l-r), club President Nick Deni, Asnuntuck staff member Julie Cotnoir, International Service Director Carol Bohnet, student Laurie Glybin, Rotarian Kathy Barron, students Jocelyn Thompson and Ruben Garcia, and Rotary Foundation Chair Ed Palomba.
Enfield Rotary Supports Asnuntuck Students' March Trip to "Be Like Brit" Orphanage in Haiti Michael Helechu 2016-02-04 00:00:00Z 0
5K Cinco K Mayo Run/Walk on May 7 Michael Helechu 2016-02-03 00:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary President Nick Deni presented a check for $1,000 to the captains of the Enrico Fermi HS girls’ basketball team: Tori Weatherwax, Ellen Lambert and Kelli Fletcher, at a home game on January 29. The donation represents proceeds from the 23rd annual Enfield Rotary Classic Basketball Tournament held Dec. 28-29 at Fermi. In addition to Fermi, teams from Enfield and Wethersfield High Schools and Colchester’s Bacon Academy competed in the 2015 Classic. The Enfield Rotary Club has sponsored the tournament to support both of our local girls’ basketball teams since 1993.

Fermi Check Presentation Michael Helechu 2016-02-02 00:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary President Nick Deni presented a check for $1,000 to the captains of the Enfield HS girls’ basketball team: Daniele Delano, Regina LeBlanc and Morgan Baskerville during halftime at a January 25th game. The donation represents proceeds from the 23rd annual Enfield Rotary Classic Basketball Tournament held Dec. 28-29 at Fermi. In addition to Enfield and Fermi, teams from Wethersfield HS and Colchester’s Bacon Academy competed in the 2015 Classic. Enfield emerged victorious. The Enfield Rotary Club has sponsored the tournament to support both of our local girls’ basketball teams since 1993.

Enfield Check Presentation Michael Helechu 2016-02-02 00:00:00Z 0
Jan 27 at 8:36 PM
Rotary Club of Enfield


January 27, 2016

President Nick rang the bell to start the meeting at 12:15 P.M. 
Pledge of Allegiance -- Lindsey Weber
4-Way Test -- Bill Squires
Invocation -- Greg Stokes

No guests today, except for our speakers (Susan Joyse is a Hartford Rotarian, a Fermi grad, and grew up in Hazardville; Kathy Noone lives in Broad Brook).

Birthday -- Jim Kuhn
Wedding Anniversary -- Dick and Gerry Berozsky
Rotary Anniversary -- Sandra Sergeant and Greg Stokes

History Minute (or two) -- Joe Fallon was not present (except in spirit), but Adrian Garcia Sega (as dutiful Sergeant at Arms) read his quiz questions (after touching the hermetically sealed envelope to his head -- shades of Karnak):

On January 27, 1785, this institution of higher learning was incorporated.  It claims to be America's oldest public university.

1.  What school is it?  

University of Georgia (Go Dawgs.)

2.  Two other schools also claim the designation of America's oldest public university.  Who are they?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tar Heels) and the College of William & Mary (Go Tribe).

3.  What school is clearly the oldest?

The College of William & Mary was chartered by Royal Decree in 1693.  It became a public institution after the Civil War.

Sergeant At Arms Adrian Garcia Sega fined anyone who was not wearing something with an animal on it or brought a stuffed animal, since St. Francis (for which the hospital and foundation was named) was the patron saint of animals and ecology.


Chris Leary -- corrected Adrian -- St. Francis Hospital was actually named for St. Francis de Sales, who was the patron saint of writers.  (No word as to whether Adrian fined himself, but other Rotarians who had no animals on them were still fined).

Adrian -- fined himself for having to leave early.

Kate Garvey -- no animals
Dave Drinan (glad to see you, Dave) -- his daughter-in-law, Kara Wolters, will be spotlighted in August on a TV show on TLC Network called "My Giant Life".  The film crew will follow Kara, Dave's son, Sean, and their family shortly for a few days.

Ed Palomba -- for Nick Deni's good news.

Joann Smith -- missed last week's meeting, and glad to hear the speakers.

Lou Bolduc, and Kiran Majmadur -- leaving early, and glad to see the speakers.

Jerry Bell -- late dollar, got to play two rounds of golf, and sorry to see UConn Athletic Director leaving for Univ. of Michigan.

Joyce Keating -- glad to hear speakers from St. Francis, happy with inner workings of both St. Francis and Johnson Memorial Hospitals and that they both passed their certification reviews.

Sandy Zukowski -- glad to hear speakers.

Bill Squires -- thanks to Nick and all the Rotarians for encouranging singing of National Anthem at meeting with UConn speaker; sang at Palestra before 9000 basketball fans; sad dollar for Patriots; Springsteen concert was postponed; and daughters walking in benefit for Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, a favorite charity of Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips Citrus.

Nick Deni -- sad dollar for Patriots; no animals; will be a grandfather around middle of July, and is asking what he should be called.

Raffle jackpot was $345 -- Larry Tracey drew 4 of diamonds -- so jackpot climbs next week
Jerry Bell won $10
Dave Drinan won $5


President Nick presented a symbolic $1,000 check from the proceeds of the Rotary Holiday Girls' Basketball Classic to the Enfield High Girls' Basketball program Monday night.  Previously, Enfield's team beat Holyoke High, a top team in western Massachusetts, by twenty-five points.  Friday night, he will present a symbolic $1,000 check to the Fermi High Girls' Basketball program.  

Some Super Bowl pool spots are still available.  See President Nick to participate.

The meeting on Wednesday, March 2, will be Rotary Guest Day.  Please bring a guest who might be a candidate for Rotary membership.  Request cards are available.
We have raised $1,700 of the club's goal of $3,500 for the Rotary Foundation.  Nick hopes to have a speaker on the Foundation next month.

Carol Bohnet has been really active in keeping the Rotaract service group at Bay Path University going.  She also was interviewed in the Hartford Courant last week to promote the Rotary Summer Youth Exchange Program.  High school student participants and their families host another student participant from another country for a month during the summer.

Program:  Kiran Majmadur introduced Susan Joyse, Senior Development Officer, and Kathy Noone, Executive Director of Oncology, from Saint Francis Foundation and Hospital and Medical Center. Susan mentioned that Saint Francis Hospital was built in 1897 by the Sisters of St. Joseph to help tuberculosis patients, with a focus on compassion to help those in need.  Its annual revenues are over $806 million, and has treated over 130,000 patients each year.   Saint Francis has merged with Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford and Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs, and recently became part of Trinity Health (which includes mercy Hospital in Springfield) with eighty hospitals in twenty-one states.  Patients are part of the decision for their care.  Special events raise over $8,200,000 annually; and there is a $10,000,000 goal to raise money for a new cancer facility.  Kathy talked about her decision to move here to work at Saint Francis, impressed by the interaction among the staff and came because the focus on clinical care for patients is compassion.  A nurse for twenty years and an open heart nurse for ten years, she returned to oncology because she missed the people.  She is committed to make a difference, as are all of the staff there, and passionately wants patients to feel hope.  Thus, she hopes to improve the environment of treatment by altering the logistics of each room and having a treatment facility at each hospital to make it easier for patients to travel for critical care.  An impressive and heartwarming presentation.

Quote for the Week (from Mother Teresa):  "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  But if that drop were not there, I think the ocean would be less by that missing drop."

Have a great week.

Yours in Rotary, Bill Squires (who knows he should have taken that high school shorthand course)

Rotary SPUR Bill Squires 2016-01-27 00:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Spur: January 6, 2016

Editor: Carol Bohnet on behalf of Cindy Mangini


President Nick opened the meeting at approximately 12:10.

Bill Squires led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Milt Rosenberg led the Four Way Test.

Greg Stokes the blessing.

Nick announced that today was UCONN Day and several guests were introduced by Alyson: Westfield Bank associate, Larry Tracey: wife Michelle, brother and son-in-law, and Bill Squires father-in-law Syd.


Sergeant at Arms stand-in Ed Palomba  announced Fine for anyone not wearing something UCONN HUSKIES or blue. Several members paid the fine.



·        Mike Helechu was Happy for Bill Squires' singing of the National Anthem bringing "tears to his eyes" and the New Year. Mike was Sad because although his Dad consented to hearing aids, he returned them after one week.

·        Mike McManis ran an ornament contest at Powder Hollow Brewery and all proceeds were donated to the Rotary Club Walking Path project.  Wild applause ensued.

·        Several Rotarians expressed Happiness for the New Year holiday.

·        Jack Welch's Happy dollar for Mike Helechu's help and instruction on the 28 steps required to produce the proper format for the Rotary Spur.

·        Joyce Keating Happy dollars for her visit to see her daughter in Tampa and all three grandchildren's' attainment of High Honors with all A's.

·        Scott Kupec gave a fine dollar, obviously refusing to wear UCONN colors because of his Syracuse connection and Notre Dame allegiance.

·        Milt Rosenberg donated a Happy dollar for newspaper coverage of MIke Helechu's statements in an article about the Fire District.

·        Joe Fallon showed off his UCONN cufflinks, avoiding a fine.

·        Bill Squires had Happy dollars related to his family.

·        Sandy Zukowski had Happy dollars for her daughter's graduation from college and her granddaughter's perfect GPA of 3.96.

·        Steve Damon told a story about having a Risk Assessment for having attained the age of 65 with a question about whether he had fallen two or more times. When Steve relayed that he had fallen 4 times the doctor asked "How did that happen?" and Steve replied, "Skiing".

·        Jim Bell's Happy dollars for his holiday in Spokane with family and his gifts of a hover board and drone to the children.

President Nick reviewed the progress of the Walking Path, the past Rotary Breakfast and trivia about a Suffield Academy connection to a national championship college football game.


HISTORY - Joe Fallon: January 6, 1912, 104 years ago, New Mexico became the 47th State of the United States of America.

1.       The capital and largest city in New Mexico is Santa Fe? False - Santa Fe is the capital but Albuquerque is the largest city.

2.      What are the names of the two major Indian tribes located in New Mexico? Navajo and Pueblo

3.      Located just north of Taos, New Mexico, what is the name of the highest mountain in the state known as Taos Peak prior to 1950?  Wheeler Peak

RAFFLE: President Nick announced the donation of three additional raffle items donated by today's speaker - UCONN tickets.

·        CARDS for $315 - Joann Smith drew the 6 of Clubs

·        Women's' Tulane Game Tickets - Michelle Tracy, Larry wife.

·        Men's Hockey Tickets - Joe Fallon

·        Men's Basketball Tickets - Lou Bolduc

·        $10 - Nick Deni

·        $5 - Evan, today's speaker


·        President Nick read mail from the Enfield Family Resource Center thanking the Club for the Coat Drive donations.

·        Chris Casey announced that the ACC Murder Mystery rehearsals have started and two Rotarians are involved. Kate Garvey has an acting part and Mike Helechu is directing again this year. The ACC Scholarship fundraiser will be held on March 18th at the Holiday Inn.

·        Bill Squires relayed various stories about the Lake Buena Vista Rotary Club in Florida, a new Flag from the Club, historical tidbits about their pin with Mickey Mouse ears approved by a Disney executive many years ago, and the Club's historical video which includes a shot of our very own Enfield flag.  Bill also provided a Florida weather report and predicted warm weather for Kate's Dopey Run this weekend.

·        President Nick explained the Rotary Super Bowl Pool starting up to raise money for the Club. It will be $10 a square and each participant will receive two numbers which will need to match the points at each quarter paying out $100, $150 or $300. Accurate specifics to follow in email from Nick.

·        The Walking Path has been excavated and completed with a little clean up left to finish.  The banner will be done today or tomorrow. Distance markers are being considered and the amphitheater will be completed later.  Ed Palomba spoke about the history of the Rotary's playground project under Lindsey Weber's presidency, the addition of the new walking path and soon the amphitheater and the extension of the path to Eli Whitney School; all together a wonderful accomplishment for our Club.  Ed is also exploring power washing the playground as a planned activity in the spring.

GUEST SPEAKER - EVAN FEINGLASS was introduced by Larry Tracey.  Evan is the Associate Director of Athletics/Facilities Management and Planning and has been at UCONN since 2007. He is responsible for the operation, maintenance and planning for the athletic and recreational facilities on campus.

Evan told us that there are 700 student athletes at UCONN and 50% have a 3.0 or higher GPA.  UCONN has had 21 National Championships including three in one year.  They have built a new sports building next door to Gampel which costs $35 million and was paid through donations. Evan offered tours to anyone interested. The sports program has a $65 million dollar budget and $10 million is donated to scholarships for student athletes.  Three new sports buildings are being planned using 100% donations including for baseball and soccer.  Gampel roof work is being planned as well which will be a very complicated project due to the domed construction. Evan also described some non-sports related changes going on at UCONN including the downtown Hartford campus and the new STEM building in Storrs. UCONN receives 32,000 applications for 3,600 freshman slots.  Questions proposed to Evan centered on conference changes and challenges.

Bill Squires sang the National Anthem wonderfully and President Nick, in his typical closing fashion, relayed a description of three kinds of people with all of us in the Club grouped into the best kind of course. The meeting ended at 1:21 PM.


Respectfully submitted by: Carol Bohnet


SPUR Carol Bohnet 2016-01-18 00:00:00Z 0
Kelsey Shelton, our 2014 Peace Studies Scholar, is pictured on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. She was majoring in International Relations at Baylor University with a focus on the Middle East.

Give Peace A Chance!

Scholarship will fund Peace Studies course in Jerusalem

The Enfield Rotary Club and Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation announce the availability of a Peace Studies Scholarship.

The Peace Studies Scholarship is to attend a Conflict Resolution from Religious Traditions course in Jerusalem at the end of December and beginning of January.  The English language course is open to Enfield residents enrolled in a minimum of 8 college credits during the current school year, in any undergraduate or graduate school program.

Application Deadline Extended for Peace Studies Scholarship Jerry Bell 2015-12-30 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR                                                                                                                             December 23, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance- Joyce Keating
Four Way Test- Dave Drinan
Prayer- Greg Stokes
Visitors- Owen visitor of Joyce Keating
Belles were given out at the trail table.  President Nick thanked everyone for all they do for Rotary.  Everyone stood and rang their bells and sang “Jingle Bells”
Sargeant A V Arms- Finer for No
Holiday Colors-
Happy/ Sads-
Carol Bohner- Daughter will
Sev Doctorate
Molt Rosenberg- Wished everyone a Merry Christmas
Kate Ganeg- Merry Christmas to everyone
Larry Tracey-welcomed Mary Aenalte back to’
Mike Helech- Welcomed two new members
Jack Welch- New Tax prepared in
Town- Cindy Mangini
Cindy Mangini- gave some toys for Toys for Joy
Scott Kampin- Did Toys for Joy.  Really enjoyed it!
Rich Tkcacz- sad dollar for warm temperatures
Jim Kuhn- Attended Democratic National Debate and drove the Zamboni at St. Anselm College!
Kevin May- Happy new members are here
Linsey Weber- attended son’s class
Joyce Keating- Grandson made high honors
Joe Fallon- Mystery minute-
December 29, 2010
In honor of the Christmas season, we have three questions. 
  1. Who was the most famous reindeer of all?Rudolph the Red- Nosed reindeer
  2. What did the traffic cop say to Frosty the Snowman? Stop
  3. What did my true love give me on the Twelfth Day of Christmas?Twelve Drummers Drumming
December 23, 1972- 43 Years ago
Charles Atlas died in Long Beach, New York.
  1. What was the name of the physical process that he employed to sell his concept of body building? Dynamic Tension
  2. If you followed his exercise program, you would be transformed into a muscular beach hero from what?A scrawny 97 pound weakling
  3. What was the birth name of Charles Atlas?Angelo Siciliano
Raffle- Pick cards- Nick Deni
               $10- Kevin May
               $5- Joe Fallon
Business Meeting-
               Drake Drinan- to receive $4,900 for scholarship to be named for individual to be named later
               Kate Garvey is going to Disney World to run in the Dopey Challenge
               Rotary Basketball Tournament is going great- help is needed Monday and Tuesday
               Looking at having a Rotary SuperBowl Pool
               Contractor is starting at the Library Tuesday December 29 to construct the walkway
Tina, our watress, was given her holiday trip
Rotary Youth exchange- Looking for ways to reach out to students.  Flyers will be passed out at the basketball games.
Allyson Rodricks and Mary Arcouette were inducted into the club.  We welcome them.  As you may remember Mary was a prior member and 2005 President of our Club.
The meeting ended at 1:09
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Kuhn, Scribe
SPUR Dec 23 2015 Jim Kuhn 2015-12-23 00:00:00Z 0
Test 1-2-3 Michael Helechu 2015-12-23 00:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Meeting December 9, 2015

The meeting involved High School Recognition, Nomination of  2016-2017 Club Officers and a Rotaract Update.

Pledge of Allegiance by Eric Moody

Four-Way Test by Mike Helechu

Prayer by Steve Damon

Visitors in support of High School Honorees: Andy Longey, Ellen Frost, Cory O'Connell, Elaine Helberg, Marilynn Cressotti, and Mike Pescitelli.  Honorees: Alexander Byron with parents Thomas and Becky Byron and Ali Kafel with parents Imad and Najat Kafel.  Rotaract members: Alaysia Murphy and Sarah Mauceri.

Visitor who has repeatedly shown interest in our club: Alleson Rodrucks


Our new Sergeant-at-Arms Adrian Garcia-Sega took the floor for Gail Albetski who has retired from the position due to career obligations.  Thank you Gail for your service.


Ed happy to have been Santa Claus at three venues last weekend.

Mike H. happy because his Dad went for a hearing test.

Jeff sad for the passing of his friend Ann Raffia, 94 years young.

Rich happy to see Marilynn Cressotti who was a classmate of his in the Enfield School System.

Kate happy for her attendance at a WWE (wrestling?) event.

Adrian happy for his birthday and a rousing Polish Happy Birthday song erupted from the floor led expertly with spirit and impressive volume by Mike H.


Joe's Venerable History Minute December 9, 2008- seven years ago- “How quickly we forget category”

The governor of Illinois was arrested on federal corruption charges.

1- Who was he?

2-Who did he appoint to the United States Senate to fill the seat vacated by Barack Obama when he was elected President?

3- Who succeeded that Governor after he was impeached?

Answers:  Milorad “Rod” Blagojevich a/k/a Blago, Roland Burris, Patrick Quinn


Raffle: Linsdey grabbed $10, Derek struck out with 3 of diamonds, Jeff pounced on the $5.


Nick reported Meaghan Burr from the Enfield School System is helping resurrect the Rotary Youth Exchange Program which would be scheduled for summer 2016.


Lou Reported record breaking attendance at the Rotary Pancake Breakfast last Saturday.  The pancakes were perfect and were affectionately dubbed “Little Beauties”.


Scott requested sign ups for program advertisements at the Basketball Tourney be in before printing on December 17.


The Nominating Committee (Jerry, Greg, Nick and Kevin) led by Jerry Recommended:

President                                 Greg Stokes

Vice Pres/ Club Service Dir   Scott Kaupin

Community Service Dir.        Adrian Garcia Sega

International Service Dir        Carol Bohnet

Vocational Service Dir.          Eric Moody

Secretary                                 Kate Garvey

Treasurer                                 Lou Bolduc

Sergeant at Arms                    Kevin Mayo

Past President                         Nick Deni

The above nominations were accepted by the Club and unanimously confirmed.


High School Recognition Presentations  (Again this year this reporter feels like an underachiever)

Kate led the festivities recognizing:

Alex Byron, Enfield High School.-  A sampling of Alex's accomplishments: honor roll, marching band squad leader, NCCC honor musician, varsity tennis team captain, host/greeter at Friendly's on Elm St..  He has been asked to work shifts when the Friendly's owner or a high ranking manager enters the store.

Alex is planning a business career and has applied to colleges that have an excellent business ciruculm.

Ali Kafel, Fermi High School-  Accomplishments include:  honors classes in biology, english, geometry spanish,algebra, and precalculus.   He is a member of FIRST Robotics Team 175, Computer Club Engineering Club and volunteering with Relay for Life.  After High School, Ali hopes to major in Computer Science in college and then become a Software Engineer/Developer at Google.


Rotaract Presentation by Alaysia Murphy and Sarah Mauceri,  (Carol and Adrian/ Rotary Advisors):


Activities are substantial and include: Weekend trip to the United Nations in NYC attending programs involving Woman's Advancement Issues and Woman and Child Health with a networking opportunity during the evening.  Also activities included working at the Animal Shelter in Springfield and fund raising for that facility, helping our Club with Amber Alert and planning their own Amber Alert, and a fund raising Bake Sale.

President Nick closed the meeting with a quote from Basketball Icon, Jimmy V who said “ Enjoy your life spending each day with laughter and thought.   Laugh, think and cry seven days a week and you'll have something special”.

That's the way it appeared to me at Rotary 12/09/15.


E. Steven Damon, Guest Editor

SPUR December 9, 2015 Steven Damon 2015-12-23 00:00:00Z 0
Kate Garvey, left, with her friend Christine Pikula are pictured after running the half Hartford Marathon in 2015. Kate will be running the "Dopey Challenge" at Disney World in January to raise money for Enfield Rotary Club projects. These include installation of a walking trail and amphitheater at the Enfield Public Library (connected to the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground there) and support of Asnuntuck Community College's spring 2016 visit to the "Be Like Brit" orphanage in Haiti. (Please see details in stories that follow this announcement.)
Hartford Courant reporter Michael Walsh recently interviewed Kate; you can find his story here:

Kate Garvey & Dopey Challenge article in Courant Michael Helechu 2015-11-23 00:00:00Z 0

The 99 Restaurant in Enfield presented a check for $5,592 to the Enfield Rotary Club on Thursday, Oct. 29, during their grand reopening. Among the Rotarians on hand to receive this generous donation were club President Nick Deni, Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin and Town Councilman Greg Stokes, along with District 7890 Governor Kyong Wilson and Assistant Governor Area 7 Pam Lupoli. Enfield Town Councilman Ed Deni also joined us for the ceremonies. Brian Bliven, General Managing Partner for Enfield's 99 Restaurant & Pub, made the presentation. The restaurant raised the funds when it auctioned off signs, decorations and memorabilia from the old 99. The money will be applied to our project to install a walking path and children's amphitheater at the Rotary Accessible Playground at the Enfield Public Library on Middle Rd. We thank the 99 Restaurant & Pub for this wonderful donation. We truly appreciate your support.

Additional Rotarians in the photo include (l-r) Rich Tkacz, Carol Bohnet, Lou Bolduc, Kevin Mayo, Joe Fallon, Larry Tracey, Kate Garvey, Eric Moody, Ed Palomba and Joyce Keating. Photo by Rotarian Mike Helechu.


99 Restaurant Donates $5,592 to Enfield Rotary Project Michael Helechu 2015-10-30 00:00:00Z 0
Mike's Test Story - 2 Michael Helechu 2015-10-20 00:00:00Z 0
October 7, 2015
Past President Kevin Mayo called the meeting to order at 12:15.
Lindsey Weber led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Kevin Mayo led the Four Way Test.
Chris Leary said our invocation.
Joanie Conroy, a family therapist in Enfield, guest of Joyce Keating
Prasad Menon, Past District Governor and our guest speaker
Happy/Sad Dollars (including a fine for forgetting a crazy hat)
Prasad Menon - happy to be visiting our club
Milton Rosenberg - no hat; happy to see Prasad
Carol Bohnet - no hat
Kiran Majmudar - no hat; excited for the upcoming Hartford Marathon on Saturday; interested in using the marathon as a fundraising event for the walking trail at our playground
Chris Leary - no hat; excited for his upcoming visit to Disney World, which will be a much-needed break from moving
Bill Squires - self-imposed fine for his Houston Astros hat; happy to see Prasad; happy for a trip to NYC.  While in NYC, he attended an Alzheimer's fundraising gala organized by his daughter.  She and her peers raised $80,000 at the gala.
Steve Damon - happy for the recent purchase of a Hobie Cat sailboat
Sandy Zukowski - no hat
Greg Stokes - no hat; Detroit Lions 0-4
Kate Garvey - no hat; success in Las Vegas based on Joe Fallon’s recommendation of roulette
Lindsey Weber - no hat; happy for her 12 year wedding anniversary and celebratory dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t serve chicken fingers or mac and cheese
Jerry Bell - no hat (but protested the word-of-mouth announcement about crazy hat day); anniversary dollar; traveled to Philadelphia to speak and avoided a falling tree along the route.  Many people were late to the seminar because of the road block.  Jerry ended the trip on a high note by golfing the next morning.
Joyce Keating- no hat; happy to have Joanie as her guest
Kevin Mayo - no hat; missed last week
Ed Palomba - sad about his worst round of golf in 2 years; hoping to make up for it with several upcoming golf outings
History Mystery

October 7, 1982 – 33 years ago




This was the opening date for what proved to be Broadway’s second longest running play.



  1. What play was it?




  2. What was the name of the tribe of cats?


                 The Jellicle tribe


  3. What was the name of the patriarch of the Jellicle tribe? (and the one to whom the song “Memory” was sung).


                Old Deuteronomy



$10 - Ed Palomba

$5 - Kate Garvey

card - Jerry Bell - 10 of clubs




Ed Palomba spoke about our upcoming project, a walking trail at our playground.  Ed shared a map of the project.  Proceeds from the 99 Restaurant auction will benefit the new walking trail.  Ed approached Lego again to see if they are interested in supporting the trail or the amphitheater for children’s programs.  Kevin said that our members can use the Hartford marathon and Kate's ‘Dopey Challenge' at Disney to make donations toward the project.  Lindsey mentioned that the playground needs some minor repairs and cleaning.  This task might be something for the club to address in the spring.  Kevin and Ed said that the town of Enfield suggested adding a water fountain near the playground, but this would be a large expense. 


Rotary Leadership Institute is on Nov 7th in Chicopee.  The club will sponsor the cost to attend.  See Nick for details.


Our district Foundation Dinner is on Nov 5th at Chez Josef.  See Nick for details.


Ed Palomba shared exciting news from a recent Rotarian magazine: Nigeria is Polio free and Africa has gone one year without a case.



Guest Speaker Prasad Menon


Prasad visited our club to speak about positive updates in our fight against Polio.  


Rotary's attempt to eradicate Polio began in 1985 when a single club in the Philippines asked for funding to prevent Polio in their club area.  The project spread through the Philippines.  With a humanitarian grant from Rotary, 6 million children were vaccinated in 1978-79 and the country was free from Polio. 


In 1985, the 40th anniversary of the UN, the WHO began an initiative to vaccinate children in the developing world.  Rotary asked to include the Polio vaccine and then promised $120 million.  Because Rotary was actually able to raise $254 million, they used the excess funds to add the "plus" (additional vaccines) to the Polio Plus program.


Rotary's attempt to eradicate Polio throughout the world proved more difficult than planned, mostly because of political struggles.  Extensive matching donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have helped Rotary make the final push toward eradication. 


India has seen recent success in its vaccination attempts by enlisting mothers (familiar and trusted by their neighbors) to administer the vaccines.  India hasn't seen a case of Polio in one year.  Nigeria has seen success because tribal leaders began supporting the vaccination efforts.  One region along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan continues to be a struggle because of the political climate.  However, Pakistan passed a law prohibiting anyone from resisting vaccination attempts.  The Pakistani Army began escorting healthcare workers.  Their cases of Polio have drastically dropped in the past year from 189 to 32.   


Rotary International plans to complete Polio eradication by 2018.  We are closing in on the end date, and we are close to success.  A year ago, there were more than 200 cases worldwide, and there are just 44 today.


(Remember that October is Polio Month.)


Respectfully submitted by Lindsey Weber

SPUR October 7, 2015 Lindsey Weber 2015-10-07 00:00:00Z 0

The Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub in Enfield will hold a silent auction from Friday, Oct. 2 through Wednesday, Oct. 21 to raise money for the Enfield Rotary Club Playground Service Project.

The restaurant is auctioning off plaques and memorabilia that have decorated the Ninety Nine’s walls and will be replaced as part of the refresh of the restaurant.

Silent Auction at 99 Restaurant will benefit our Library Walking Path Project Michael Helechu 2015-10-02 00:00:00Z 0
SPUR for Sept 30, 2015 Jack Welch 2015-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Spur               August 12, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance - Dave O’Connor
4-Way Test - President Nick
Invocation - Steve Damon
Guests - surprise guest of Steve Damon: Gene Cantor, a retired Rotarian from our Club who now resides in Florida.
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries – Sergeant-at-Arms
Kevin Mayo played Sergeant at Arms today.
Club anniversary- Sandy Z
Chris Casey- Myrtle Beach vacation
Jerry- in St Louis but could not golf. . . airplane delays
Joyce got volunteered to be the Fun Golf Tournament chair
Joe’s History Mystery Minute - today is Mickey Mantle Day. August 12, 1964 he hit record home runs from both sides of the plate for 10th time. . . a record that still stands today. (Side question - Martha what is this?). August 12, 1974 Mantle and teammate Whitey Ford both inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame. August 12, 1995 Mickey Mantle passed to the Field of Dreams.
Busy day.
Raffle Winners
Card -  Jeff T
$10 – Eric M
$5 - Sandy Z
Speaker- District Governor Kyong Wilson from the Bristol Club spoke to us today. She provided us a very witty presentation about herself and Rotary. DG Kyong did reflect that our President Nick is a good President (for now).
She declared that she has no prepared speech for us. Rather, she treated us to a rolling dialogue of her life experiences and interaction with Rotary.
Our DG did key in on “Who’s Life Can You Change?” She shared her experience on her first job at the bank, how it led to her involvement with Rotary. Speaking of her first Foundation Dinner, where she received a Paul Harris award, this truly opened her eyes to Rotary. A strong supporter of Interact and Rotaract, DG Kyong truly believes in supporting children, providing education for a better life and mentoring to share your gifts with others.
Club Announcements-
Don’t forget the Rotary & Friends Social at Nick Deni’s home August 21 at 6:00.
District did approve our grant application for Walking/Jogging Path & Amphitheater at the Rotary Playground.
Meeting Adjourned @ : in overtime
Guest Editor: Jack Welch
SPUR August 12, 2015 Jack Welch 2015-08-12 00:00:00Z 0
August 5, 2015
President Nick opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Joyce led the Pledge of Allegiance, Nick led the Four-Way Test and Larry gave the invocation.
Paul Salva, Visiting Somers Rotarian
Owen Kinne, Joyce's grandson
Ben Lupien, Garden's Dream, Nick's guest
August 5, 1864
The Battle of Mobile Bay took place and the phrase "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" may or may not have been said.
1. Who was the commander of the Union naval forces in this last major naval battle of the Civil War?
A: Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut
2. What was the name of his flagship (to which he was lashed)?
A: The USS Hartford
3. What was the name of the Confederate ironclad that was captured and was later recommissioned as a Union warship?
A: The CSS Tennessee
Ed—$10; Joe—4 of hearts; Scott—$5
- Cindy has Historic Enfield calendars being sold by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Contact her if you would like one.
- Paul Salva announced the upcoming "Great Escape Road Race" in Somers on Saturday, Sept. 19. Please help him publicize the race (sponsored as always by the Rotary Club of Somers) and by all means participate. (Paul was instrumental in helping us get Cinco K Mayo off the ground.)
- Mike announced that the Amber Alert at the Warehouse Point Library has been moved to Monday, August 24, from 4-7 p.m. Anyone wishing to assist should let Mike know. The event will be open to the public, so there may be more than the usual number of crumb crunchers.
- We received a Thank You note from the Manchester Rotary Club for our $2,500 donation to the Clean Water Project.
- President Nick reported on the outcome of our request for a District Grant to add a walking path and reading amphitheater to the area behind the library near the Accessible Playground. IT WAS APPROVED!!!! The District will match the money we raise for the project up to $1,500. Jeff Tingley and Ed Palomba have volunteered to lead a committee and are looking for Rotarians interested in assisting with this project.
Two more of our newest members gave their "New Rotarian Talks."
Kathy Barron is Executive Director of the Network Against Domestic Abuse, a position she has held for the last eight years. With her previous experience on the Network's Board of Directors, her involvement totals 25 years. Her motto is "if there's a bad situation, turn it into something good."
Kathy has a Master's degree from Western New England University in Human Resource Management. She worked at a couple of aerospace manufacturing companies for 10+ years before coming to the Network. She's originally from Rockville and attended Ellington HS.
When asked what makes her lose sleep, she said it was funding for the Network. Because they have to provide all of their services at no cost, she has to depend on federal and state funding and fundraising. The Network's golf tournament and "Purple Event" provide much-needed income.
Mark October 30 on your calendars for this year's Purple Event, which will be held at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott on Day Hill Road. Joe's Fine Wine & Spirits will provide wine and beer and there will be plenty of good food and auction items. If you haven’t been to one of these events, you’re missing a wonderful evening that supports a worthy cause. Sponsors, raffle prize donors and attendees are invited to sign up to help. Chris Casey is helping organize the event; contact her for more information. 
Kathy enjoys golfing and especially traveling to St. Martin to enjoy the sun, sand and water. She always believes that there are better years ahead. "You can't change your age, so just move forward."
Our next speaker was undoubtedly impatient with having to wait nine months for his mother to deliver him. Mike McManus must have handed the obstetrician a business plan on the way out of the womb with an outline for his first 10 years. Once they were out of the way, he ramped things up to tackle the real world. He wasn’t old enough to have his own paper route, so he paid his sister to sign up for one that he could manage on his own. He made enough extra money to invest in the stock market – and this is before getting to middle school. He enjoyed woodworking class so much in middle school that he started making and selling tables and chairs. Then his interest shifted to landscaping and, before you know it, he had three and sometimes four people working for him.
He reluctantly gave up this business in order to go to college to study Construction Management. While in college, he also got interested in brewing his own beer. (What college student hasn’t thought along those lines?) When he graduated, he went to work for a large construction company, but it definitely wasn’t fulfilling. So he quit and turned his attention to opening his own microbrewery since his recipes seemed to be getting a very positive reception from friends and family.
Mike opened Powder Hollow Brewery in Enfield after many, many months of wading through applications and license requests that were hundreds of pages long. Not only did he put his design and construction expertise to work on the interior of the brewery, but he also designed and installed custom brewing equipment that passed all of the inspections with flying colors. He says that “waiting for approvals and licenses and inspections was one of the hardest parts of opening a business.”
Powder Hollow opened in November 2014 and now, less than one year later, Mike is looking at buying a bigger brewing system. More good news is that you can find Mike’s beer in more and more restaurants and bars, although Mike says “getting in” has been quite the uphill climb as well. Whatever you tell Mike McManus, make sure it’s not “you can’t do that.” He’ll definitely prove you wrong.
Extra notes from our previous New Rotarian Talks:
Eric Moody’s family owns Moody’s Diner in Walderboro, Maine. He worked there for many years before going to college. Eric has been with the Holiday Inn here in Enfield since 2009.
Jeff Tingley’s ancestors included the Pease brothers, who helped settle and establish Enfield. Jeff treats his employees at Sparkle Services and UniServe as his most important resource: he pays them 30 percent above the industry average and makes a point of personally handing out paychecks and saying “thank you” to every employee.
Thank you to all of our new members for these great introductions. We are very happy you’ve joined Rotary and know this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. We’ll hear from Adrian Garcia-Sega in September.
Mike Helechu, Guest Editor
SPUR August 5, 2015 Michael Helechu 2015-08-05 00:00:00Z 0

SPUR — JULY 2015

July was a great month for the Enfield Rotary Club. We inaugurated a new President (and heard his inaugural address later in the month), met at the Accessible Playground to celebrate its 3rd Anniversary and listened to presentations by a couple of our newest Rotarians.

The Dog Days of Summer began on July 1st with a visit from Enfield Police Officer Mike Colantuono and his K-9 partner, Ranger. Ah, the joys of raising a child! We're happy to have this great police team on duty, but Officer Colantuono has his hands full handling and training a young pup with a lot of energy and youthful enthusiasm.

Interesting back story: Officer Colantuono was a police officer in the Bronx for six years and, as he puts it, "saw it all." When he was on vacation, he met a young lady who just happened to work at LEGO in Enfield. The job opening at Enfield PD came along at just the right time. The Colantounos are raising a family and a K-9 partner.

Is Enfield a big change from the Bronx? Throw some murder, thefts, domestic violence and a lot of drugs into the pot and we have the same problems. . . just on a smaller scale. 

Joe's History Mystery: Do you know what the acronym ZIP as in ZIP Code stands for? How many ZIP Codes are there? Who's the father of the ZIP Code?

On July 8, Amy Morales and Erin Grimes explained what was going on at two Family Resource Centers in Enfield. There's one at Enfield St. School that is funded by the State Dept. of Education and Town. The second (which used to be at Hazardville Memorial School) is now located at the former Stowe Elementary School (that recently served as the Safety Academy). This one depends on fundraising, which was kick-started by a grant from the LEGO Foundation. LEGO has challenged the FRC to match their grant of $100K. The Stowe Center has a GoFundMe page and sponsors periodic fundraisers (see NOTE below). The centers provide not only day and after-school activities for some 350 children (half of whom come from families that are struggling to make ends meet), but also offer many parenting education classes and family activities as well. 

NOTE: The Stowe Family Resource Center is sponsoring a fundraiser at Sonny's Place in Somers on Monday, August 24. For a donation of $20 you get pizza and soda for dinner as well as tickets for the zip-line, bounce house, mini-golf, etc., valued at $60. Tickets will be on sale at the event.

Our Club Assembly/Business Meeting on the 15th was in the hands of Vice President Greg Stokes. Most of our fellow Rotarians must have been on vacation because there was a pretty small turnout. We know that Greg doesn't rush through invocations, but he sure steps on the gas when it comes to parliamentary procedure. I blinked and the meeting was over. No one complained, though, because it was such a nice day. 

Friday the 17th brought our Rotary breakfast at the Country Diner. We were joined by former member Jordan Chatis as well as current but departing member Ed Sharpless. No ladies graced the gathering; and gentleman Sean Stevens took care of the entire tab while we were all busy eating.

NEWS: Ed and Lois Sharpless have relocated to Washington, NJ. Ed was riding his bike a week ago, hit a bad patch of road and crashed. He broke his collar bone and clavicle. He's recuperating. I think he just wanted to avoid unpacking and let Lois do all the work.

Many Rotarians could be found golfing or lending their support to charity tournaments at Twin Hills Country Club for the Asnuntuck Community College Foundation on July 13 and The Network on July 20. For the first time ever (at least in my foggy recollection), we're going to have three teams in the District 7890 tournament on August 3rd. I guess when the club President golfs, everyone golfs. He's even invited us to take a few divots out of Crestview Country Club on August 6th. 

On July 22, we were treated to New Rotarian Talks by Eric Moody from the Holiday Inn and Jeff Tingley from Sparkle Services. 

Eric had some great hospitality business stories. For example, Hillary Clinton once used his office for a newspaper interview during the New Hampshire primaries. Of course, using his office entailed bomb-sniffing dogs and lots of Secret Service people. He has been working in hospitality for the past 38 years and very seriously enjoys being in Enfield. The New Hampshire property was probably the most interesting because the state kicks off everyone's presidential campaigns with the first-in-the-nation primaries every four years.

Jeff was next. I was pretty much the only Rotarian in the room who hasn't had either a business or personal connection in helping Jeff start, run and build his commercial cleaning business. He had a very long list of people who mentored, guided and sometimes had to push him in the right direction. The fact that he and his wife just celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Sparkle Services earlier this year is a testament to the impact many Rotarians have had on his life. He has always been impressed with the community projects and generosity of the Rotary Club and has wanted to join us for many years.

We'll be having more New Rotarian Talks in the coming weeks. I don't know about you, but these are always the best programs. Every once in awhile, we'll throw in an "Old Rotarian Talk" too. 

July 29th brought our meeting at the Accessible Playground. Library Director and former Rotarian Henry Dutcher stopped by for two minutes to say hello, but was up to his eyeballs in library activities, department meetings and problems. Henry is going to be retiring in September; there hasn't been an announcement yet about finding his replacement.

A number of people helped with logistics for bringing lunch to the playground, including President Nick, Derek Meade, Gail Albetski, Kate Garvey and Mike H; Eric at the Holiday Inn donated water, soda and ice. Please let me know if I've left someone off this list.

Our new President finally got his opportunity to tell us what his plans are for the 2015-16 Rotary year, who's serving as directors and committee chairs and a little bit about himself. Nick has been a member since 1990. He was sponsored by Lou Mager, who was our Superintendent of Schools at the time. He has been involved in the Rotary Classic Girls' Basketball Tournament as a co-chair with brother-in-law Ed Palomba for many years (Scott Kaupin is going to step in to take his place this year) and is among that group of Rotarians you'll see at virtually every pancake breakfast, wine tasting, Cinco K Mayo Road Race, etc. He has served as Secretary and was named a Paul Harris Fellow in 2007. 

Among his goals are: 

1) Increase membership by 20 percent (8 members). That's a tall order, but he encouraged everyone to invite prospective members to meetings or special events. Chris Casey and Derek Meade are heading up a Membership Committee and will be coming up with some ideas for increasing our numbers. We currently have 46 active members; when Nick joined the club 25 years ago, we had more than 70 members.

2) Nick would like to see our average Foundation contribution increase from $40 to $100. Our club has always been generous in this area, with 100 percent of our members participating in annual support.

3) Member engagement and involvement in committees. Nick has passed out lists of committees and there are plenty from which to choose. Every member (we few, we happy few. . .) needs to be involved in at least one but preferably 2 or 3 committees. That will make it easier for those who have been stumbling along (like yours truly) trying to do too many things and leaving too many bases uncovered (like an unnamed baseball team). Please look the list over and declare your committee preferences to Nick and Cindy (this year's Secretary).

4) Fun/Fellowship. Rotary After 5 and Rotary Breakfasts will continue, and Nick would like to see some social gatherings at Rotarian's houses. He and Lisa will be opening their home on School Street to Rotarians and friends on August 21st. Milt suggested tieing in a collection (school supplies/backpacks; food; etc.) or fundraiser of some sort to these social events. The September 17 Wine Tasting will be a great opportunity for fellowship as well as inviting prospective members. Golfing at Crestview in August will be another fun activity; Nick encouraged someone/anyone to come forward to resurrect the Greater Lesser Enfield Rotary Open Closed Fun Golf Tournament that was organized by John Adams many years ago at Grassmere. He also invited ideas and suggestions for any and all "fun" activities.

5) Attendance is running about 50 percent. Nick would like to see that get back up into the 75 percent range. Enough said.

6) PR: Rotary never gets enough. Volunteers are needed for the PR committee to help get photos and press releases out to the traditional media and posted on social media sites online. Mike Helechu and Greg Stokes are co-chairs. 

Nick thanked all of his officers and committee chairs for saying "Yes" when he asked them to serve. (Some of us older Rotarians remember the days when "No" wasn't even in a Rotarian's vocabulary.)

We've got a busy year ahead of us that holds a great deal of potential. Nick will reiterate some of his goals and discuss the things we need to do to remain successful at upcoming meetings. 

As he has already communicated, upcoming August programs/events will include:

Aug 5: New Rotarian Talks

Aug 6: Golf at Crestview

Aug 12: District Governor Kyong Wilson

Aug 19: Annual Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation Luncheon (get to know some of Enfield's best and brightest). Scholarships will be awarded in memory of three Rotarians we lost last year: Herb Foy, Fran Padrevita and Charlie Nirenberg.

Aug 21: Fellowship at the Deni residence

Aug 24: (New Date) AMBER ALERT at the Warehouse Pt. Library 4-7 p.m. Please let Mike Helechu know if you can assist.

Aug 26: Club Assembly / Business Meeting

Hope you enjoyed this Highlight Reel for July. Club communications would be better served, however, with weekly SPUR newsletters. We need a few good writers who would be willing to take notes at meetings, perhaps one every other month, one month's worth, or some combination. Please let me know if you would like to help out. Thank you.

Guest Editor: Mike Helechu

SPUR JULY 2015 Michael Helechu 2015-08-03 00:00:00Z 0
The Enfield Rotary Club held its July 29th meeting at the Accessible Playground behind the Enfield Central Library on Middle Road to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the playground's dedication. Front row (l-r) Mike Helechu, Sean Stevens, Jerry Bell, Sandy Zukowski, Gail Albetski, Club President Nick Deni, Greg Stokes, Kevin Mayo, Mike McManus and Jim Kuhn. Back row (l-r) Scott Kaupin, Adrian Garcia-Sega, Cindy Mangini, Milt Rosenberg, Carol Bohnet, Derek Meade, Larry Tracey and Lou Bolduc. Missing from photo: Joe Fallon. You can see a series of photos of the playground's construction and dedication in the Downloads section.
Celebrating Accessible Playground's 3rd Anniversary Michael Helechu 2015-07-29 00:00:00Z 0

Hail to the Chief! Introducing our new Enfield Rotary Club President, Nick Deni. In the photo, Nick on the left receives the club gavel from outgoing President Kevin Mayo, whose term ended on June 30. Kevin received a Presidential Citation from outgoing District Governor Michael Roy for achieving success in recruiting new members, supporting community and international service projects and raising funds for the Rotary Foundation's global good works.

Nick is a Vice President with The Jarrett Agency in Enfield. He joined the Rotary Club in 1990 and has served as a co-chair of the annual Rotary Classic Girls' High School Basketball Tournament in addition to volunteering at virtually all of our club's special projects and fundraising events. He was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship by the Enfield Rotary Club in 2007. 

Nick's slate of officers and directors for the 2015-2015 Rotary year includes:
Greg Stokes, Vice President;
Cindy Mangini, Secretary;
Lou Bolduc, Treasurer;
Carol Bohnet, International Service Director;
Scott Kaupin, Community Service Director;
Kate Garvey, Vocational Service Director;
Ed Palomba, Rotary Foundation Chair; and
Gail Albetski, Sergeant-At-Arms.

Nick Deni is new Enfield Rotary Club President Michael Helechu 2015-07-08 00:00:00Z 0

SPUR Highlight Reel

Here's a summary of what happened at the Enfield Rotary Club in June 2015



On June 3, Cindy Mangini had a look in her eyes that said "today's the day" when her ticket number was called for the Queen of Hearts. She wasted no time drawing the elusive Queen from the handful of remaining cards and securing a $460 IOU from Treasurer Lou Bolduc. Now the question is: was the Queen responsible for the enthusiastic upsurge in attendance, or was everyone coming to savor the last of Ed Palomba's Foundation Minutes? 


Before you vote for the Queen, we're happy to point out that attendance continues to be good for our summertime luncheons AND that the District has recognized our club for its generous support of the Rotary Foundation.



A wonderful evening was enjoyed by everyone who came out to honor our three new Paul Harris Fellows: Attorney Joe Fallon, Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin and Past President Derek Meade. Joe was introduced by Dave O'Connor; Scott was introduced by Greg Stokes; and Derek was introduced by Past President Ed Palomba. Ed also served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Hopefully, everyone has seen the photos posted on our website and Facebook page.


Kate Garvey (Vocational Service; Cinco K Mayo; etc.) was named Rotarian of the Year by outgoing President Kevin Mayo, and Mike Helechu received a "Light of Rotary" award for coordinating programs and publishing the mostly late SPUR newsletters.


Congratulations to President Kevin on earning a Presidential Citation from the District Governor. And congratulations to our Rotaract Club at Bay Path University for also earning a Presidential Citation.



We welcomed two new members on June 17:  Adrian Garcia-Sega, an Assistant Professor of Forensic Chemistry at Bay Path University (and faculty advisor for our Rotaract Club) and Kathy Barron, the Executive Director of The Network. (The Network assists families and individuals who have experienced domestic and interpersonal violence.) Adrian was sponsored by Carol Bohnet (our club's liaison to the Rotaract Club), and Kathy was sponsored by Chris Casey.



As previously noted, our Rotaract Club received a Presidential Citation from District 7890. The club consists of 21 very enthusiastic members who held 10 meetings and organized 15 projects and activities. These included completely handling our club's Amber Alert tent at Enfield Family Day in September, visiting the United Nations on Rotary Day, and attending the District Conference in Hartford. They thoroughly enjoyed hearing "career talks" by our club members and want to continue with more of those next year. 



Milt Rosenberg and Mike Helechu joined Nick Deni and his family in Simsbury on June 16 for the Presidential Installation banquet. We heard parting remarks from outgoing District Governor Mike Roy from Northampton and from the new District Governor, Kyong Wilson from Bristol, who promises to be an enthusiastic and determined leader. 



Outgoing President Kevin Mayo thanked everyone for supporting his year as President on June 24. As usual, what seemed like a long haul back in July 2014 is now finished in the proverbial "blink of an eye." Unfortunately, incoming President Nick Deni was fighting bronchitis that day and had lost his voice. So the new President's game plan for our 2015-2016 Rotary Year will be announced at one of our July meetings.



Well, not exactly. On June 24th, our trumpet-player-extraordinaire Steve Damon took us on an interesting Great Lakes cruise. Not only did he transform the Edmund Fitzgerald from a coal hauler into a luxury liner, but he also rewrote Gordon Lightfoot's lyrics into a tribute to Kevin's year as President. It was definitely one of those "you had to be there" moments that will be cherished by those who were.



Our Board of Directors voted to donate $250 to the Senior Minor Repair Program and $250 to support the Common Grounds Community Garden behind the Enfield Senior Center.


THANKS to Rotarians Jeff Tingley for stepping forward to offer space in his building for the Senior Minor Repair volunteers to store their tools, equipment, light bulbs, etc., and Gail Albetski stepping in to replace Ed Sharpless as our liaison with the group of volunteers that sustains the community garden.



Our club is once again supporting the Clean Water Projects being coordinated by the Rotary Club of Manchester. 



Resignations have been received from Gena Fitzgerald, whose job with Hallmark is taking her back to Kansas City; Scott Cato, whose work and family responsibilities have exceeded his expectations; and Ed Sharpless, who is moving to New Jersey to be closer to children and grandchildren.


And that's the way it is. . . Thanks for your patience.

Respectfully submitted, Mike Helechu

SPUR JUNE 2015 Michael Helechu 2015-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Enfield welcomed two new members on June 17th. They are Adrian Garcia-Sega, left, Assistant Professor of Forensic Chemistry at Bay Path University in Longmeadow, MA, and Kathy Barron, center, Executive Director of The Network in Enfield, CT. The Network assists families and individuals who have experienced domestic and interpersonal violence. Joining our newest members in the photo are their sponsors: Carol Bohnet of Allied Community Services, second from left, sponsored Adrian and Chris Casey of Chris Casey Concepts, second from right, sponsored Kathy. Club President Kevin Mayo, right, conducted the installation.

Welcome New Members! Michael Helechu 2015-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Enfield presented three Paul Harris Fellowships at its annual Rotary Foundation Banquet at the Holiday Inn on Friday, June 12. Rotarians selected to receive this prestigious recognition include (center, l-r) Attorney Joseph Fallon, Past President Derek Meade and Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin. The new Paul Harris Fellows are flanked by club President Kevin Mayo, left and Past President and club Foundation Chair Ed Palomba, right. The Rotary Club donates $1,000 in the name of each Paul Harris Fellow to the Rotary Foundation. The Foundation works to improve communities around the world by promoting peace, preventing disease, bolstering economic development and providing clean water and sanitation.

Paul Harris Fellowships Awarded Michael Helechu 2015-06-12 00:00:00Z 0

Enfield Rotary Club Meeting SPUR notes – 05-27-2015

Door greeters: Mike Helechu & Larry Tracey

Pledge: Sean Stevens; 4-Way Test:  Kevin Mayo; Invocation:  Ed Sharpless

Guests: Rick & Elin Lawrence – Manchester Rotary Club; Sean Millane, Westfield Bank – Kevin Mayo and Mike Helechu; Carolyn Tkacz – Rich Tkacz

Serving as Sgt.-at-Arms: Nick Deni

Bday/Anniversary: Jim Kuhn 35 years in Rotary on 5/28/15       


- Chris Casey happy for St. Bernard’s Carnival upcoming with the Savage Brothers band playing.

- Sean Stevens – won (4) Red Sox tickets at the St. Bernards auction.

- Kate Garvey – happy to be back from Vegas; Graduated on 5/17 from Graduate school; Happy Memorial Day.

- Rich Tkacz – Happy to upgrade Carolyn’s car after 15 years.  Selling her 2001 convertible that has 50,000 miles if anyone is interested.

- Mike Helechu – Sad he’s losing his memory after a couple goofs to start the meeting; happy his dad is doing well after a trip to the emergency room; Happy for the Town of Enfield proper observations of Memorial Day and the Parade; Happy 14 people from Allied will be going to the Rock Cats game courtesy of the Enfield Rotary Club; sad he hurt his foot when a ladder fell on it; happy to be an official LEGO Maniac along with his grandson

- Milt – leave early dollar and an Epitome of a Rotarian dollar for Rick Lawrence

- Sandy Z – happy dollar for being in Aruba

- Jack Welch – a pre-announcement dollar for Jerry Bell who will have “big news” to announce at a future meeting.

- Larry – happy that Friday is his last day of rehab on his knee, which was recently replaced.

- Nick – happy his son graduated from Suffield Academy; happy to survive the graduation party at the house; happy memorial day; Fine dollar if Derek couldn’t guess the MLB team with the best record in baseball.  Derek got the answer correct:  The St. Louis Cardinals, so Nick paid the fine.

- Kevin – sad dollar that his wife’s brother passed away last week

History/Mystery – Joe Fallon

May 27, 1909 – 106 Years Ago

This noted female singer and philanthropist was born in New York City. She died in 2011 at the age of 102 years. Her late husband’s first name is Leslie.

1. Who is she? 

A: Delores DeFina Hope

2. What year did she marry Bob Hope?

A: 1934. They were married for 69 years – the longest Hollywood marriage.

3. During the 1990 Hope Overseas Troop Tour, she was the only female performer allowed to perform in what country?

A: Saudi Arabia


Milt drew the 5 of Hearts  -- Pot still alive with 8 cards left!

Joyce won the $10

Sean Stevens won the $5 and donated it back to the club


- Foundation Dinner RSVPs are due 6/3/15

- Monthly Breakfast this Friday 5/29/15 at Molina’s Café; Nick Deni will pay for breakfast for any female Rotarians who attend!!

Speaker -- Rick Lawrence – District 7890 Water Project Chairperson from the Manchester Rotary Club

Rick spoke to our club today about the Guatemala water sanitation projects that he and his wife have been involved in for the past eight years.  In those eight years they've raised over $314,000 to be able to complete projects in 10 villages in Guatemala. Our own Enfield Rotary club has committed to donating to these projects in the last three years and have also committed to the 2015 project that Rick is raising funds for currently.  The 2015 project will be supporting water sanitation into 2 new villages in Guatemala.  When Rick started this project in 2006, 12 Rotary clubs contributed $24,000 to be able to complete a project in one village.  Last year’s project supported 2 villages and 32 Rotary clubs contributed over $100,000 to the project.  Rick partners with a non-governmental organization called Behrhorst Partners for Development (BPD) who has changed their name to Aldea recently.  This NGO is able to converse in the local languages and deal with the local conditions, culture, and politics of the people of Guatemala.  There are four components to these projects: water supply, sinks, latrines, and safe stoves.    Guatemala has the third highest rate malnutrition in the world.   The women and children have to walk 20 minutes each way to go gather freshwater and carry it back to the village between 4-6 times per day.  Having sanitized water in the village saves them these trips.  Rick has done a phenomenal job organizing and starting this program and our club is proud to be supporting him and his efforts for the past three years.  The dollars that our club has donated get matched 50 cents on the dollar by the Rotary Foundation.  Our District 7890 has pledged $15,000, which the Rotary foundation matches dollar-for-dollar.  The Rotary District in Guatemala also pledged $1,000 and that is matched 100% dollar-for-dollar from the Rotary foundation as well.  So between the club contributions in the district contributions Rick has raised $46,400 and another $30,700 is matched by the foundation for a total of $77,100 going towards this project for two villages in Guatemala for 2015.   At the last district conference Rick received the Service Above Self Award, which is the highest individual award you can receive in Rotary.  After listening to him speak about these projects and seeing the hands-on work that he and his wife and have done and continue to do in Guatemala, it’s easy to see why he was recognized with this award.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Guest Editor: Derek Meade

SPUR May 27, 2015 Derek Meade 2015-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

SPUR—May 20, 2015

President Kevin opened the meeting at 12:15 on the nose.

Pledge: Mike Helechu; 4-Way Test: Kevin Mayo; Invocation: Greg Stokes

New Member Application: (Second Notice) Kathy Barron from The Network has applied for membership in our club. If you have any comments about her application, please send an email or written note to President Kevin or any one of our club’s officers.

Happy / sads / bdays / anniversaries

President Elect Nick Deni stepped forward as today’s Sgt.-at-Arms (deftly working his way up through the ranks). Anyone who didn’t know Rotary International’s theme for 2016-2016 (“Be a Gift to the World”) was fined, but also received a pin to remind them of the new tag line. Those who attended last week’s meeting had a jump on the rest of us.

Member Birthday: Scott Kaupin - May 21

Spouse Birthday: Mike Bohnet - May 20

Club Anniversaries: Chris Leary - 17 Years May 20; Ed Sharpless - 13 Years May 22

- Ed Palomba: Attending numerous graduations and proud of everyone.

- Gena Fitzgerald: One foot in Enfield, one in Kansas City.

- Carol Bohnet: husband’s birthday and their anniversary (May 9).

- Bill Squires: birthday May 30; sang National Anthem for “Tour de Cure” (Diabetes) in MA. . . 1,100 riders! Proud of daughter earning (or pursuing?) Master’s degree.

- Mike Helechu: trip to Florida to visit friends and play golf.

- Kathy Barron: just because.

- Nick: very happy to have married Ed P’s sister; and more guests than expected at son’s after-prom party.

Queen of Hearts

Gena Fitzgerald delayed her departure for one more chance at the Queen but didn’t find her. Maybe the folks in Kansas City will believe the story about the movers going to the wrong house long enough to give her one more shot. Our lips are sealed. . . Meanwhile, Jack Welch took $10 and Dave O’Connor got $5.

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery

May 27, 1927 - 88 years ago

Charles “Lucky Lindy” Lindbergh got into the Spirit of St. Louis and left for Europe.

1. What was the name of the airport from which he departed?

A: Roosevelt Field, New York

2. What was the name of the airport where he landed the next day?

A: Le Bourget Field, France

3. What was Lindbergh’s middle name?

A: Augustus

Club Assembly/Business Meeting

Ed Palomba presented a Foundation Minute and reminded everyone about the upcoming Foundation Banquet and Paul Harris Fellowship Awards presentation on June 12. Please send your RSVPs in. We will be honoring Joe Fallon, Scott Kaupin and Derek Meade.

Derek reported that our net income from the Cinco de Mayo Race/Walk will be approximately $6,450, which is similar to last year’s result despite having 107 fewer runners. A meeting to recap the pluses and minuses of this year’s event will be planned. Outgoing President Kevin Mayo has volunteered to serve as Chairman for next year’s event (after all, the race is named after him). Derek is selling leftover t-shirts (XL only) for $5 each. 

We received a thank you letter from Loaves & Fishes for our recent donation.

Educational Resources for Children sent a solicitation for donations to help feed local children at this year’s Lunch Bunch program. Mike Helechu made a motion, seconded by Eric Moody, to donate $165 to feed one child. Members voted in favor.

Incoming President Nick stated that Gena was slated to become our club’s new Secretary before her move to Kansas City was announced. He was happy to report that Cindy Mangini has stepped forward to fill this important position.

President Kevin adjourned the meeting before 1:30.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Helechu, Guest Editor

SPUR May 20, 2015 Michael Helechu 2015-05-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jack Welch
Spur                                        April 29, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance-             Martha McLeod         
4-Way Test-                           President Kevin
Invocation-                             Steady Eddy Palomba
New Member Application: (First Notice) Professor Adrian Garcia-Sega from Bay Path University has applied for membership in our club. If you have any comments about his application, please send an email or written note to President Kevin or any one of our club's officers.
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sergeant at Arms (for the day) :
Milt agreed on an anniversary payment if matched by Club members….and was it matched!!!!  Gail is a grandma-to-be; Cindy’s Lab used remote to watch Animal Planet; Jack toasted new Town mascot….a black bear; Gena is leaving our Club to return to Kansas City….will be missed by all; Joyce complained about town roads and ran race course; Ed Palomba acknowledged the Yankees as did Mike H (w/disrespectful laugh aimed at Sox); Lindsey and MMP received an Earth Day Award from the Town; numerous vacation plans with Rich T seeming to not work anymore.
Joe Fallon's History Mystery Minute- What major league player established record for most strikeouts?  Roger Clemens (twice) with 20 and was matched by Kerry Woods. Also, Clemens has four sons with names beginning with K, That’s KKKK for strikeout.
Raffle Winners
Card- Rich T; $10- Joe F; $5- Eric
Speaker- Derek & Kate on Road Race this Saturday. Meet at Minuteman Press at 6:30 a.m. for 4th annual Cinco-K-Mayo race. After party at Powder Hollow Brewery. Race starts at 9:00. 165 runners/walkers signed up so far.
Club Announcements
Milt voted for replacement DG at recent Rotary District Conference. Carol Bohnet also attended with Rotaract students from Bay Path.
Ed P Foundation Minute:  “matching money for positive results.”
Meeting Adjourned @ : 1:19 ish
Guest Editor: Jack Welch
SPUR April 29, 2015 Jack Welch 2015-04-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jerry Bell

Rotary Meeting minutes April 22, 2015

  Pledge – Kiran Majmudar

  4 Way Test – President Kevin

  Prayer – Carol Bohnet

Guests: Kathy Barron, guest of Chris Casey; Michelle Tracey, guest of husband Larry

Birthdays & Anniversaries: Sandy Zukowski—46th wedding anniversary on April 26.

Happy / Sad dollars

- Chris Casey: Earth Day & Enfield Celebration at Freshwater Pond

- Dick Stevens: 44th wedding anniversary

- Larry Tracey: Successful knee surgery

- Nick Deni: Cardinals are in 1st place, but lost last night. Crestview open, but shot over 100. Visited daughter in South Carolina, but rained.

- Carol Bohnet: Vacation in Cozumel

- Milt Rosenberg: Leaving early dollar

- Kevin Mayo: Went to Red Sox game on Patriot’s day (annual tradition). Happy to see them win.

Mike Helechu: Allied’s Attic will be at Enfield Earth Day celebration. Happy for baseball season.

- Kate Garvey: Got golf clubs – will get back into the swing of things. Son Kyle is 11 year’s old. Inspired by story about man with cerebral palsy competing in the Boston Marathon.

- Sandy Zukowski: Seeing Camelot at the Bushnell.

- Steve Damon: Rotary breakfast on Friday at the Pizza Palace.

Joe Fallon's History Mystery:

On April 22, 1994 (21 years ago) Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the US died.

1) What political journalist hosted the famous show entitled “ The Political Obituary of Richard Nixon” in 1962 – six years before he was elected President? 

   A: Howard K. Smith of ABC News.

2) Who did Nixon run against in 1968? 

   A: Hubert Horatio Humphrey and George Corley Wallace

3) What commission did Nixon establish that forever changed the military forces of the US? 

   A: The Gates Commission – it ended the draft and established a volunteer military.

Queen of Hearts

Lou Bolduc – 10 of Spades

Ed Sharpless - $10

Chris Leary - $5


- Derek Meade & Jo Ann Walk: Cinco K Mayo Road Race is Saturday, May 2nd. Over 130 runner/walkers have signed up. WE NEED CLUB VOLUNTEERS for Saturday morning. Plaza Azteca – after committing to being a major sponsor, pulled out yesterday stating that they didn’t need the advertising. Rotarians should let them know of our disappointment.

- Kate Garvey: May 7th will be a post-shadowing party at a location to be announced.

- Jerry Bell: Annual Scholarship Board meeting will be Friday May 8th 8:00-8:45 at Country Diner. All interested Rotarians can attend (& it’s a make-up).


Mike Helechu introduced our speaker, Shannon Grant, from EFFE – Enfield Foundation for Excellence. Shannon is a 2014 Enfield Rotary Paul Harris recipient, honored for her efforts by a club donor.

EFFE was created in 2009 to collect and maintain funds for grants to support innovative projects and programs to enhance education for the children of Enfield.

In 2014, EFFE presented the Invention Convention, which was sponsored by a $1,000 grant from the Enfield Rotary Club. In 2014, 240 students enrolled in the program for 1st through 6th graders, and 93 presented at the convention at EHS. There were 18 judges, and 10 students received Merit Awards and went onto the State Invention Convention at UConn. There, 7 of the 10 received Distinctions (on average, only 30% of the participants receive distinctions). 

In 2015, again sponsored by the Rotary Club, 475 students are enrolled in the program, 129 presented, 18 received Merit Awards, and 33 are registered for the State Invention Convention at UConn on May 2nd.

To date, EFFE has awarded $23,733.90 in grants and sponsorships, and $2,000 in scholarships. The committee is working on improving their grant application, awarding student grants, creating an Education Enrichment Grant program, and hosting grant writing workshops.

EFFE has created exploratory committees including; Girls in STEAM, Special Education, and a mentoring program for students preparing to apply to college.

EFFE is looking for Board and committee members, as well as corporate partners and donors.

Funding needs for the 2015-2016 school year are estimated at $20,000. EFFE has established a MILES OF DOLLARS for Enfield Scholars fundraising program to raise one mile of dollars by June 30, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 by President Kevin.

Guest Editor: Jerry Bell

SPUR April 22, 2015 Jerry Bell 2015-04-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jo Ann Walk

President Kevin Mayo brought the meeting to order. Ed Sharpless led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Kevin led the 4 way test & Gena Fitzgerald gave our invocation.

Today’s guest included Sarah Marella of Rich’s Oil, guest of her father Rich Tkacz; and Kathy Barron of The Network, guest of Christ Casey.

Ed Palomba announced two of our club’s three Paul Harris recipients. . . drum roll. . . CONGRATS to Scott Kaupin & Joe Fallon for this well deserved honor! The celebration dinner will be FRIDAY, June 12th.  Please mark your calendars!

Larry Tracey celebrated a big birthday on April 3rd & Kate Garvey will be celebrating half that birthday on April 12th!  Martha McLeod celebrates 12 years with the club on April 9th.


- Gail is going to be a grandma & it’s a boy!!

- Scott K says Thank you for the nomination.

- Cindy M is celebrating a lady Huskies Win of their 10th National Championship

- Larry gave for his bday & the UConn women’s win

- Martha for her anniversary & UConn

- Kate is celebrating her birthday with a trip to DC to visit her best friend who is just like her. . . watch out DC!

- Ed S. is happy to be back & even happier he missed the winter here in NE!

- Jo Ann is happy she got lucky enough to win her NCAA pool & has some extra $$ for the happy!

- Dick S. – is happy he missed most of this winter & is back & updated us on Dave Drinan’s recovery after surgery to have stents put in.

- Joyce gave to congratulate Scott & Joe

- Eric is happy the Red Sox won & it’s his son’s 13th bday

- Kiran gave for UConn & his 43rd wedding anniversary!!!

- Ed P is happy for Joe & Scott’s nominations as well as a whirlwind trip where he played golf in FL at his son’s private club, visited the 2nd largest aquarium in the world in Atlanta, stopped by Reynolds plantation & even made it to the Masters in Augusta before coming back to reality. 

- Rich is happy he was able to retire as Jack Diamond Private Eye, just in time to make his cruise to of the Western Caribbean. He is now detoxing from the all inclusive drink package that was thrown in on their trip!

- Chris C. is happy for Joe & Scott

- Kathy Barron is looking forward to joining the club.

- Mike H. gave for Joe & Scott, welcomed back Ed Sharpless & had a great Easter especially since his 95 year old father accepted his son’s offer to pick him up for a ride instead of driving himself up to Enfield.

- Nick is happy for Joe & Scott

History/Mystery minute by Joe Fallon

April 8, 1913 102 Years ago the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution became law.

1 – What does the 17th amendment provide?  Direct Election of US Senators

2 – How were Senators chosen before the 17th amendment?  Elected by State legislatures

3 – Ratification required the approval of 36 states.  Which state ratified first & which was 36th? Massachusetts was 1st & Connecticut 36th


Queen of Hearts

Jack drew the Jack of spades so the pot continues to grow while Ed Sharpless won the $10 & Jo Ann W. won the $5.


Rotary Foundation Minute

Ed P. went over the 6 areas of focus of Rotary Foundation. 

  • - Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • - Disease prevention and treatment
  • - Water and sanitation
  • - Maternal and child health
  • - Basic education and literacy
  • - Economic and community development

He also gave us examples of what different levels of giving form $100 - $1000 can do for many around the world in addressing these issues.


Incoming President Nick wants the club’s input/ideas for a community service project to qualify for the Foundation Grant. Please bring ideas to the next meeting as we have to send in the proposal by May 1st.

Kate gave us an update on Career Shadowing.  Most students have been placed & we are just looking to finish up a few. Next week is the day!  

Cinco K Mayo – runner sign ups & sponsors are trickling in. If all Rotarians would please reach out to anyone they know who might be interested in running, walking or sponsoring!!

Joyce is offering to donate $100 to the Foundation for any member of the club 62 or older who finishes the race!!

Program: Nutmeg Senior 


Mike Helechu introduced our speaker, Margaret Smith-Hale of Nutmeg Senior Rides (Formerly ITN – Independent Transportation Network).  Margaret has spoken to the club before but wanted to update us on some changes & statistics.

Two numbers she asked us to remember were 12 & 8.  Roughly 12% of people in the workforce are caregivers & they cost all of us about 8% in increased health insurance premiums due to additional stress & illness. 

Nutmeg Senior Rides is a link to independence & quality of life. They are a 24/7 door-to-door transportation service for seniors & vision impaired. They recently changed their minimum age requirement from 60 to 50 to assist more people. They are able to run with volunteers supplemented by part time paid drivers. Thanks to this mix, they have not run out of capacity to help anyone who calls.  

The cost is $4 for pickup & $1.50 per mile as well as a $40 annual fee. The service improves access to healthcare & allows people to age in place. They are a 501(c)3 entity and they provide about 730 rides per month.  

The cost of rides can be paid by the family of the rider or some have even donated their cars & been given a credit based on the value of the car. Drivers do not have to have a livery license due to an exemption passed by the state legislature.

They are always looking for additional volunteers & have software available to make choosing when & where you give rides quite easy for anyone with a busy schedule that would still like to help out.

Meeting was Adjourned at 1:26 after some additional discussion on community service project ideas.

Guest Editor: Jo Ann Walk

SPUR April 8, 2015 Jo Ann Walk 2015-04-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cynthia Mangini

SPUR April 1, 2015

This was Bring a Guest Day. Rotarians introduced the following guests: 

Chris Casey—Kathy Barron, The Network

Cindy Mangini—Kelly Davis, Hewlett Packard

Scott Kaupin—Mary Bielecki, Mass Mutual

Carol Bohnet—Adrian Garcia-Sega, Baypath University

Nick Deni—Ben Lupien, Garden’s Dream; Tony Sabonis, Sofia’s Restaurant and Jay D’Aleo, Rogers Memorial Studio


- Kate Garvey, Joyce Keating, Carol Bohnet,Chris Casey,JoAnn Walk, Gena Fitzgerald and Mike Helechu all enjoyed the ACC Murder Mystery.

- Jeff Tingley-Happy his son got into grad school.

- Larry Tracey-enjoyed his time in New Hampshire with his daughter and grandson. 

- Mike Helechu- said he and his grandson have fun in their man-cave building LEGOs.

- Jerry Bell- shared what happens if you get cat hair caught under your mouse (in case you’re looking for April Fools ideas). Also, he is going to the Final 4.

- Greg Stokes-enjoyed the cruise he took with his wife celebrating her 50th birthday.

- Scott Kaupin and Kevin Mayo enjoy time spent at the Powder Hollow Brewery.

- Lindsey Weber- spoke about an April fool’s joke her husband played on her and how she appreciated Scott Kaupin’s inspiration for getting back at hubby.

- Anniversaries shared by Kiran and Jack Welch.

- Belated birthday wishes to Sandy Zukowski.

Fines collected by our Sgt.-at-Arms were for not bringing a guest.

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery:

April 1- Remember-This is April Fools Day. Are the following statements true or false? and why?

1. Lon Chaney, Sr. (the Man of a Thousand Faces) was born in Colorado on April 1, 1883 to blind parents. His son Creighton (later Lon Jr) only took up acting after his father died.

False-parents were deaf

2. The late Mary Frances Reynolds (aka) Debbie was born on April 1, 1932. Besides movies and TV she was famous for singing the number one hit record “Tammy” in 1957. Her first marriage was to Eddie Fisher and their child is Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.

False-she is still alive

3. The winningest knuckleball pitcher of all time (318 wins), Phil Niekro, was born on April 1, 1939 and was a boyhood friend of John Havlichek. While spending most of his career in Atlanta, he won his 300th game in New York as a Met, becoming the oldest pitcher to pitch a shutout. Bobby Murcer once said that trying to hit his pitches was like trying to eat jello with chopsticks.

False-He pitched his 300th win as a Yankee.

The Queen of Hearts pot reached is around  $300 and there were no winners.

Program: President Kevin and Mike Helechu spoke about our club’s history, service projects, our founding members, some of our recently passed members and the benefits of joining Rotary. Kevin listed some of our ongoing activities, including

•    Donate dictionaries to third graders
•    Library books to children for their birthdays
•    Scholarships
•    EPD-Toys for Joy
•    Donate winter jackets to children
•    Donate back packs to the lunch bunch
•    Donate between $2500-3000 to the Guatemalan water project
•    Donate to the India health clinic
•    Donate to our little leagues
•    Donate to both Loaves and Fishes and Enfield Food Shelf
•    Basketball fundraiser
•    Amber Alert
Steve Damon pointed out that in addition to donating to various causes, Rotarians conduct numerous fund-raising events, such as pancake breakfasts and the Cinco K Mayo Road Race.

Guest Editor: Cindy Mangini

SPUR April 1, 2015 Cynthia Mangini 2015-04-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Mar 14, 2015
Three new members were inducted into the Rotary Club of Enfield on March 11. Jeff Tingley of Sparkle Services, Inc., Eric Moody of the Enfield-Springfield Holiday Inn and Michael McManus of Powder Hollow Brewery were welcomed by Rotarians at the club's Wednesday luncheon. 
Pictured in the photo (l-r) are Tingley, Moody, Rotarian sponsor Chris Casey, Club President Kevin Mayo, McManus and Rotarian sponsor Nick Deni.
There are now 52 members in the club, which was chartered in May 1928. Anyone who's interested in learning more about Rotary and our local club is invited to attend the April 1st meeting as our guest.

Enfield Rotary Club Welcomes New Members Michael Helechu 2015-03-15 00:00:00Z 0
Pledge of Allegiance led by Mike Helechu; 4-Way-Test and invocation—President Kevin Mayo
Guests - Eric Moody-guest of Chris Casey and Mike McManus-guest of Nick Deni
Visiting Rotarian from Somers, Paul Salva.
Visiting Rotarians from District 7890: Lt. Gov. Marcel Schmidt; DGE Kyong Wilson; Treasurer Scott Andrusis; and Asst. Dist. Gov. Pam Lupoli.
Happy/Sad Dollars
Cyndi Mangini- substitute Sergent-at-Arms. There were no birthdays or anniversaries to report.
- Cyndi is happy because she found she has Irish blood in her ancestry. She also got accepted into Law School!
- Steve Damon: late dollar and another because he is happy, he just returned from a trip to Spain.
- Milt Rosenberg happy to see District guests in attendance.
- ADG Pam Lupoli –happy to be back visiting.
- Kevin Mayo-Happy to see guests and Happy Basketball has started.
- Ed Palomba - Happy he is going to Florida in four weeks and to the Masters.  His nephew (Nick Deni’s son) played in Championships at Suffield Academy.
- Mike Helechu—Happy to see District guests and Paul Salva. He was also sad his stepdaughter had 3 leaks in the ceiling of her new house and now she has 5!
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery
On March 4, 1929, the first Native American was sworn in as the 31st Vice president of the United States.
  1. Who was he?  Charles Curtis
  2. Who was the President? Herbert Hoover
  3. Where was he from and what tribe did he belong too? Topeka, Kansas. The Kaw Tribe—language was Kansa, connected to Osage Nation
Queen of Hearts
Our pot is up to $335
Card- Derek Meade-7 of Spades
$10-Guest Scott Sutter donated it back to the Club
$5- Joe Fallon- donated it back to the Club
All three winners at the same table!
- Ed Palomba read notes on “What Rotary Foundation does for the Ambassador Scholarship Program” and “How Rotary Touches Others Lives”. Please mark your calendars: our Foundation Dinner will be Friday, June 12.
- On April 1 please bring anyone that may want to know more about joining Rotary to Lunch. Invitations are going out to businesses in town. Some Rotarians may also get one of these invitations. If so, it came from this list.
- Paul Salva Announced on May 12th, the 192nd Anniversary of the Enfield Society for the Detection of Thieves and Robbers dinner will take place. Tickets are $20.
Guest Speaker
Scott Sutter was our guest speaker and reminded us there are less than 2 months to go for our Cinco K Mayo Race. He spoke about the Southern New England Athletic Association (SNEAA) he and a group started to promote and host racing events. (Scott is a former runner who used to enter races when he needed some money to pay the rent or buy groceries. He’s gainfully employed and has a family now, but he still enjoys being involved in the “business side” of running.)
He has set up a website when you click on that SNEAA website opens.  When you scroll down you will find information about our race with the link to register. You can access this on your cellphone. The link is also on our Enfield Rotary Club website. 
Scott also spoke about changes that are being made this year and in the future to our Cinco K Mayo Road Race. One of the ideas discussed is doing away with prize money and instead giving out more medals and gifts for early registration. He encourages everyone to spread the word about our race and use social media and other means to recruit participation.
Note: Scott reported that one of the best target audiences for marketing our road race is women who go to hair and nail salons. No kidding! So please help get our Cinco K Mayo business cards into every salon in north central CT. See Mike Helechu at our meeting or contact him if you need a small stack of cards.
Guest Editor: Sandy Zukowski
SPUR March 4, 2015 Sandra Zukowski 2015-03-04 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Minutes—February 25, 2015

A Sunny Day! President Kevin Mayo opened meeting with JoAnn Walk starting the Pledge, Kevin reciting the Four Way Test and Greg giving the Blessing. 

Guests: We welcomed Dan Burzack a visiting East Longmeadow Rotarian, Bill McGurk, Senior Active Rotarian, guest Mike McManus of Powder Hollow Brewery (a prospective Rotarian), and another guest, Jeff Tingley, of Sparkle Co.

Joann Smith served as our Sergeant-at-Arms today, filling in for Gail. Two wedding anniversaries: Pres. Kevin Mayo 35 years and Jim Kuhn 43 yrs of wedded bliss!! 

Happy and Sad Dollars

- Pres. Kevin gave $35 for his 35 wedded years! 

- Bill McGurk happy Karen Andrews visiting.

- Lindsey W. sad about postponed Equinox vacation due to family illness, but happy everything’s OK and trip is on again. 

- Milt Rosenberg is happy Karen Andrews visiting.

- Mike Helechu is happy about Karen Andrews and Bill McGurk and grateful Amber Alert registration at Home Show will go on with help of volunteering Rotarians on Saturday, March 14! 

- Karen Andrews happy to be with us. 

- Ed Palomba shocked about "campers" outside new Chick Filet in freezing cold to be "first 100 customers" to get free sandwiches!! WOW Must be a great sandwich!! 

- Katie all excited about fabulous skiing she experienced with family at Park City, Utah. PLUS son 11 years old skied TRIPLE BLACK DIAMONDS—skiing circles around his mom who took an easier route! 

- Jerry B late dollar and for missing two weeks of meeting. He lost MUCHO sleep on trip to Germany and Vegas on business, BUT managed to get to play his mandatory round of golf in Vegas, and pick up new car when he got home. 

History Mystery by Joe Fallon

The youngest of five brothers, Herbert Manfred Marx was born 114 years ago on Feb. 25, 1901. 

1. Herbert was the straight man, and leading man, in many movies, What was his stage name? Zeppo 

2. What were the stage names of his four brothers? Groucho, Gummo, Chico & Harpo 

3. What were names of Zeppo's parents? Frenchy and Minnie 

Queen of Hearts Drawing

Jim Kuhn NO CIGAR!! 10 hearts; Kevin $10-mysteriously found his missing tickets; Nick D $5  


- President Kevin reported that he received a letter from 15-year member Henry Dutcher, Enfield Public Library Director, tendering his resignation from Rotary. He will be missed. Henry is very happy to be working on retiring to Rhode Island with his wife. He was a tremendous asset to the Club and exemplified a true Rotarian.

- Ed Palomba: Rotary Foundation Month Brochures on Table Thank you Milt R Kevin M-District Food Share Participation-3/25/15-Contact him for details. Milt stated that the Rotary Foundation is one of the top-rated non-pProfits in world! 

- Katie Garvey - Rotary Shadowing meeting after today's meeting 

- Mike Helechu hopes we’re supporting this year’s Invention Convention. Last year we donated money and provided a judge. Kevin said there hasn’t been an official solicitation received. Mike and Ed Palomba will make some contacts.

- Rotary after 5 -Tonight at Backyard Grille.

Guest Speaker

Karen Andrews Asst. District Gov. and Annual Giving Chair for Rotary Foundation. Karen gave accolades to our Enfield Club for doing a great job in supporting the Foundation. Stated Enfield is one of her favorite Clubs. Top Givers! Thanks, Karen! 

Karen spoke about Rotary Foundation origination, purpose and goals throughout the years. Founded in 1917 and established for purpose of doing good in the world; we were at war and times were difficult, but at the world meeting, 257 clubs were represented, and 2,654 Rotarians were present at the convention. The President donated the first $26.50 to the Foundation. By 1930, there was $5,000 in the Rotary Foundation coffers. 

Ideals were Peace, Goodwill and Friendship for all. The Rotary Foundation grew and grew and accomplished great deeds, including almost completely eliminating the disease of Polio in children, resulting from the dedication of the Rotary Foundation to provide the means for volunteering Rotarians to vaccinate those children in need throughout the world. We are honored to be a part of the Rotary Foundation.

Guest Editor: Joyce Keating

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Vice President Nick Deni opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Derek Meade led the Pledge of Allegiance; Stu Barowsky led the Four-Way-Test; and Chris Leary gave the invocation.

Guests: Eric Moody was the guest of Chris Casey; Jeff Tingley and Michael McManus were guests of Nick Deni.

Membership Applications:

Second Notice: Michael McManus from Powder Hollow Brewery and Jeff Tingley from Sparkle Services have applied for membership in the Enfield Rotary Club. If you have any comments about either of their applications, please forward them in an email or letter to any one of the club’s officers.

There were no birthdays or anniversaries

Volunteer Sgt.-At-Arms Joe Fallon levied a fine for anyone who did not have a solid color shirt on.

Happy & Sad Dollars

- Ed Palomba had a Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, his wife went to Vermont, which was colder than here, he stayed home; his brother’s birthday and his son’s kitchen renovations are almost complete.

- Gena Fitzgerald leave early dollar.

- Kiran Majmudar spent three weeks in India visiting family and the hospital the Enfield Rotary Club supports. 

- Mike Helechu happy for Kiran and the India project, actually likes the snow and the great companies in Enfield praised for brand loyalty, like Hallmark and LEGO.

- Henry Dutcher sad dollar for being absent for a while but deliriously happy to announce he will be retiring in October. Henry also announced that work commitments, until he retires, will prevent him from attending Rotary and has decided to resign effective today. 

- Rotarians Steve Damon, Jim Kuhn, Milt Rosenberg, Scott Kaupin and Nick Deni were among the Rotarians who gave sad dollars that Henry is leaving. Scott Kaupin commented on Henry’s commitment to public service and Nick about the value of Henry’s friendship over the years. 

- Joyce Keating, in support of Kate Garvey, will pledge $100 for every Enfield Rotarian, over the age of 62, who completes the Cinco K Mayo Race by either walking or running. 

- Cindy Mangini is happy a beagle won the Dog Show and sad Henry is leaving.

- Kate Garvey is happy about going skiing, sad Henry is leaving. 

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery

February 18, 1856 – 159 years ago, the American Party convened its presidential convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

1. What is the more popular name of the American Party?
A. The Know Nothings
2. Who did they nominate for President?
A. Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of the U.S.
3. Who is the only other US President who was nominated for a second but non-consecutive term?
A. Grover Cleveland


Nick Deni drew the Five of Spades; Mike Helechu took $10; and Jim Kuhn clamed $5

Business Meeting 

- Nick Deni announced that Scott Cato, due to business reasons, asked for and was granted a six month leave of absence from the club.

- Ed Palomba distributed Foundation information and provided updates about the Foundation and The Gates Foundation extending their challenge. 

- Mike Helechu informed the club that in order to go forward with Amber Alert initiatives, specifically the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Home Show on March 14 and 15, that volunteers are needed. Mike also noted that information is available on the Club’s website regarding e-club links. 

- Steve Damon announced the Friday’s Rotary Breakfast will be at 8:00 a.m. at Angelina’s Restaurant. 

- Nick Deni announced the Rotary after Five is at the Backyard Bar & Grill on Wednesday, February 25

- Nick provided upcoming Rotary event dates:

April 1 – Visitors’ Day for potential new Rotarians 

April 24 & 25 – District Conference in Hartford

May 2 – Cinco K Mayo Road Race

May 13 – District Training at the Holiday Inn

June 12 – Foundation Dinner at the Holiday Inn

June 16 – President’s Installation Dinner in Simsbury.

Guest Editor: Chris Casey

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The Enfield Rotary Club presented $1,000 checks to the Enfield and Enrico Fermi High School Girls' basketball teams in February. The checks represent the proceeds from December's Enfield Rotary Classic, a two-night, four-team tournament. Enfield claimed 2014 tournament honors.
Enfield players receiving Rotary's check from Nick Deni are senior Captains Hannah Lempitsky and Olivia Caronna. Coach Jay Gaucherie looks on.
At Fermi, senior Captains Sarah Tremblay and Jill Lapponese accept Rotary's $1,000 check from Nick Deni. The Fermi team is coached by Israel Caban.

Rotary Check Presentations to HS Girls' Basketball Teams Michael Helechu 2015-02-13 00:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Michael Helechu

President Kevin opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Jerry Bell led the Pledge of Allegiance; Kevin led the Four-Way-Test; and Greg Stokes gave the invocation.

Guests: Eric Mooney was the guest of Chris Casey; Jeff Tingley was the guest of Larry Tracey.

First Notice: Eric Mooney from the Holiday Inn has applied for membership in the Enfield Rotary Club. If you have any comments about Eric's application, please forward them in an email or letter to any one of the club's officers.

Sgt.-At-Arms Gail levied the usual Rotary pin fines. 

Birthdays & Anniversaries: 

- Bill Marr celebrating a birthday on Feb. 10.

- Mike Helechu has been a member of the Enfield Rotary Club for 31 years today.

- Nick Deni will celebrate his 25th year as a Rotarian on Feb. 7

Happy & Sad Dollars

- Jerry is on his way to Germany for an international dog health workshop. He knows he won't be able to play golf there, but will soon be on his way to Las Vegas.

- Fermi HS Principal Paul Newton is happy for the Student Recognition program and is always happy to visit the Rotary meeting.

- Kevin Mayo happy for his son's birthday and the Patriots.

- Mike donated $95 to the Rotary Foundation for his birthday (Feb 2 = 64) and club anniversary (64 + 31 = 95, the same age as his dad).

- Kate had happy and sad dollars and OMG, they were very happy and very sad. First of all, she just started to assist with coaching some Special Olympics basketball players (Allied's Enfield Stars) and couldn't say enough about how much she enjoyed it and how much she's looking forward to continuing her involvement. Her son is interested in helping the Special O snow shoe team too. She's happy about High School Recognition. And then the tale of woe: when she was walking out of the package store with several bottles of wine in a bag, she rolled her ankle and went down. She fell on her wrist and messed it up, but even worse, all the bottles of wine broke!!!! And believe it or not, it gets even WORSE: there were people walking by and standing nearby, but NO ONE offered to help her get up. Someone came over and asked "Are you alright?," but kept walking even after Kate said "No." I think the majority of Kate's "friends" in the audience were aghast at loosing all that good wine. Just sayin. . .

- Rich had to wait in the car for his wife to get out of a meeting and decided to clean the loose change out the ashtray. In addition to money, he found some Big Y coins and his wedding band. There was a rather lengthy period of silence while the audience attempted to determine why his wedding band would have been in the ashtray and not on his finger. "Ricky, you've got some 'splainin' to do. . ."

- Joe had some advice for Kate that would insure assistance if she takes another tumble: "Remove the "Lawyer" signs from your jacket and car."

Joe Fallon's History Mystery

Feb. 4, 1801—214 years ago

The longest serving Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and the fourth longest serving Justice, took his position after being appointed by President John Adams and thereafter transformed the Court into the third co-equal branch of government along with the legislative and executive branches.

1. Who was this longest-serving Chief Justice?

A: John Marshall

2. What Justice of the Supreme Court holds the record as the longest serving Justice of the Court?

A. William O. Douglas

3. What Justice, of all of those currently serving on the Court in 2015, has served the longest?

A: Antonin Scalia


Scott Kaupin drew the King of Clubs; Rich Tkacz took $10; and Lou Bolduc claimed $5.


Mike Helechu passed out Four-Way Test Scholarship applications to the Guidance Counselors from both schools. The application is available on our website and has been publicized on our Facebook page. It will be announced soon in the local papers and info websites.

A Cinco K Mayo committee is being formed. If you can help, please contact Derek Meade.

Kate needs help with the Career Shadowing program scheduled for April 15. Please contact her if you can be of assistance finding mentors for high school juniors.

Program: High School Recognition

Vocational Service Director Kate Garvey introduced the students from Enfield and Enrico Fermi High Schools who earned our High School Recognition honors in February.

Olivia Quinn from Enrico Fermi High School was recognized for her diligence, work ethic and willingness to work with other students. She is interested in art and music and has been playing both the piano and violin for several years. She is very interested in medical technology and science. She has been volunteering at Johnson Memorial Hospital to learn more about careers in the medical field. Olivia was joined by her mom, Lisa, nominating Science teacher Jamie Drzyzga, Guidance Counselor Frank Genovese and Fermi Principal Paul Newton.

Christine Luksic from Enfield High School was also recognized because her creative performances demonstrate a high level of proficiency and skill. Her favorite courses are English and Art. She is active and socially minded in her community, volunteering at many community events. She serves as a student representative from EHS on the Board of Education. Christine is interested in customer service and professional decorator careers. Christine was joined by her parents, Michael and Sheila, nominating Art teacher and Visual Arts Dept. Chair Richard Fahey, Guidance Counselor Ellen Frost and EHS Principal Andrew Longey.

Guest Editor: Mike Helechu

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Posted by Michael Helechu on Feb 03, 2015
Olivia Quinn from Enrico Fermi High School, second from right, was recognized today by the Enfield Rotary Club for her diligence, work ethic and willingness to work with other students. She is interested in art and music and has been playing both the piano and violin for several years. She is very interested in medical technology and science. She has been volunteering at Johnson Memorial Hospital to learn more about careers in the medical field.
Pictured with Olivia are (l-r) Guidance Counselor Frank Genovese, Rotary Vocational Service Director Kate Garvey, Enrico Fermi Prinicpal Paul Newton, Olivia's mom, Lisa, nominating Science Teacher Jamie Drzyzga and Enfield Rotary President Kevin Mayo.
Christine Luksic from Enfield High School, fourth from right, was also recognized at our Feb. 4 luncheon. Her favorite courses are English and Art. She was nominated for recognition because her creative performances demonstrate a high level of proficiency and skill. She is active and socially minded in her community, volunteering at many community events. She serves as a student representative from EHS on the Board of Education. She's interested in customer service and professional decorator careers.
Pictured with Christine are (l-r) Enfield Principal Andrew Longey, Christine's dad and mom, Michael and Sheila, Kate Garvey, nominating Art Teacher and Visual Arts Dept. Chair Richard Fahey, Guidance Counselor Ellen Frost and Kevin Mayo.

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Posted by Michael Helechu on Dec 29, 2014

The Enfield HS Girls' Basketball Team was crowned Champion of this year's Rotary Classic Basketball Tournament. Runner Up honors went to East Granby HS. Fermi won the consolation game by defeating Stafford. Thanks to all four teams, parents, supporters and Rotarians who helped make this 22nd Annual tournament another great success.


Tournament All-Stars and the MVP are congratulated by Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin, left, and tournament chairman Nick Deni, right. All Stars from the East Granby Crusaders are Lexi Gelinas and Hannah Dumas. Enfield All Stars are Hannah Lempitsky, Mary Baskerville, Danielle Delano (Tournament MVP) and Regina LeBlanc. SEE MORE PHOTOS on the Enfield Rotary Club's Facebook Page.

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Pancake Breakfast November 22, 2014 Michael Helechu 2014-11-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Oct 14, 2014

A Rotary Spirit Award was presented to the Rotaract Club at Baypath University at our Oct. 15th meeting. Rotaract President Marguerite Ouimette was on hand to receive the certificate and give us

an update about Rotaract membership and activities.



The certificate was presented by President Kevin Mayo and our Rotaract Liaison, Carol Bohnet. Click on "More" to read the text of the Spirit Award.

Appreciation to Rotaract Students Michael Helechu 2014-10-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Aug 19, 2014

The Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc., presented $9,000 in scholarships to nine college students from Enfield during a meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club on August 20.


Scholarship recipients for 2014 are (front row l-r):
Kayleigh Shaughnessy, junior, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Chemical Engineering;
Paige Moran, junior, Springfield College: Youth Development and Psychology;
Grace Sroka, junior, Northeastern University: Nursing;
Dean Brodeur, senior, Northeastern University: Accounting and Finance; and
Matthew McKinney, senior, UCONN: Materials Science and Engineering.

Back row l-r:
Allison Dufour, junior, UCONN: Nursing;
Courtney Johnston, senior, CCSU: Exercise Science; and
Nina Benvenuto, junior, University of Rhode Island: Nursing.

Not pictured: Zachary Perry, senior, Stony Brook University: Biology.

Joining the students in the photo are (l-r) Rotarian Dave Drinan, who served as MC for the scholarship luncheon; Rotarian Lindsey Weber, Secretary of the Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.; and Kevin Mayo, President of the Enfield Rotary Club.

Rotary Scholarships presented to nine college students Michael Helechu 2014-08-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Aug 06, 2014

The Enfield Rotary Club is sponsoring its annual Wine & Beer Tasting at the Holiday Inn, One Bright Meadow Boulevard in Enfield on Thursday, September 18 from 6-8 p.m. Guests will have the opportunity to sample a large variety of wines and beer provided by Joe’s Fine Wine & Spirits of East Windsor, while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and desserts. There will be entertainment and a silent auction.


Rotary Wine & Beer Tasting Sept. 18 will benefit community organizations Michael Helechu 2014-08-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Jul 29, 2014

The Enfield Rotary Club held its July 30th meeting at the Accessible Playground behind the Enfield Public Library on Middle Road. This week marks the second anniversary of the dedication of the playground, which took place on July 28, 2012. What a great chapter in our club's history!


Rotarians Celebrate 2nd Anniversary of Accessible Playground Michael Helechu 2014-07-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Jun 18, 2014


Our 2014 Paul Harris Fellowship recipients honored at a banquet on May 16th included (l-r) Linda Bridge, former Executive Director of the Enfield Food Shelf; Jen Smith, a former Enfield Rotarian and club officer whose career has recently taken her to Boston; Shannon Grant, President of the Enfield Foundation for Excellence in Education; and Lori Gates, the founder of "Enfield Hooah!" Pictured with the recipients at the May 16th Rotary Foundation Awards banquet are Rotarian Ed Sharpless, our Foundation chairperson and Enfield Rotary President Derek Meade. Please see our Facebook page for more photos.

Enfield Rotary Club awards Paul Harris Fellowships Michael Helechu 2014-06-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Jun 17, 2014


Enfield Rotary Club President Derek Meade presents a check for $2,500 to Zoe Kopp, a representative of Behrhorst Partners for Development, a non-profit organization (NPO) involved in numerous community improvement projects in Guatemala. Enfield joined 28 other Rotary Clubs in raising funds for a project that will bring fresh drinking water to two communities. Click below to read more.

Enfield Rotary Club contributes to Guatemala clean water project Michael Helechu 2014-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Jun 10, 2014


The Enfield Rotary Club welcomed Attorney Kate Garvey, center, as a new member on June 11th. She is an Associate with McCaffrey Law Firm on Palomba Drive in Enfield, CT. Kate is a graduate of Fairfield University and the Western New England College School of Law. She is pictured with Derek Meade, Enfield Rotary President and Joyce Keating, her sponsor.

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Posted by Michael Helechu on Mar 30, 2014
Former Rotarian Karen Jarmoc welcomed Enfield Rotary President Derek Meade and Past President Mike Helechu on her Cox Public Access program, Karen's Korner, which will air Wednesdays in April at 7:30 p.m. on Cox Channel 15. Derek and Mike talked about the upcoming Cinco K Mayo Run/Walk and got the opportunity to mention many of our club's community and international service projects. Image
Enfield Rotarians are guests on Karen's Korner Michael Helechu 2014-03-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Jan 17, 2012

An article and photo appeared in the Jan 18th edition of MetroSouth Plus, an insert featuring north central CT news in the Springfield Republican. You can read the article in the Download section of this website. In addition, the Hartford Courant's iTowns website has information we sent to them at,0,5942637,results.formprofile?Query=55703HC

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LEGO Children's Fund Donates $250,000 To Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground Project Michael Helechu 2012-01-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu on Sep 16, 2011
The Enfield Athletic Hall of Fame honored the Enfield Rotary Club at its 2011 awards banquet on September 17. Rotary was selected as recipient of this year's George Daly Award, presented to individuals or organizations that have provided outstanding support to sports programs in the Town of Enfield. For details about the award and photo, please see "George Daly Award" in the Download section.
Enfield Athletic Hall of Fame honors Rotary Club of Enfield Michael Helechu 2011-09-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Helechu
 Enfield Rotarian Herb Foy was honored as one of Enfield's "Patriot Award" winners for 2011 at the Town Independence Day Celebration on July 10. Herb, a retired police chief, has been a member of our club for 20 years. He served as President in 1996-97 and received the Paul Harris Fellowship Award in 2000. For photos of the Patriot Award presentation, please go to the "Download" menu on the Home Page and select "Foy is 2011 Patriot Award Winner."
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Enfield Rotary Visits India Christopher Leary 0